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The Uno: Motorcyle Meets Segway

by Paul Strauss

Think the Segway is just too geeky for your Born to Be Wild bad boy lifestyle? Then check out this cool new motorcycle born at the intersection of Geek Street and Hog Heaven Avenue.

Uno Gyroscopic Motorcycle

The Uno is a self-balancing motorcycle that uses a pair of gyroscopes to constantly keep its rider upright.

Uno Motorcycle Front View

Designed by 18-year old inventor Ben J. Poss Gulak (and built with the help of a team of bike builders and engineers), the 120-pound motorcycle is so easy to ride, its only control is a single on-off switch. To ride forward, lean forward, to reverse, simply lean back. The degree to which you lean increases or decreases your velocity. By using a pair of wheels, the bike can also make turns based on your side-to-side movements.

Uno Motorcycle Side View

The one-of-a-kind motorcycle was recently demonstrated at the 2008 National Motorcycle Show in Toronto, Canada. Its current whereabouts are unknown, but I’m pretty sure you’ll recognize it if you see it coming down the road.

[Motorcycle Mojo via Nowhere Else]

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Comments (66):

  1. stagueve says:

    Thanxxx or the BL :)
    Hope’ll find a video about this soon…

  2. j says:

    Thanks for the post. I am creating a blog devoted to The Uno here:


  3. Well, that’s just about the most worthless form of transportation I’ve seen in about 5 minutes.

    • Patrick says:

      Worthless? Spoken like a true couch potato.

      Where’s your sense of adventure? Like you wouldn’t like to take a dirt version through some whoop-de-dos and get a little air?

  4. Me says:

    I saw a plan for this type of thing, only it was more complex and only had one wheel. The thing said it wasn’t going to be made till 2025 its still a concept. After reading about both i must say that this one seems more interesting…at least to me, plus much more easier to operate. That thing should so me mass produced. ^^

  5. Dakar Dave says:

    How the hell do you do an emergency stop? FACE PLANT?


    i ne ofed information for colombia motorcyle meets segway, prices, link …


    luis miguel

  7. keenan says:

    that is so cool i wish i have one

  8. bj says:

    how the hell did you make this. how much was it. will you manufacture them?

  9. Panda Bear says:

    I WANT ONE!!!
    is there any way i could get one?

  10. Salman says:

    I would like to purchase one.
    plz send me back. thanks :)

  11. Glade Slayman says:

    It is the coolest ride I’ve ever seen! I heard it was electric powered, is that true?

    • jean phillip de comarmond says:

      NO, it is solar powered

      • Bryce says:

        Solar power utilizes gaining photo energy to convert to electrical poser. Most commonly a battery and an electric motor(Direct Current), so If it is solar the answer is YES it is electric powered.

  12. bion says:

    unfortunatelly, it has a immense drawback: unsafe since difficult to come to an unexpected stop :((

  13. samantha says:

    your handsome……….. how does it turn?????
    i gues your hot in that motorcycle…. are you free tonight…?

  14. gmanregfvs says:

    yo dats mad hot i need one

  15. Bubba J says:

    Looks cool but how fast does it go, how many mpgs does it get and as stated how the hell to stop? one good thing I would look cool on it watching nascar, with a beer and chips!!!!!!:p

  16. ch.sivareedy says:

    super.I like this bike please send me that bike
    full details and images.please………….

  17. wayne says:

    Wow that is a one of a kind..i like it i luv to see that up close to see it in action…jst seein in the pic jst blew my mind away… but ibn action up close would be the s**t

  18. R&D Director says:

    E-STOP: Ok, when you need to stop in an emergency, you twist the hand grips down(the opposite direction you would to give a motorcycle throttle) which applies emergency braking and the gyro’s work their magic to put you and the Uno into an ideal position to withstand the braking force. You will remain in balance and because your wrists are cranked down your arms can take a lot of load. This combined with the attitude the Uno puts you in gives you a very confident and controlled rapid stop. Actually better than on a typical motorcycle. As your speed decreases the gyro’s adjust the attitude so you return to a normal riding position until you come to a normal stop or release the twist grip which returns you to normal body position and control. Wasn’t that obvious?

    • Shaun Rosik says:

      Yes but ppl are typically stupid. its easier to tare an idea down then its is to think it threw.

  19. justinepinas says:

    or, put a chute for those 200 mph and let the uno drive itself out…

  20. delhi says:

    You all do understand that those pics are fake and photoshoped? Oh and i think the artist (18 yr old) forgot to throw in a brake caliper. Cause that thing needs something connected tot he wheel to stop it and make it go. Its not there. No caliper, no sockets, no gears…no belts…..no bike….good photoshop though. I ll give you that.

    • Jimmy says:

      Dude are you a complete idiot, it was at the National Motorcycle Show, I was there in Canada and saw it, dont be so ignorant. Wow you are so cool that you can talk about brakes and calipers…. WOWWW!!! Had you seen it in person like me then you would know that its real.

      • Jimmy says:

        Oh wait, i’m sorry can i mention again how IGNORANT YOU ARE!!!

        • DR says:

          Hey Jimmy! Some people reserve the right to be STUPID! and I think you just saw a post from one. As delhi is evidence of this truth!! LOL!! Neat bike!

    • Shaun Rosik says:

      my guess this guy thinks the world is flat… delhi try opening your mind a bit sorry your life sucks so bad that you have to tare everyone elses down too hell could life not survive with out such a negative look at it.

  21. ikram says:

    i dont like bikes, but seriously, this one makes me want to have one right now.

    cool concept. I think they had a similar problem coming to a halt with the segway. Find the book “codename:ginger”. Its about the invention of segway.

    cool bike.

  22. Hughgarce says:

    18 years old, brilliant. I always thought the Segway needed a seat but you’ve gone one better.
    How fast does it go?

  23. mas khairul amir says:

    what motorcycle is this?but how do you balance huh?is that motorcycle fast or slow?

  24. Pete5593 says:

    Why do they insist on saying this kid invented this bike? this bike was invented decades before the little punk was born. And then a team of engineers made it works… so to sum it up, he had nothing to do with the bike

    • mark says:

      stop being a cry baby ur just mad cuz u didnt come up with it. go invent something of ur own instead of critzing other people and there success pussy ass bitch

  25. Scheduling algorithma says:

    hello frd i like your bike

  26. E'morej says:

    Featured on ‘Dragons Den’.
    Uses 2 wheels (side by side) till it reaches 20 MPH then wheels seperate to become like a conventional bike increasing speed. When velocity decreases back to 20 MPH, wheels go back to side by side config.

  27. james says:

    it’s true

  28. twill says:

    hi, well its reall folks.
    first saw it on a show called Dragons Den (( http://www.dragonsden.com)
    canadian show, for new ivnentors and such like.
    and its in small scale production.
    thats all. its a hellva lil thing, and if i win lotto $$ am going to buy me 3, lol

  29. twill says:

    opps sorry the web addy is ….

  30. hahahahaha says:

    re freaking tarded

  31. hahahahaha says:

    stupidest invention ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Nikunj Bhatt says:

    i liked it, i want one uno.
    but when it will b available in indian market???!!!

  33. Corey says:

    I bet it’s a blast !!!!!!!!!!!!But I bet it’s a unusual ride you might just end up on the asphault! and that would be your asphault. LOL.Nice bike?

  34. Juan Carlos says:

    Last Dakar (2010) I did ride along with the others as a turist. I hire this service that provided everything for me, including the moto. All I had to do is ride the desert of Chile and Argentina and enjoy the feeling of freedom you get when riding on your own. Check these people out. I recommend them. http://www.rent-motorcycle-chile.com

  35. Rell says:

    Looks like that if you ever leaned back on that thing, you’d get road rash on your ass! lol

  36. jose says:

    I like it, but does it go fast? Also, Instead of 2 small headlights side by side I’d settle for one big head light infront. Thinking about it can’t get past 40 mph if u have to lean back to break. I’d say it’s work is still in progress

  37. Alliahmadrazo says:

    it is nice but how do we balance it? :(

  38. Jordan Little says:

    How do yhu ryde that thanqq bruh ihts nice dhou wrd budd ihtt lukk veryy hard too rydee budd junk stupidd fresh HOLLA aht mhee innt ell what gud. WRD

  39. rafael says:

    Wow, I knew someone would eventually come up with a one wheel, well two but one wheel bike. I love bikes myself. Soon hopefully I want to buy the r6 myself. I wonder what its like riding on half a bike tho. All I want to say is that congratualations on you’re invention and hopeully we get to see it on the road.

  40. Ortiz says:

    Wow!! It was looking stylish bike. Everyone wants to ride on this bike. As per my opinion, it was not looking safety, people must remember about helmet while riding on this bike. Generally don

  41. Shaun Rosik says:

    Just saying isn’t this just like those 2 wheeled scooter things like Pall Blart, pri misspelled, carts around on in the movie The Mall Cop… this is like the street version right.
    sorry if this was already talked about i don’t have time to reed the the other posting any way about it good for you it looks like a blast to ride and i hope i could afford one someday

  42. eliseo alcaraz says:

    how much is the bike I want to know if it is available to the general public.

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