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Miwi Game Console is Nothing Like a Wii, Really.

by Paul Strauss

Here’s the latest, greatest, phoniest knock-off console to surface from China. While the MiWi video game system might steal some of its looks from the Nintendo Wii, that’s about where the similarities end.

Eittek 9800 MiWi Wii Fake

Created by China’s Eittek Electronics, the 9800 MiWi video game system comes with a pair of wireless controllers which do their best to mock Wii-motes. Heck, even the logotype on the packaging looks strikingly similar to the Wii’s.

But these guys didn’t stop at swiping their ideas from current-gen Nintendo consoles. Notice how the MiWi’s joystick bears more than a passing resemblance to the classic N64 controller (in white)?

MiWi Wii Knock-Off Controllers

The MiWi claims to play WiiSports-esque games including boxing, ping pong, tennins, golf, baseball, soccer and bowling, but from the look of the cartridges it includes, don’t count on anything more than a retro 16-bit gaming experience. The best news about the MiWi is that it packs in a whopping 23 games in the box, so your chances of them all sucking equally are reduced. Then again, I’ve been wrong before.

If you’re really dying to get your hands on one of these oddities, good luck. Brush up on your Chinese, and head on over to TV Sportsgame.

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Comments (56):

  1. Brett says:

    Teptronics.com has them in stock http://www.teptronics.com/bs9800.html! Just got one, works great!

  2. technabob says:

    So how are the games and the controllers?

  3. Brett says:

    Games are 16 bit, but fun. Comes with tennis, baseball, golf, etc. I have used the real Wii and the controls are very similar. For the money you can’t beat it. I have see accessories for the Wii sell for more…

  4. technabob says:

    This other system “the Zone” looks awfully similar:

    But doesn’t come with all the same controllers from what I can tell.

  5. Trina says:

    so does this games plays the wii games or just the games that’s built inside of it?????

  6. blabbydoo says:

    i just got miwi today to along wit cuzins dey tought it was real nintendo wii till i told em wat it was me and dem tought it was crap because of da retro games and how many batteries u need 4 da ting its crazy! its the worst gaming experience ever!even ps1 better.

    • What? says:

      English please

    • englishplease says:

      Please, learn to speak and spell properly. My eyes and my brain both hurt when reading this post

      • eburn says:

        You guys are so gay. It’s not even hard to understand what that guy said. You are the stupidest nation of the world, because you think learning another language is a waste of time, but you don’t help anyone trying to learn yours. You’ve never faced problems that other people have, but you will never know how it is to know many languages and cultures.
        Do your eyes and brain hurt when reading to his post? I think you may have a severe disease, please find a doctor.

        • steve says:

          eburn, ebonics is not to be confused with a language. It is just ignorance spewing out. But since I’m a very observational person and can easily put pieces together, I would say the chances are that the first post was tongue-in-cheek. Look closely at the name. It has two characteristics that make me believe that. First it is very similar to other phrases used in reference to black people being ignorant and hard to see in the dark. The second is that is a play on the name Scooby-Doo, who we all know talks gibberish. I would say chances are 90% that it is a pun.

  7. blabbydoo says:

    oh trina. just to tell u u cant buy any games on miwi u put cartridges in and play da games i got 31 games all look crap real nintendo wii better u play real funny boxing make your own mii (a mii is a your character you design and make over 1000 miis aloud in one nintendo wii)play the real wii sports and the accesories are longer instead of just stickin on some stuff miwis stuff is plastic and on real nintendo wii you get to buy real games instead of havin just 31 or 16 nintendo wii has over 80 games so miwis are mostly crap to people so ur better off buyin nintendo wii way better off

  8. Jennifer says:

    How do I get the controllers to work?? Is there a way to synch each controller with the console? I have crazy flashing lights and my son can’t play any games with it. The instructions are terrible!!

  9. Brett says:

    Which version do you have the BS-9800, or BS-9900? The only difference in the control is that on the BS-9900 you first have to click A prior to hitting the ball. The BS-9800 all you have to do is just set up the IR and pretend your actually playing the sport.

  10. I agree with the points made, but struggled implementing the changes, great raticle tho, will this affect the Wii Fit and Wii Music.

  11. Max says:


  12. NIntendoGamer says:

    Why would spend £40 of your hard earned money on a Blatent knock off that plays crap games and helps to fund the counterfeit business in China Its crazy!! MIwi, Miwi2 Wini are all completely CRAP the Wii is £179 yes its fair bit more but there is no contest whatsoever between the official Nintendo Wii and these crappy knockoff’s! If you want 16bit gaming go buy a REAL Super Nintendo from E-bay!

  13. Lolo-popo says:

    Is the Miwi that crap is there no mario or sonic on it. Do you make character. are they disks

  14. dyl pickl says:

    this is a total rip off of wii and n64 nentendo should sou Eittek Electronics.

  15. Tiffany says:

    my aunt from England gave me something that is the same EXACT thing but it’s labeled as: Wisp ( wireless interactive sports package )

  16. steve says:

    these things really are crap !!! dont be fooled by the rhetoric they are as old fashioned as sinclair z whatever !

  17. SSBandit says:

    We just got the Mi2 for our 6 year old for $40.00. It has 7 Sports games, 16 Arcade games and 8 Tatacon Drum games. He loves it and we love the old Arcade games. Of course it will never match a Wii or PS; however, this is a great alternative for younger children ages 3 and up. Why spend hundreds for a console and hundreds for individual games for a younger child; the Mi games are priced right and work great, so far. We have a V-Tech VSmile, PS-1, PS-2, and will probably get the PS-3 or PS-4 if it comes out soon. He plays them but they are much harder to play and he likes how easy the Mi2 and VSmile are; VSmile is very educational and a cheaper option than the Wii and PS consoles as well.

    • steve says:

      Don’t expect a PS4 within the next 4 to 5 years. The Cell processor has yet to be used to its full potential.

  18. Sara says:

    I’ve just ordered one haveing played my friend’s one. It came in at £17 including postage. I don’t expect it to be like a Wii, however it’s plenty good enough for a 5 and 6 year old and didn’t break the bank. I don’t think that you’d buy it as a wii replacement but it’s fine for fun.

  19. jules says:

    hi has anyone played the miwi delux 32 bit? is it any better than miwi2?

    • Robyn says:

      I got one for $39.95nz MiWi Delux I think its great, Now I am the coolest Grandma on the block lol. My question is can you buy the cartridges separate?

      • steve says:

        Coolest behind the people that actually bought the Wii or SNES. I’m glad the U.S. filters out much of this trash, keeping it from going on the market.

        • Matt says:

          i found one at a pawnshp here in canada…. there’s lots of asian communities though out usa and canada…. and some of these can be found there, and this isn’t the first knock off i bought(other one plays ‘famicom/aka jap nes’ games.)

  20. suminder says:


    Can anyone please write which 16 bit games that Console Supports, Sega of SNES, Please Write.

    Thanks for reading.


    • Meifie says:

      I read that quote “It is compatible with any old NES Nintendo Entertainment System game cart. Super Mario and so on.

  21. maryanne says:

    i have a nintendo wii, my sister is a single parent and came across the miwi on ebay for £20, she brought it and it arrived the other day, she set it up and we had a look at it, yes it is not as good as the nintendo wii as the graphics are more of that from an old game cube and it only works on PAL tv’s however like i said to my sister, if your on a budget then it is very good. i like the nintendo wii as you move as the game moves, you are not restivted to what you buy as there are so many types of games on the market however the miwi has restrictions in the fact you get the 2 game cards and thats it. you cannot upgrade or purchase more, however my neice and nephew will have hours of fun on the miwi and heven forbid they should break it, it hasnt broke my sisters bank like the nintendo wii would. i say go for it you have nothing to loose, at the end of the day it is down to your budget…

    • Neville says:

      To Maryanne,with respect.I have just purchased the MiWi but my “pidgeon chinese”is not up to speed.Have you any idea where I can get instructions.Also is the golf club supposed to be interactive.I was expecting to swing it and the game reacted accordingly not react to button push.regards

    • Bigmac says:

      Well put Maryanne,
      We are fortunate enough to have both the Wii and the Miwi and the funny thing is my 8yr old and ten year old prefer the Miwi.
      Simple fun games at a very low price.

  22. Wasa says:

    my friend got it free in a give away and he said its the gayest game console he has ever played with he said its like almost a CDI of the future and that its a rip off of the wii

  23. BILL BILL BILL says:

    WHEN YOU DO THAT ITS JUST LIKE A WII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TRY IT

  24. BILL JR says:


  25. BILL BILL BILL says:


  26. david says:

    hi guy my mum bought this mi wi nockoff guy was selling saying it wa the new wi she dint no thoght she had got a barging at £70 man in white van and its crap plastic rubbish some pepole are getting riped of and its wrong

  27. Julie says:

    Hi guys i brought this for my mum and dad for xmas but they cant get the b buttons to work on the remotes and one of the remotes doesnt even work at all dispite batteries in? can anyone advise how it is all set up i.e do u have to sync the remotes etc… like a proper wii??, they have the miwi2,

  28. MadalinX5 says:

    Is this console compatible with NES games? Cuz i just bought it and i want to play some of my old NES games on it :) If it is possible then the console is great.

  29. WiiMan says:

    DONT waste your money on this… biggest pile of crap i’ve had the misfortune to come in contact with.

  30. suck says:

    haha!!shit Chinese

    china is a stupid copy land

    • lewis says:

      hey,why can u say that,look,do u know how to define technology, inspiration of iphone comes from another product, copy is invalid,but like those”me too”brands are permitted, they also push the development of technology, so plz do not say that!

  31. Chocolate1 says:

    How to set up?

  32. Do u guys need internet to play this thing?

  33. shachi says:

    hi, i am based out in India.
    Please help me with details of sales office in India, at this point of time ..i am aiming for corporate deal.

  34. shachi says:


    We are looking for a distributor of mivi games in India.


  35. adele says:

    this game is cool
    my dad got me this on Thursday evening yay

  36. happy_asshole618 says:

    to all you nerdy gamers that complain about a damn game system….get a f@#king life. go outside mabye try hitting on a girl . instead of jackin it to tomb raider. There is a place that you can talk to them without a keybord. they are out there. the miwi or weni or what ever its called is a fun system. my kid had a blast. i say f@#kk it $20. let em enjoy their pretndo……

  37. Matt Russell says:

    Next to my pc monitor is a wii, xbox 360 and ps2, and i really dont mind getting my miwi out to play with my younger relitives.

    Atleast my miwi is styled more like the wii then that thing.

  38. wer says:

    I just bought this retro package last year for € 8.90. For the time being it is fun to have and to play. I can’t afford €299 for a Wii. Saving for a wii though! In my time this was a blast! 1899! 20 pounds for a MIWI! to much.

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