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Trains That Pick You Up Without Stopping


This is a concept for Singapore’s Metro Rail Line so that trains can pick people up without ever stopping. That sounds impossible, right?

Singapore Concept Train

The idea is that people who want to board the train get into a smaller car that piggybacks onto the moving train as it passes through the station. To get off, you get into the smaller upper car while on the train and it unhitches at the station. If what I just said was totally confusing to you, then you should watch this video clip to clarify. The clip is in Chinese (I think) but the graphics are self-explanatory and show how this concept would work.

YouTube Preview Image

Not only would this make overall train speed faster, since you don’t have to average in stopping times, but it would also be more energy efficient. Also, it’s super cool and futuristic.

You can read more about this concept, and its inventor Peng Yu-Lun, in this Taiwan Headlines article.

[via deputydog]

Comments (16):

  1. Sasha says:

    Coolest. Train. Ever. I want one!

    I’m guessing it will be a while before MUNI/BART/futuristic high-speed California rail gets this, huh?

  2. READYdot says:

    This will only work with a train that runs only in a straight line. Don´t see this train with the rails on the top making curves…

  3. Ken says:

    Um, what is the use of the empty train below the thing that fetch people? I think this concept is still unclear and can’t implemented as a real services of next generation trains…

  4. Ross says:

    I think the issue is that the people move from the top access vehicle to the bottom long-distance vehicle until they are ready to depart. However, the top vehicle and bottom vehicle would have to separate at each station. I think you wouldn’t want to be in the middle between them when the separation occurred, otherwise only part of you would be left at the station. (sigh)

  5. Ken. The train on the bottom would not have to be empty as I see it. It could be the people who are traveling the longer distances. Upper cabs would be for people going shorter distances. Also I suppose a well designed one of these could allow people to climb up and down from different level cabs once they are going safely…like we go from cab to cab in other trains. I think this is so cool..hope we get some on the East coast. I visited Singapore a couple of times..great place in many ways..tough in other ways. USA has our own problems needless to say.
    I can imagine adaptations to let these go around curves. They would be straight where they need to engage probably though.

  6. LC says:

    READYdot…The train wouldn’t have to be in a straight line the whole time, just when passing through a station. And aren’t most train stations located on straight stretches of track anyway?

  7. Eric Dolan says:

    I can see some problems: Handicap accessibility, The 2 transfer cars would have to be independently powered. It looks as if each station would have 2 transfer cars, and each station would require a lot of additonal elevated rail for each transfer car to match the train speed. However, this is what is needed to compete with air travel and airports.

  8. Paul says:

    I suppose dropping off a pod could start at any point before the station, so it could have ample time to slow down. Picking up a pod, however, is an entirely different story. It would be accelerated from 0 to the speed of the main train almost instantaneously. The strains on everything, including the passengers would be tremendous. Hopefully, the people would have recovered by the time they reached their destination. Then there is the fact that, as demonstrated, a person could only go from station A to station B. Going to station C would require getting off and back on at station B. After a couple of those stops and starts, I think one would have to be carried out of the pod. I think I understand why the officials appear a bit skeptical.

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  11. Muhammad Ejaz says:

    it is dangerous to attach a heavy momentum train to a stationary is that possible to bear the momentum of the train

  12. Muhammad Ejaz says:

    how the momentum could be bear by the transit cabin

  13. dr.mohammad.sadegh shariati says says:

    قطاری خبر داد که بدون توقف مسافران را سوار و پیاده می کند. پس از انتشار این خبر یک مخترع مشهدی با مراجعه به دفتر روزنامه و ارائه مدارک و مستندات از جمله گواهی ثبت اختراع در اداره کل ثبت شرکت ها و مالکیت معنوی ایران اظهار داشت که وی بالغ بر ۳ سال پیش به این موفقیت دست پیدا کرده بود و در سال ۸۷ نیز با ارائه اختراع خود در نمایشگاه و مسابقات بین المللی اختراعات مالزی موفق به دریافت مدال برنز شده است. وی در گفت وگو با خراسان اظهار داشت: این قطار در واقع سیستم جدیدی برای حمل و نقل سریع تر مسافران است. وی تصریح کرد: در مسابقات و جشنواره بین المللی مخترعان مالزی، تنها طرح را به داوران نشان داده است و اگر در آن موقع آن را به طور کامل و برای همه شرکت کنندگان در نمایشگاه ارائه می کرد بدون شک موفق به کسب مدال بالاتری می شد.وی تاکید کرد: در آن زمان هیچ سیستمی برای تخلیه مسافر بدین شکل در جهان طراحی نشده بود، اما متاسفانه در حال حاضر چینی ها از روی این طرح کپی برداری کرده و آن را به نام خودشان ثبت کرده اند.دکتر محمدصادق شریعتی ادامه داد: این سیستم طوری طراحی شده که حتی در صورت حرکت قطار با سرعت بالا (حدود ۲۰۰ کیلومتر) باز هم این قابلیت را دارد که مسافران را بدون توقف قطار، پیاده یا سوار کند.وی در بیان دیگر قابلیت های اختراع خود اضافه کرد: سیستم تخلیه

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