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The Junior Tattoo Parlor… You Know, for Kids.

by Paul Strauss

If I hadn’t seen this with my own two eyes, I would have thought this was a product from a fake commercial on SNL…

Tattoo Parlor for Kids

The GR8 TaT2 Maker from Spin Master Toys lets tykes aspire to greatness with their own junior tattoo parlor. For just $14.99, little Billy and Bobby can pretend to scar themselves with an electric tattoo pen and set off on a course for a life on the edge. Antibiotics not included.

I’m looking forward to their next product “My Little Meth Lab”.

[via swissmiss]

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Comments (48):

  1. stacy says:

    We own a tattoo shop and my 5 yr. old loves this tattoo machine.(accessories are hard to find)
    He gives our friends and thier kids tattoos and they give them him a buck, he even has to sit at our tattoo chairs to do the tattoos. I find nothing wrong with this and our friends kids get a kick out of getting a tattoo w/ thier parents, and as for the moron who wrote the first comment you obviously know nothing about tattoos and have only seen bad ones, tattoos when done by someone who knows what they are doing are beautiful.You might try educating yourself before criticizing, try using your computer for that instead of looking @ porn.

  2. technabob says:

    Wow. Now there’s someone who’s totally lost their sense of humor.

  3. Jayson says:

    How much is a tatoo?That goes all over the back?I want one with Merlin and a fire spewing dragon on top of a mountain,with a night sky as a background
    Omg…I missed a T in Tattoo…life as I knew it will come to a screeching halt…please help me… :)

  4. […] try this the junior tattoo parlor… you know, for kids. [technabob] […]

  5. I hope these are the removeable kind of tattoos ;-)

  6. amanda says:

    hey, as long as the parents explain that a real tatoo hurts like hell and they are pretty expensive, heck, maybe the kid will stay with the fake one and even when he or she’s an adult, the person will get tattoos when they want them with that machine and then change it when he or she wants. I haven’t even gotten my ears peirced yet. I’m sticking with clip-ons. (pardon the pun, please.)

  7. Cheez-its says:

    ok some of you people are realy fken stupid , for one piercing dont even hurt that bad , I know Ive gotten them , And i work at a tattoo shop. Tattoos dont realy hurt that bad either unless you have a high tolerance to pain or your young . I have 12 different tatoos and my 6 year old cousin got this for his birthday and he thinks its a blasts. It isnt hurting anybody.
    And you dont realy need to tell kids that tatoos hurt real bad, I had one kid that came in that wanted a tattoo of a dragon on his back , he was like 14. he got up and i started the tatoo. I was probably half a second into the tattoo and he f*ckin jumped up crying.

  8. mariaveda says:

    this is sooo cool :)
    im a tattoo artist too. when i have my own kid im gonna buy him/her one :)

    *its unfair to associate tattoo culture with meth… sad

  9. zb says:

    I absolutely cannot believe this chump made that meth comment. Not only is this remark completely ignorant , it is extremely offensive and wrong on so many levels. just because you are so closed minded and afraid of an evolving culture, gives you no right to compare tattooing to a drug epidemic that kills children and shatters lives. Personally i will definatley be buying this for my kid when i have one.

  10. technabob says:

    I will do my best to avoid your child then.

  11. Bianka says:

    What is wrong with this? I see more wrong with the glorified barbie dolls and all their assets, provocative clothing and make up sets than with a child’s tattooing station. Not that I have a personal problem with any of the afore mentioned but still.

    For petes sake, at least this includes stencils and the kid can have fun, I remember drawing all over friends with permenant markers. This would at least look better.

  12. courtney says:

    ok so having a play tattoo parlor for your kid is equal to the illegalness of a meth lab? I don’t think so. Tattoos are a form of art. Meth labs are a form of getting messed up. I know plenty of people who are nicer and behave more that are into tattoos than those who arn’t.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Im Catherine and I say I am not on meth but I see nothing wrong with it but you need to stop dogging people who take meth

      • technabob says:

        Have you seen Breaking Bad?

        • shanna says:

          haha i love how she sticks up for meth addicts awsome… aand why are tats even being compaired to meth if u dont like tatoos or you think this is a bad toy dont fuckkkiiiinngg buy it!! i would defo buy this for my neices and nephews badass product

  13. Jim says:

    I just love how these 2 kids fit the hillbilly tatooing stereotype.

  14. celeste says:

    Personally I think it’s a much better toy for kids then any of the ‘Bratz’ dolls….I’d rather buy my neice one of these then a makeup set (which is quite common for 5 year old girls to have nowadays). Its cute!

  15. trey says:

    haha i wish i had one when i was a kid

  16. inked says:

    To all the up tight schmucks commenting on the post’s author about the “My Little Meth Lab” line… it was a joke! I seriously doubt it was intended to offend anyone or compare tattoo culture with drug culture. People are so sensitive these days. Get over, stop crying and get a real f**kin tattoo.

  17. Edward says:

    What did tattoos ever do to you? I’m assuming you don’t have any.


  18. technabob says:

    Geez. I swear people are so hostile about this. Clearly people have lost their sense of humor.

  19. nuz says:

    i came accross this when i was looking for a similar toy for my 5 year old daughter she loves tats, me and my hubby each have quite alot ourselfs and she loves them she finds them facinating and has developed a huge intrest in art but knows that you cant get a real one till your an adult (hence the search for a toy one) theres nothing wrong or particualy ofencive about them there are far worse things in life.
    stop your kids stealing cars and taking drugs and let them play whether its with toy tats or barbie dolls

  20. angelaa says:

    wow. i am PERSONALLY a kid and i think this is cool. i don’t see a damm thing worng with a tattoo. its just another way of expressing youself. and the little “meth lab” is just wrong, but funny in a way. its still wrong! i will ABSOLUTLY purchase one of these.

  21. Tay loves tats says:

    I love tattoos and i am still a kid and find nothing wrong with this. im thinkin about gettin a permanent one myself and have been thinkin bout it and plannin it since i was like 10. . . i much rather get a play tattoo parlor then one of thoughs bitchy ass barbie dolls.Cuz guess who they look like…BRITANY SPEARS!!! And what kind of role model is she?think of it this way…your kids like tattoos and find them cool or your kids ending up like britany spaers…i no mi answer.

  22. 2 Day Tattoos says:

    I see nothing wrong at all with any of the beging comments the meth was just a joke settle it down lol. im 17 and iv got 3 tattoos all ready im plaining on getting at least 6 more and once i have kids im for sure buying this toy just becuse it will intrege them into art work im going to get my kid his first tattoo if he or she wants it at age 6-8 i figure nobody really cares on how bitch u people get about having them or the stuped meth joke settle it down a little

  23. VelvetSatyre says:

    That is sad to associate the tattoo culture with meth. It may be a joke to you the person that made the first comment, but there are many people that do not know anything about tattoos or it’s culture and are quite biased about it all. The tattoo culture should not looked upon as it by some people. You shouldn’t judge other people when you don’t even have a justifiable reason for doing so, let alone ever.Judging others just means that you cannot cope with whoever it is you are.You can’t cope with your own personality.

  24. Joe says:

    I would like to make a comment saying that it is sad to associate the tattoo culture with meth, however I do have a sense of humor and I think this was a hilarious post. Rock on Bob.

  25. technabob says:

    Finally, somebody who can take this post for what it’s worth. Thanks for the dose of reality, Joe.

  26. dilon's gurl says:

    ok..wtf…meth and tats are 2 totally differant things…im 14 and just got mi first tat like 2 days ago and they r very beautiful things.. and will deffinatly be gettin more i got a green and pink star behind mi ear…and as far as makin the meth lab comment grow up dude for real…wouldnt u rather ur kid be gettin tattos and having fun…then to have them doin meth and dying i mean really dude think about it…..duces♥

  27. technabob says:

    Actually, I’d rather that my kid got a nose ring.

    • Amy says:

      Ouch…even at 24 a nose ring made me cry! Actually it is a stud, but same difference. I like the temporay tattoo idea. Although, I will pass on the meth lab. That’s just best learned the good ole fashioned way…a few less junkies once they kill over from poisonous fumes. And don’t even think about patenting a piercing gun for toddlers! I wouldn’t want to be chased around the house with that thing…

  28. Star Tattoo
    Of course the most notable aspect of a star is the light that it exudes. Many are the examples of churches, caverns, and even tombs with stars painted on the ceilings. Their place in the dark night SKY as symbols of heavenly beauty is also the source for their associations with hopes, dreams, and inspiration. They are also sometimes associated with the souls of those who have died and they figure in many ancient cultures and religions as omens of great import. The star in tattoo is done in many different styles and can be a straightforward five-pointed star with radiating beams of light or something more abstract, as if seen through rippled glass. But bright yellow light is almost always one aspect of the design.

  29. Bear Tattoo
    A carnivore and a large animal capable of much ferocity, the bear is a common image in pop culture and tattoo. Not much a subject of Oriental tattoo art, the bear in the West is a symbol of male strength and power, at times associated with authority. Many cultures have myths about bears—from the Greeks and the Celts to the Ainu of northern Japan and the tribes of North America, and also back in time to Neanderthal altars of bear SKULLS in caves. Powerful, dangerous, uncontrolled, and feared, like some primal force, the bear is traditionally the symbol of brutal violence and awesome nature.


  30. heyjaniz says:

    don’t chya just love bob?

  31. Tattoo Ray says:

    hi i want to buy this please sendt me where i can buy

    kind regards Tattoo Ray Holland

  32. patricia says:

    i have two kids, 4 years and 6 months old. i think this thing is awesome. i see nothing wrong with this at all.

  33. stacy says:

    I need to buy another one of these for a friends kid and now I can’t find them anywhere. We have a tattoo shop in PA we do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18. The same will go for my kids. They need to wait until they are old enough to make a decision as permanent as a tattoo, but for now they have fun playing tattoo artist.

  34. Nichi says:

    So, how does it work? Everyone was saying it was a pretty cool toy, and I agree, but how does it actually work? Is it like a blowpen, or is it like a gel pen?

  35. Henry says:

    Well imm 12 nd i want one but my mom says they hurt nd she only has 1

  36. Saul says:

    How Much R Doez

  37. Season says:

    Hey Guys:

    Do you want to know more about the temporary tattoo stickers?
    Which is suitable for all the people.it’s non-toxic,eco-friendly,funny and also can custom your designs.
    So if interesting,just email me:season0769@gmail.com.

  38. Stacy says:

    Wow, I posted the comment years ago. What disturbed me the most in all the other replies are the number of people getting tattooed under age. You should never get a tattoo until you are 18 and know what kind of profession you will be working in. And any place that will give a tattoo to a minor is just a low down scratch shop. I can’t believe there are comments from 14 yr olds who got tattooed. You are not even done growing. Please wait till your an adult and choose wisely. Your tattoo will be there for the rest of your life make sure it is done by a quality shop that’s clean not someone who tattoos kids. Oh, and if the price sounds to good to be true it probably is. I see people all day who need their $20 tattoos fixed or covered.

    • Kaitlyn says:

      Completely agree with you! Why the hell is a fourteen year old getting tattooed in the first place! How stupid and irresponsible!

      On a much brighter note, I’d happily buy my son one of these!

    • Cassie says:

      If a parent consents to letting their underage child to get a tat, what’s the problem? WHO CARES. I got my first at age 16, my mom signed for me to get it. The place was clean, and very nice.

  39. Cody says:

    I want one

  40. Hollie says:

    So.. I want this, so i can give my kiddos “tattoos” when.they get a lil older. It’s cute, and by doing so, I’ll let them know to only do real tats by a real legitimate artist. I find this.nothing but fun :)

  41. Tat2dblonde says:

    I am a professional tattoo artist and Body Modification studio owner.
    The kids at 14, 16, n the one kid who mentioned getting their child (when they have one) a tattoo at 8 or 9 are opinions that I’ll not even consider further than chuckling n ignoring w/ a shrug.
    My first response when seeing this product was oh hell no! This is ridiculous one more way to teach kids its ok to tattoo one another now you’re wanting to start them out young. Being in this industry I see young kids scarred daily, sick w infection, spreading who knows what.
    “I mean really it’s like saying check out my $20 tattoo that my sisters boyfriends brothers girlfriend’s Uncle Bob did in the basement, man, over a couple beers. But the Hep C was free.”
    With, that being said just like other childhood toys that teach kids about career possibilitiesit’s up to the parents to guide the kids.I think I would like to see an informational pamphlet or booklet included in this product packaging for the parents to read and understand how dangerous tattooing outside of a professional environment can be. As do doctors, dentist, tattoo artists deal blood.
    Without proper training no one should ever attempt the art of tattooing.
    As for the idiot who mentioned meth in the same sentence with tattooing, well you’re obviously uneducated n therefore you’re excused n dismissed. Thank you drive thru. Now as for the dips hit who said there’s nothing wrong w/ meth, I’ll say only this…. “good lord please don’t breed”.

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