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Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 Console Sales Numbers Compared

by Paul Strauss

The guys over at nexgen wars are compiling up-to-date statistics on console sales to date for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii…

At this time I wrote this article, the Xbox 360 was clearly in the lead with 7.7 Million+ consoles sold, compared to 687k+ Nintendo Wii consoles, and just 340k+ Sony Playstation 3 consoles sold to date. [UPDATE, as of 12/1, the Wii has really pulled ahead of the PS3 with over 1.1MM consoles shipped to date]

The images above should show the updated worldwide sales estimates for the big three “next gen” consoles. (IMHO, now that they’re all on the market, we should probably start calling them “current gen.”) The site claims to be regularly monitoring dozens of sources for recent sales figures. I don’t know how accurate their estimation process is, but I think the general proportions seem to be in line with what one would expect at this point.

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Comments (48):

  1. David says:

    Interesting tidbit. The 360 has been selling faster than the PS3 and the Wii since their release. When Wii was release, the 360 had JUST hit the 7mil mark. They have now sold almost 100k more units than the Wii…silently.

    • brawler says:

      thats not right wii outsold everything and when wiihd coms out itl rock all systems got that

      • muigordo says:

        except that whole terrible game infestation in nintendo… the only reason the wii is having sales at all is that its the only family friendly system, I could count the M rated games on my hands

  2. Dff123 says:

    thats because the Xbox 360 is the best and that childs toy wii will not fool people into buying it with a few adds of older gamers jumping around on a chair its like the ps2 eye toy it was ment to be the best thing ever it mde a small bit of money and failed !
    the wii will do the same i cant wait to see nintendo gone forever its been there for a long time with the likes of sega ITS TIME TO THROW IN THE TOWEL.

  3. conor says:

    just so you know, nintendo makes far more sales and money than xbox or playstation DFF123, look im not bias and I don’t lie (I have an xbox myself) but the simple fact is they have the nintendo ds also and they make games too unlike xbox and playstation who don’t really bother. Nintendo is the most proffitable gaming company around look it up on google…..I know who would have thought?

  4. Bulldog says:

    The Wii is the first nintendo I’ve ever owned, I’m no kid and I still have a games PC,will get a 360 and hope to watch Sony squirm while the PS3 fails to gain any real traction in the market.

    The Wii is without doubt the most fun I’ve had playing games for years, a bit of tecnical innovation over brute power is like a breath of fresh air, Nintendo have IMO opened up the market to non-traditional gamers. My 70yr old mum had a ball with it, so did my 6yr old – no game or system I’ve ever owned could do that.

  5. Better Sales Info. says:


    The Wii is actually outselling everything right now.
    David, get your infomration straight.

    I personally have played the Wii and PS3. I haven’t got any chance with the 360. I haven’t had so much fun playing video games since the Wii.

    Being a college student, Drunken Wii on a boring weeknight is a lot of fun with friends.

  6. Blake B says:

    as soon as halo 3 hits the market xbox 360 will jump take a larger fraction of the market. Sure Wii has its fun controller and it’s fun for the whole family but I think it will only last a short while the Wii doesnt have any real good line ups coming 2007 that can compare to xbox and maybe ps3…..but i still think microsoft rips everyone off with thier products

  7. Ajo says:

    No good line ups? Perhaps your forgetting the biggest name in video game. A little italian plumber that goes by the name of Mario.

  8. Joel Torres says:

    you guys forgett that yea the wii controler can be fun and everything but in the years to come when games get more and more next gen the wii graphics can never stand a chance on the 360 or maybe the ps3. As far as the next-gen war goes bet anything the 360 will be the winner you see its 200 dollars shiper than the ps3 all big name games are comming for both ps3 and 360 and its already rumors in the gaming bussines than even MGS4 is coming for ps3. its even going to be an upgrade that will let you play games at 1080 in your hdtv. and dont even think about playn the blue ray card because if a gameever get so big taht it actually cat fit in regular tv all they got to do is relise 2 cds like they did with resident evil2.

  9. Joel Torres says:

    im sorry i mean the were rumors in the gaming bussines that metal gear 4 is comming for the 360

  10. fatpie42 says:

    There is something seriously wrong with that site. You wrote this article in November and the site seems to claim that the sales of the WIi have gone DOWN since then. Hell, when this post was made it hadn’t even been released in Europe and sold out in stores all over the place, so I guess they’ve stopped updating it.

    You wrote: 1,801,672 consoles sold (Wii)
    They currently write: 1,801,657 (Wii)

    How on earth does that work? (BTW I am writing this on 18/12/06)

  11. technabob says:

    I didn’t write the 1.8 million part back in November. I 687k when I wrote this article on 11/30, then updated with 1.1 million in my update on 12/1. The graphics that currently say 1.8 million are being updated in real-time by the nextgen wars guys.

    I think they’re “tweaking” their figures as they receive more accurate data, so it’s possible they will fluctuate some.

  12. OnyxX D. says:

    The Wii is by far the Best selling system this Holiday season, as you can see in just a short 2 weeks of the sales# initial post Nintendo has sold over 500,000 Wii’s. To bring more validation to those who just refuse to believe, Amazon.com sold out of its Entire stock within less then a minute of them opening there “doors” Amazing, and even more so get this, I am a Soldier in Iraq right now and they even shipped Wiis out here and what did they do, Sell out like hot cakes.
    Luckly My wife loves Me enough to have actualy camped out in front of a Gamestop/EB (with out my demand) and be the 3rd to recieve 1 of 9 Wiis shipped there on the 17th, so now like many others I am Very Happy to have one!

    You see, what many of You “Haters” refuse to understand is
    that the diffence between lets say Sony & Nintendo is that with the PS3 Sony is just pulling the wool over your head by bumping up visuals, adding blu-ray & surrounding it with the Hype, but what they are really doing is force feeding you the same controller scince PS1 Duelshock with a few minute enhanchments and I understand the saying
    “if it aint broke dont fix it.” but it is broke and Nintendo readily admited that and is looking to fix that with the Wii.

    What most dont know, is that the “Video Game” market was growing smaller due to the fact that games became redundant, Consoles became redundant quickly loosing their spark, every one began to know what to expect from a new system launch or game release and that turned alot of gamers and non gamers away, the Wii out of all 3 consoles has returned that Spark in Gaming with something Fresh, unexpected brand new but yet the same as in the same Fun all gamers and non alike once enjoyed and that is why it is flying it is flying off the shelves.

    not many are really effected over a long term by “Steller Graphics” alone but throwing a great party with a few pals, enjoying a co op with your Wife or even playing a game of baseball with your Son all with the Wii those are things that will be cherished and can be done easily & Joyfully.

    So don’t get Me wrong I enjoy a little 360 (don’t own one) every now and then but I know I will have many more Cherished memories with My Shiny new Nintendo Wii.

  13. Tracey Baker says:

    Well, well. It is so much fun to read all the “fan boy” comments for the systems. First off, I have played all three, between 5 kids and gamer friends. One son is a die hard Nintendo and another is Sony. I also play Xbox and PC games.
    My son stood in line for 18 hours to get his Wii for his B-day. He has Zelda, Rayman, Monkeyball, Plus. I can tell you that as with all Nintendo games they go for the “lower/cartoon” type graphics.
    Over Xmas young and old alike had quite a time playing Rayman and Wii sports. Graphics are not everything, especially since they seem to becoming at the price of game length and content. Also the Wii is just plain fun!! Family type games are going to be in, just look at what movies make the most money now-a-days.
    Even the graphics are not “nextgen” yet. It will be awhile before that happens. Not to mention WIi is outselling the competition.
    As for downloading old games, I cannot find a Wii points card anywhere. I think having hundreds of old games available will increase the value. And speaking of value, it only costs $250!
    Now I hope to get a 360 myself along with a HDTV. As I said, I have played one at my friends house. It has a lot of games I like to play and is about as much as I am willing to put out for a console. Go Halo!
    I have played the PS3 it looked like a slightly better PS2 on my non-HDTV. I do not play GTA series and they are not played in my house, my parental choice. PS3 doesn’t appeal to me and neither does the price. My son is planing on get one though.
    AS I said before, it is not just graphics, it is also game play and fun factor. The Wii comes out on top right now and all the trash talk about it will not change this, yet.

  14. KA says:

    Those statistics are obviously flawed, I’ve seen that site before many times, and I’ve been checking it regularly for about 20 days now. They do give good estimates to my knowledge, but according to it in about 1 minute 20 360s, 6 PS3s, and maybe 15 Wiis are sold. Now I hear sony and nintendo are starting to restock, and since the videogaming populace grows ever-higher, there’s no way to assure that it is false but still it is a little fishy; however, it’s probably the closest estimate you can get.

    I hate to get my head bogged down in fanboy wars; all of the systems are good in their own way (wii’s gameplay, 360’s online, and ps3’s graphics) but obviously one will win. Sony and microsoft are doing an arms race here to make an entire home entertainment system (tv, videogames, music, dvd whatever) while nintendo is content being a 3rd place contestant, and I think that’s why the wii can be successful. It’s not in the same league as 360 or ps3 and that’s why I think it will work.

    I’m an owner of the 360, I haven’t even played much on xbox live, but so far I’m very satisfied with what I play (far cry, gears of war, call of duty 3) and look forward to the promising ’07 lineup. I’ve been to an EB games that actually has a working ps3 and what I’ve seen so far looks quite good, I haven’t played resistance: fall of man, but it looks like an awesome game. I also have a friend who has a wii, a couple of guys and I went over to his place, and until one of the guys smashed his controller on a coffee table, it was a blast.

  15. Lukage says:

    360 sales numbers are higher based on the fact that retailers are pushing customers to buy it because there simply are not enough Wiis in stock (PS3 readily availible on ebay :p)

  16. some random dude says:

    the wii is the best system out ther. u may call me a nintendo fanboy (btw i hav an n64 and a gc) but with the wii’s low price and innovative, easy-to-learn control scheme, i am looking forward to purchasing one. the 360 and ps3 are great systems but ther trying too hard to be a media centre with the built-in dvd and cd players. the wii cut that stuff out in order to sustain a low price..and it’s working too! they are focusing on the fun factor of the system. NINTENDO is cool again!!!!!!! (following their unsuccessful ordeal with the GC)

  17. Me says:

    Here’s another site with more accurate? numbers: http://www.vgcharts.org/

  18. maself says:

    the best console is the 360 wii is just a console for 10 years old kid the graphics are crapy and the games too

  19. kyle says:

    the 360 is way better then any system the games are what make the 360 so good u have gears of war,halo 3, resident eveil 5, gta 5, gutar hereo and ddr are gonna come to the 360 to and also microsoft bought metal gear solid so ps3 has nothing sure the ps3 might have a lil better graphics but who rly cares i mean look at gears of war graphics do u rly need any better and the wii i mean plz its for lil kids ( no offence to u wii fans)

  20. Micb91 says:

    The PS3 just went in France this week. It seems that people didn’t come in mass to buy it because of the price. Indeed, Buy One, get one free… if you choose 360 and wii. But, in a store close to me, you can buy a 360 in bundle with HD DVD and a game… for the same price as a brand new PS3. Question: What people will choose if the new OS3 is at exactly the same price as the “old” 360??

  21. Another random dude... says:

    @ kyle… Wii for kids you say? Yet you can’t even spell… how are we expected to take your whiney assed opinion seriously?

    PS3 controller is an insult to any serious gamer. My advise is to buy a Wii and 360 and you have your moneys worth.

  22. In between man says:

    These are the sales stats for march

    PS2 295,000

    Xbox 5,000

    GameCube 24,000

    Xbox 360 228,000

    PS3 127,000

    Wii 335,000

    PS3 has best specs and graphics and is free online but way to expensive.

    Xbox360 has longer sales chance and is a cheaper alternative to PS3

    Wii honestly some of the most classics or on here but like said before like eyetoy it will drop they will probaly strart to focus on normal gaming again after a bit.

  23. jo mama says:

    ok the wii is fun, but has some problems on some of its games like the wii remote isn’t responsive enough. The ps3 is crap and the 360 has the best online service with the new spring update allowing you to use messenger. Also, thier new games like stranglehold, shadow run, mass effect, blacksite area 51, call of juarez, COD4 and all the other amazing games coming out for 360 blow the little fat italian man out of the park.
    Bottom line, the wii may be fun, but it gets REALLY OLD REALLY FAST!!!

  24. Shadowrun says:

    Oh, the nummbers are not so good for PS3

  25. [ T W ] says:

    Go Wii Go!

    It’s catching up to the 360. I hope it surpasses the 360, just so I can have a chuckle. Besides, nintendo’s going after two entirely untouched age genres: kids and elderly. Pulling all that potential market in (if successful, and it seems like it’s working so far), may allow the Wii to jump ahead of everyone else, especially with the numbers as they are at the moment. 360 and PS3 are fighting for the “average gamer” genre. I say let them fight for it. Wii will show you all! Pardon the pun.

  26. Nostromo says:

    It’s funny now, that Nintendo has as many, if not more sales than microsoft did at this point in time. Wii’s are still being sold out across the country, across the world even, and it’s already been 7 months.

  27. Jordan says:

    Ok…here sums it up. Better games for Xbox360 suchas
    http://xbox360.ign.com/objects/793/793105.html with a 9.7 rating on IGN. or…….. a 600 dollar blueray dvd player called a ps3 with no games. Or a fun party system in the wii. Any true gamer plays for the games, Make your decision whisely and let the sales tell you what is good. Xbox360 and Wii FTW. There is no winner between them because they are all making profit. Just systems with fun games. But ps3 FTL until it has some games that wont make it a waste of money. Maybe I well buy one in 3 years when it may be good.

  28. bill says:

    i cant believe the wii has cought up this far in only a year.
    maybe its cause its the cheapest. cause it only has two beatsie games. Metriod, and twilight princess.

  29. mark says:

    did you know nintendo makes $50 on every wii sold in the us and $75 on everyone sold in europe while xbox and ps3 both LOSE money on the console? anyone else feel ripped off paying $60 for a game? not me i own a wii

  30. Justin Neiman says:

    Okay this is really really sad. First off mgs should be done being talked about for the 360. The producers said they have no desire to make this game multi platform. Second off 360 is the worst quality system out right now. Put says aside the 360 failure rate is at almost 33% that’s 1 out of every 3 is a p.o.s. The ps3 and the wii’s rate of failure is under 3 % but yea you guys are right its the better system…
    And lastly take those unit numbers and throw them out of the window because wii crushed the xbox and ps3 in the first 6 months in sales. Of course 360 will have sold more its been out for forever compared at the others. I honestly believe you’ll see microsoft trying to put another system on the market after about another 1 1/2. Because its not going to be able to support what is going to come, that is just my own personal opinion ( on the last part ).

  31. MGS says:

    PS3 owns the 360, it has way better games and everything. All of the 360 games i can get on PC so why bother even buying something that piece of sh*t. It breaks too much so people end up buying 2 – 5 more of them, thats why the 360 sales are so high because of everyone having to buy so many of them so they can actually play for more than a month. PS3 exlcusives own the 360’s in quantitiy, greatness, and graphics. Halo sucks, its not even near the highest selling video game. Gran Turismo for the PS3 owns it because it has 47 million copies sold in 4 games, and Halo series only has about 20 million copies lol. MS lies.

  32. PS3+599$=tragedy says:

    is definitely a fine console its got everything you would want, the 60 or now 80 GB version stands up to the 360 Elite which kind of makes one realize why this console is so expensive. But basically the PS3 has from beginning on been cursed with an awesomely bad concept and well still, an evil price tag of 599$ lol. PS3 has also simply become a gamer console much like the original Xbox and unlike the the PS2, which in this gen you could say is the Xbox 360 although the most popular console is the wii but we’ll get to that.

    Xbox 360
    Whats to say about the 360 it obviously benefits from being released first in 2005 like PS2 was. (not including the dreamcast) I don’t have a 360 i only have loads of friends who have, although some got bored of it and switched to Wii i do feel its stupid you have to pay for Xbox Live sure it delivers more but i don’t need “more” if i have 50$ more every year :-). Xbox has a lot of random titles on it some good and some bad although the majority of random games like Kengo: L of the 9 those games suck not like most PS3 games but lol (no just kiddin) but they suck.

    Wii you love it or you hate or you have never played it, (or never played a good game for wii) thats because of the controles that are simply new and i played S Mario first and there the controles are used in a way thats not to far from a normal controller but still better than one. Buy a Wii try after all its cheap enough its really fun maybe you should rent one but ultimately just combine it with a ps3 or 360 its the best u can use it.

    Overall Sales Number Analysis
    This implifies what i think (360=12,7mil PS3=5,4mil Wii= 13,1mil at this time) Wii can be bought by non-gamers and gamers while 360 mostly and PS3 totally are gamer machines.

    PS3 CATCH UP PLS !!!!!

  33. PS3+599$=tragedy says:

    Ehm i wanna add on the Wii has beaten the 360 which is great because it proves that that “eye toy” gimmick is really kickin ass… Because its more… have you ever tried a racing game in the arcades thats a lot more fun because you got feelin’ going on and have you played what do you call ’em i’ll just call them Point Shooters (where you have a pointer that imitates a gun and you shoot at the screen) they are a lot more fun and I could go on like this its simply amazing. Just like great graphics are so it equals out but really 360 is the odd one its got neither (the graphics are good but…not forever) the PS3 has got great graphics and some unconventional controles but they suck and wii has got well okay graphics your still going to be better off graphics wise than with a PS2 or Xbox and of course wii….

    Sorry this is kinda of rough but i wanted to post this quickly hehe

  34. GottaThink says:

    OK, the 360 is for hardcore gamers. The wii is for the family people who can’t afford a great thing. The ps3 just sucks all around. Graphics= 360>ps3, Games= 360>ps3, Overall Quality= 360>ps3. Sony is falling, they are getting desperate and they are running out of options and money. The wii may be powering on so far, but sooner or later people will realize what next-gen is all about, and will change over to the 360. I have played all the systems… personally the 360 is the best.

  35. Mcnaught says:

    ok so the Wii is fun to play and kick ass when you are drinking and you can bring your old grandpa in and play a game of bowling with him. But to be honest the Wii is only fun when playing little sports games and what not don’t get me wrong its fun as hell but you can’t last on just little sports games.

    Now for the 360 PS3 talk… Yeah maybe the xbox came out before the ps3 and the specs don’t quite match up to the playstations but it came out first and they are reaping the benefits just like the PS2 did… Notice how all the games that came out in 2007 for both systems were rated better on the 360?? It’s because the companies have had more time with the 360 and were able to tweak their games to work better. And I don’t know how all you playstation junkies can get on here and talk shit on the xbox atleast they didn’t go bankrupt and have to sell some of their divisions to stay afloat. Dropping the prices left and right on the PS3 isn’t going to make it more appealing especially since the flop of Blue-Ray 1.0 1.1 2.0 or whatever the hell its supposed to be and still doesn’t compare to HD-DVD.

    Sony fans it’s time to pack it in and pray that the PSP does better because you can kiss the console days goodbye!!

    And as far the people that said why get a 360 you can just play it on the computer… Why get a PS3? They have little to NO exclusives PERIOD keep sitting on that PS2 and remember the good ‘ole days because sony is through.

  36. joe says:

    you act like the ps3 is expensive but get a 20 gig xbox with wireless controller and the hd-dvd player and your paying the same if not more….and hd-dvd sucks…360 will never keep up with the graphics the ps3 will have…xbox hit its full potential with gears of war…ps3’s unreal tournament is made by same company and has better graphics and is only 1/3 of the ps3’s potential …so enjoy your xbox now while it still has a chance…

  37. darren says:

    First of all, the Wii will not last in the long run simply because it is not truly “next gen”. What happens when most people have HDTV’s and realize how bad the Wii graphics are?

    Secondly, I’m tired of people saying that PS3 has the better graphics or better “potential” than Xbox 360. On paper, the 360 has a superior graphics processor. There’s a reason whenever side by side comparisons are done the 360 version looks better.

  38. Glade says:

    Also i forgot to add HDDVD failed BlueRay won out of that and that does give the PS3 an advantage especialy since BlueRay has much space on the discs and HDDVDs which still only had 1/2 that space failed.
    Nintendo has doen a bold thing with the Wii by sticking the 2 fingers at amazing graphics and has kept things simple.
    Sony with their Monolith has the best hardware and is riding on future game releases to keep it going.
    The 360 which is somewhere in the middle graphicaly
    and cant handle games like Oblivion or all the enemies onscreen with N3 leaves u to wonder y the fuck r they making games it cant fully handle.
    Halo3 a game not graphicaly good(it looks like Super Mario 3 and vomits bright colours at u randomly with power drain)
    was basically the 360s ace in the console wars.1 thing that can be said about Halo series they r gud overall 7/10 the game nvr cease to be up there own arse about how gud they actualy r.
    About 360 games getting better score is basicaly because Mircosoft shoved wads of cash in the game case when they gave to reveiwers and injected dope in their spine.The amount of near perfect scores thrown at 360 that if i had wud buy them because they rnt worth the change in pocket is unreal.Bullet Witch and N3 r to name 2 off the top of my head.Gears of War was shorter than some guy wanking holding their breath.
    Nintendo WILL ALWAYS DOMINATE the hand held market unless Microsoft bring out something that teleports whores into bedroom they r fucked sideways if they try touch Nintendo.
    The 360 breaks easier than a wet stick and the rings of death not in any manuel comes up at the slightest glitch.
    The 360 also isnt exacly WHISPER SILENT the fan sounds louder than NASA launching a rocket into space.
    The Adaptor on the 360 is also the size of new born baby that’s a bit excesive and over heats so easily.
    With the upcoming Super Mario Smash Bros and games like MGS4 the 360 will need something that will arose more intrest than a triple cunted hooker to stay in the market.

  39. Thomas Sawyer says:

    I finally got a PS3 and must say it is FAR superior to 360. I was using my friends 360 for a few months and enjoyed it until I saw the difference that PS3 had. FAR better graphics and much faster loading times. Not to mention HD DVD is the betamax of our generation. Blu Ray is the only way and so is PS3. If you want the best get sony.

  40. Juice says:

    First off i would like to say, some of you guys should read over what you type…

    I am an owner of an Xbox 360 and a Nintendo Wii, i am planning on getting a ps3 for the blu-ray player. However, even though the wii has outsold both systems, i would like to point out that most people i know who own one, myself included, really dont play their wii’s very often. I would say my 360 gets about 99.9% of my gaming attention. The wii’s target consumer was casual gamers. A good way to go no doubt, however non gamers dont play very often, nor do they have very high expectations out of games. If you were to directly compare sales, then yes, i agree that the Wii is a sucess and a formidable foe to Sony and Microsofts consoles but essentially at the end of the day, that is really just a temporary goal. A gaming console designed for casual gamers is never going to dominate the gaming market. Once the wii trend is over, they will have to bring more to the table then just novelty appeal.

    My outlook for the PS3 is good however, even as a current xbox fan i can see that once PS3 comes out with their new dashboard called simply “Home” that is more online community friendly, It will steal a lot of the Xbox live fans that are interested in the online gaming aspects of the next-gen systems. The fact alone that it is free compared to the subscription xbox 360 owners are forced to pay in order to play online will be a big obstical for Mircosoft to overcome. Microsoft will have to come out with something un-paralelled to offer paying subscribers to make the money worth it. As far as i have seen of the New Xbox Dashboard that is sapposed to come out the next few weeks, it looks like they did alot of copying of the Wii and the ps3’s dashboard. That doesnt sit well with me. I hope at least Microsoft comes out with a blu-ray version of their HD-DVD add on.

    A few months ago i would say that Sony PS3, even with a slightly more powerful machine, is not up to par with the 360 due to the 360’s superior online abilities, which is what the next gen systems were designed for. If “Home” is as good as it looks, and Sony gets a few more game titles, It wont be long before they surpass the 360.

  41. Juice says:

    I would like to add,

    It was tough to read some of the extremely biased and un-informed comments, the guy that said that blu-ray is a flop is kind of looking like an idiot now. however, with that aside

    On the subject of the PS3 having larger storage. I am still using my 10 gig hard drive that came with my xbox, and i have not had the slightest bit of a problem with it. Lets be honest, these consoles are not at the point that you need all that much hard drive space. Sure with the 80 gig hard drive, you can have 200 demos, but how many people play a demo more then a couple times. Putting MP3’s on a Console is almost uselss with the networking abilites of both the PS3 and the 360. Why spend the time putting them on your console, when you can stream them from your computer. Same thing goes for movies.

    I am sure in the future, defently on the consoles of the future, there will be a time when hard drive space becomes necessary, however we are not there yet and i dont see it as more then a marketing gimick. At todays prices, you are paying 100 dollers more for 40 gigs more hard drive space on the PS3 compared to the base model. You can currently buy 500 gigs for $103 online for your computer.. the prices just dont add up. You also get 2 more usb’s which literally cost pennies to make.

    Anyways the point im making is that there are a ton of more useful things to compare the PS3 and the 360 that using the hard drive space as one is almost trivial.

    • Juice says:

      Its over a year later, i forgot i even posted on this site, but i got an email about a response, in which i cant even see i might add..


      I now own all three consoles

      This is basically what it boils down to,

      Xbox 360 has the online gaming, Nice graphics, A ton of titles and a much better dashboard to boot, over the ps3

      The PS3 has some really nice looking games, but is lacking titles ps3 only titles, They have a few, but none really that i personally felt compelled to purchase. The “Home” Dashboad that i mentioned in an earlier post with high hopes, turned out to be a flop, Its not a Dashboard at all, Its basically a horible game. I have used it once to try it out, and lost interest very quickly. With all that aside, the fact that you dont have to buy a subscription is very nice, and does have some really nice looking games, Slightly better graphics then the xbox 360, and of course the blu-ray player.

      The Wii, is still throwing out innovation in spades. However, Lacks desirability for hard core gamers, which i belive will eventually take it down. I have still haven’t played my wii all that much since i bought it.. Though i gotta say its a ton of fun playing tennis or bowling if your just sitting around bored with a few friends.

      In a Non-Biased oppinion, this is how i would rate them. Owning all three systems i think i can make a fair judgement.
      #1 Xbox 360
      #2 PS3 (Close second)
      #3 Nintendo Wii (Distant Third)

      However, this is the opinion of a hard core gamer. If I was a casual gamer, my opinion might differ. Then again, a Casual gamer cant really make an informed decision.

  42. Я подписался на RSS ленту, но сообщения почему-то в виде каких-то квадратов :( Как это исправить?

  43. AtHacks says:

    The fact of price, durability, gameplay, repair costs, configuration, mods and above all, uniting family is the thing that got the Wii going, Ill guess since no WiiHD will be coming (next gen console) till about 0’12-0’13, Ill spend a bit on a Wii :P

  44. mark says:

    the xbox 360 is much better at selling then the sitty ps3

  45. don says:


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