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Next Gen Games Increase Xbox 360 Failure Rates

by Paul Strauss

A couple of months back, I posted about my concerns that my Xbox 360 had overheated and died as a result of the next-gen game Prey. Now Kotaku is reporting about an Xbox 360 developer who reported an esimated 30-50% failure rate on Xbox 360s used in the testing games, with even higher failure rates on the zombie-killer Dead Rising.

It’s common sense that the more resource intensive a game is, the more heat it will generate. The sheer number of reports of Xbox 360 failures due to heat is certainly higher than most devices, and I personally never had a console die prior to owning an Xbox 360.

That all said, a $16.99 investment in a Nyko Intercooler is all you need to avoid such an ugly and tragic death of your system.

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Comments (9):

  1. KennyP says:

    My 360 dies when I play Dead Rising or Oblivion. It’s got plenty of ventilation. Nice design, Microshaft.

  2. dabears says:

    “That all said, a $16.99 investment in aNyko Intercooler is all you need to avoid such an ugly and tragic death of your system.”

    That’s a lie. Not all 360s die due to overheating. Mine didn’t. When I got the 3 red lights, my 360 was nearly cool to the touch. The refurb I got back from Microsoft is actually hotter than my first 360.

  3. technabob says:

    I suppose it’s an exaggeration, not a lie. You’re right, some 360’s die from bad hard drives among other things. It’s just that the majority of reported deaths are from overheating, so the Nyko is certainly a worthwhile investment against that type of problem.

  4. rodney says:

    got inercooler now my xbox keeps shuting down to every one dont get it not trying to give no problems just looking out

    [Technabob: I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here, but I know that the Intercooler doesn’t always fix your problems after your 360 has started to overheat. It’s really better, in my opinion, as a preventative measure if your 360 has never overheated]

  5. Blaznazn says:

    I got the xbox360 when it first came out and it ran well for about 4 months, then I got the 3 ring circle of death.
    The hardware failed and I had to send it back.
    About 4 months later, the new one I got from microsoft FAILED again. At first it would just crash every 5 mins, or even after 1 min, then the next day it crashed again with hardware failure. I’m now sending a SECOND one back!
    Its going to take a damn month!!!

  6. James Parisien says:

    I would like to know if there’s an increase in the number of systems failing. Mine failed in Feb 07 and started having issues in Nov 2006. Apparently the update in Oct 2006 gave 1080p capability…would the extra processing cause these issues? When I mailed mine back (which didn’t get repaired because the system was previously opened) the UPS delivery person said “Oh…another XBox360 right?”. It seems there’s an increasing number of failures. Any update or reputable places to go to 1) File complaints and 2) Get a repair. I’ve already filed one with the BBB after seeing how many others have had similar issues.

  7. Vader says:

    Now Its May 2007 and my 2nd 360 goes 3 ring of death precisely when pressing X to get the GOW Map update.As I read on many forums there are people on their 4th and 5th xbox 360’s. WTF Where is the government intervention, levies ,fines,recall demands,consumer protection,watch dog group or some facet of GOD DAMN responsibilityto protect the consumer from a Nightmare such as this.

    Microsoft has blackened the eye of console ownership FOREVER .You better get those extended warranties purchased because as a previous electronics salesman 1988 to 1998 there is no product that was ever sold that had a failure rate like the XBOX 360 BRICK!?? Sony had some issues with their ps1 and ps2’s but nothing on this kind of scale.

    To make matters worse there is so much down time for so many that support is unreachable in any less than 20-30 min wait. When they do pick up it a goddamn foreigner reading a script of fix attempts that would be suitable IF I WERE 7!!! AHHHHH HELLO MICRODUMB This is your 2nd unit you’ve put out, I have owned every console since the ODYSSEY 1–Thats PRE- ATARI …( for you younger readers) Thats a lot trust me. I do not need the kind of support that you offer, I need you to USE BETTER SOLDER–DON”T USE SHITTY FAN”S AND better protection for GPU , actually care enough about your blunder that your support would consist of well…support. If all your going to do , at least in Canada Is replace the unit then please do it through the retailers ,its faster it makes me happy and it would keep me from thinking [SONY] This late in the game it should be an ELITE SERIES REPLACEMENT)stuff like that you know QUALITY CONTROL…33 years or more ago my father bought me ODDYSEY 1 . I still have it, it still works , all my old stuff still works!@#??!@# , WTF is the matter with that picture MR. William Gates Huh What?!! Go Jump out a Window!

  8. Sean Burke says:

    Actually it has been found that getting the intercooler can be a really bad idea. There have been cases where the 360 would still overheat and actually melt the intercooler to the system and block the vent holes completely. The 360 has proven to be a failed product in the Hardware department and if you look at the number of 360s that have died and the number of PS3 that have died you should quickly realize that $600 for a PS3 is a really good price because you are getting a very reliable, powerful game system with Blu-Ray capabilities, Full High Definition and a machine with a wide variety of supported formats and features. $400 for a machine that statistics say will fail 30-50% of the time doesn’t look like it is worth it spend the extra $200 and know that you are actually get a lot more for your money and that your PS3 won’t fail. Me and my brother play games constantly, he got a 360 for christmas and i got a PS3 that same year (2006) his 360 has been dead since May 2007 5 1/2 months is how long it survived and it was nothing but glitches the whole way there. My PS3 has never given me a single problem, swear to god, i haven’t even had a game freeze on me. I am not biased at all i develope my opinions from giving each console a chance, evaluating the results and researching the statistics. If you can’t believe the Stores that are selling the 360s that 30-50% of them fail or if you don’t believe the people that have had their own personal systems simply die then you are living a life of doubt fanboy.

  9. Xbox 360 Games says:

    Hi there. Assuming that I want to keep the file on the xbox hard drive, is there a way to save the image file somewhere. Also since networking is allowed in beta 2 has there been any progress on streaming the images back to a pc.

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