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The Ultimate Guitar Hero Case Mod

by Paul Strauss

Rocker/ Case Modder Kneivel put together this ingenious home arcade cabinet by taking a stack of Marshall amp cases and transforming them into a Guitar Hero themed gaming system.

Marshall Guitar Hero Case Mod by Kneivel

The system is made from 3 individual cabinets which can be disassembled in case he wants to taking the show on tour. Gaming is powered by a PlayStation 2, preloaded with all of the Guitar Hero games on the hard drive.

Marshall Guitar Hero Case Mod by Kneivel

The top cabinet has the left and right speakers as well as a cool backlit GH marquee, while the middle tier houses a heavyweight 27-inch Toshiba CRT.

Marshall Guitar Hero Case Mod by Kneivel

The bottom cabinet contains a Logitech Z2300 subwoofer for some serious low-end, as well as the PS2 system that powers the whole rig. Rock on with your bad self!

[ArcadeControls via SlashGear via Digg]

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Comments (36):

  1. D-Head says:

    Brilliant, putting the PS2 on top of a sub woofer…

  2. EJ says:

    That’s f**kin AWESOME! Nice work!

    Although I agree with the comment above me.. Subwoofers tend to shake.. A lot.

  3. dop says:

    But the games are preloaded on the external hardrive, the shaking is not that relevant.

  4. Ryan Biggs says:

    Just think… with the time and money you put into that case mod, you could have actually learned how to play guitar.

  5. Closet_Rat says:

    wow… with the time you wasted to insult someone you could have stayed in the land of make believe, where people actually care to hear your offensive point of view.

  6. sdsfs says:


  7. C-D223 says:

    thats sweet wat else have u made???

  8. mark says:

    that is awsome

  9. juan jose says:

    uy si la verdad que bacano seria poder tener esta maquina de guitar hero a ca en mi barrio la jugaria todos los dias y no me cansaria lo juro.

  10. PanzerTM says:

    the shaking could sure as hell rattle your ps2 over and break it into oblivion tho. i would lay it down on it’s side. i think the ps2 looks stupid standing up anyways

  11. HUNK says:

    Hell guitar hero sucks!!!! I love playing a real guitar!

  12. ace_of_spades says:


  13. Whether or not someone is a “real guitar” vs. Guitar Hero player is irrelevant as far as this post goes. Rather, I think we should applaud the creativity and application of this project. Great, great job. And I’ll bet it was a good way to spend the better parts of a paycheck and a weekend.

  14. ash says:

    what the F**K are you all thinking?
    guitar hero… where can i start on this ridiculous trend!?
    the one thing i thought i would never see has happened!
    A MARSHALL STACK, with a ZAKK WYLDE and an EDDIE VAN HALEN plastic FAKE guitars!!!
    why dont you all pick up the real thing? it is so much better.
    compare these two… wow i just played in front of 5000 people or wow i just got 5000points on i wanna rock and roll all night?
    1 is an accomplishment… the other is a disgrace!!!
    someone somewhere needs to stop this. i propose that all real guitarists need to take all of these plastic pieces of crap along with this monstrosity and smash the living day lights out of them all followed by setting fire to the lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! think hendrix people, just not flippin cyber hendrix… all in favour say I

    • mark says:

      loosten up man its just a game and its a good step for kids to take an interest to move on to the real thing man i think its a good thing

  15. JakeShaw says:

    I hate you. You take something as beautiful as the art of guitar, and a peace of equipment more dear to me than the roof over my head, and make it into your little fu*king playground. Grow up, get a job, move on.

  16. technabob says:

    Ever heard of Prozac?

  17. ash shall burn says:

    Dude, ash your reasonings are a pile of shit. We dont enjoy guitar hero because we think its a real guitar, we love guitar hero because of the challenge and how competitive it can get when you have friends. You on the other hand don’t have friends, which makes this game boring to you. Why do people play any game online, do they think they wanna be a terrorist in real life? Or is it because of the competition. Besides most of my friends who have played guitar hero went to play on real guitar and got quite well. Us playing guitar hero has no effect on whether we play a real guitar. And heres something what would cost more? A whole bands instruments all the bills you have to go through at your first gig and all your expenses, or this creative all-in-one simplistic equipment? You just got served n00b.

  18. Noodle says:

    I am so tired of this real guitar vs. guitar hero bull crap that people spew around like people actually care what you think. I play real guitar….and you know what, I play Guitar Hero as well! Damn the blasphemy of it all right????

    By your logic you should not play Mario but go save a princess for real, its so much better than the saving a pixel princess. You shouldn’t play Metal Gear but really sneak around in a third world country shooting people, its so much better than the game.

    Grow up and quit flaming other people for using their creativity to create something out of a passion they have.

  19. TheBaron says:

    guitar hero is, in my opinion one of the best games around atm
    and th this whole guitar hero vs real guitar has nothing to do with anything atall
    im a guitarist (admitedly im not great) but i still enjoy guitar hero
    i mean christ its just a game
    if you dont agree with it then go complane about it to someone who actually cares

    btw great mod
    would be better with a PS3 tho i recon

  20. hondatrx450racer says:

    ok i play both real guitar and guitar hero. real guitar is much funner yes. but guitar hero is fun to mess around when ur partying with all ur friends so either way both are fun so keep rocking even if u can play real guitar go play some guitar hero. how the hell cares its a game so everyone should just chill out and do there own thing

  21. unknown says:

    I’m really sick and tired of all you dumbasses talkin’ about “All the time you wasted, you could’ve played real guitar””Wasted time putting together fake plastic guitars together” “Stop this nonsense” First: Nobody gives a f*ck about what you think. Second:If you’re not gonna say somethin’ nice, f*ck off. Third: People don’t have to play real guitar. They probably can’t afford one, or just aren’t interested in playing real guitar. I happen to be a guitar player AND a fan of Guitar Hero. I think Guitar Hero is awesome, and yes, it’s not even close to real guitar, but it’s still pretty fun to play, like at parties or somethin’.

    Anyways, awesome fuckin’ mod. Nice controllers too!

  22. sean says:

    I would dare say, Guitar Hero is responsible for getting a lot of people interested in “real” guitar. It’s a great game that almost anyone can pick up and play. It gets people interested in music, and guitar in particular. There’s enough room in the world for both.

  23. Matt says:

    This is a fucking disgrace, sure guitar hero is fine, but don’t fucking shit all over a piece of equipment like that. And the guitars? Fucking stupid, don’t try to be like Zakk or Eddie by playing a game, do it by playing real guitar

  24. Malco says:

    All you people who say, “play real guitar” there are a bunch of famous guitarists who play, Slash and Joe Perry for example. Guitar World magazine even supports Guitar Hero. Also… Nobody cares what you think. Deal with it.

  25. jessica says:

    Some of you people are waaaaay to uptight! Perhaps you should go & remove your “real guitar” from your asshole & stop being so uptight & let people have fun however they choose! I know plenty of guitar players who also love the game. Maybe you real guitar players are insecure because you think GH will inspire people to pick up a real one & maybe those people will turn out to be better than you & become famous instead of you. Get over yourselves.

  26. boomer says:

    WOW! that is awsome! well done.

    ps, reading the comments…. im disgusted at some peoples attitude….. for the record, i am in a band, i do use a zakk wylde bullseye guitar and i have a real marshall stack… i have played in front of big crowds…. and i also play guitar hero.

    why do some idiots have to get that wound up over a game that they take the time and energy to come here and slag it off???

    its a good game and that stack you have made is GENIOUS….. so ignore the losers who are slagging it off. you should be proud of yourself!

  27. Dirtnap says:

    I think this is one of the coolest things I’ve seen. It looks like an actual game case straight out of an arcade. I was a touring sound engineer for years and I’ll tell you almost any rockband out on the road would love to have one of these along on tour! I dig it!

  28. Soulman says:

    I enjoy Rockband. Because my hands have arthritis, it’s the only way I get to enjoy playing again.
    So leave us alone and get ajob!

  29. aponte8789 says:

    Guitar Hero Rocks!
    get a life those of u hating on it!
    And FU*K a REAL Guitar!!!

  30. kyeran says:

    how did make that im going to try :)

  31. kyeran says:

    plz can i have the plans for this coz me and my dad are going to try and make it

  32. Dobbins says:

    Some of you need to get a life. Guitar Hero is for losers.

  33. Chaos Zen says:

    I agree with those who say it’s an awesome mod job and looks very nice. I also agree with those who say it should not matter whether a person plays GH or real guitar (I play real, so speaking objectively here). What I’d really like to see though, is a GH version that can ~listen~ for notes from an analog instrument like a guitar or bass and use it as a Gh input device to really bring both worlds together and finally unify that rift. Think of the musical and educational benefits of making GH so it can really teach a person to find notes and chords.

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