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‘Wasp Knife’ Will Stab Your Victims Then Freeze Their Organs

by Karen M.

Britain is reportedly on alert for the wasp knife, a knife that can “deliver a ball of compressed gas capable of killing its victim at the press of a button.” A needle in the tip of the knife’s blade shoots out a little frozen gas ball which instantaneously grows to “the size of a basketball” and freezes the victim’s internal organs.

wasp knife

The Wasp Knife was created to kill bears and sharks, which is super handy if you’re like me and you find that bears and sharks are constantly bothering you. Especially bears. Then again, I spend most weekends hiking the back-country of rural Montana while slathered from head to toe in a delicious layer of honey, so maybe it’s related to that.

Guess where the knife is made? The U.S.A., of course. Do we know how to kick ass or what? Just kidding. This is insanely scary. You can read the full article in the UK Daily Mail.

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Comments (23):

  1. technabob says:

    They sure showed that watermelon who’s boss!

  2. Joe C. says:

    Looks nice. A gun would be better for bears though… what a waste of 2 good watermelons.

  3. Saif270 says:

    I saw this last week in the paper and was going to blog about it but chose not to. Knife crime is such a big issue in the UK these days that I didn’t want to encourage anyone to think it was ‘cool’ and start researching how to get one…

  4. technabob says:

    Yeah — you probably wouldn’t want to kill anything else but a watermelon with one of these. Of course, if I got one of these in Gears of War 2, I wouldn’t complain.

  5. allaina says:

    my favourite part about this article is that it’s filed under ‘just plain fun’

    that made my morning.

  6. dave says:

    It’s the fucking Daily Mail, for god’s sake. That’s like worrying about news posted in World Weekly News, right wing, contrived, Chicken Little propaganda for the people who want to be scared by their news, not informed.

  7. Weapons, good for nothing good. Besides, leave bears and sharks alone and you won t need a weapon like this either.

    • j says:

      And you know this from all of your experience with sharks and bears?

      • George says:

        I worked in the interior of British Columbia for 3 years. Came across bears every other week. No gun, no knife. Once a bear knew there was a human around, it would turn around and run away — every time.

  8. Ben says:

    Yes, the world is so much nicer if you dont ever go outside and enjoy it.

  9. Jordan says:

    If you’ve got a big knife and a big expanding gas ball inside of you, I really think you have bigger concerns than “frozen organs.”

    To highlight this silliness, “frozen gas ball” is a contradiction in terms. You can have a really cold gas, but anything that’s frozen is, by definition, a solid. And its not like the cold is some inherent property of the gas, its just cold due to the adiabatic cooling that happens when any gas expands.

    Sensationalist, fear-mongering garbage.

  10. Ryan says:

    “Weapons, good for nothing good. Besides, leave bears and sharks alone and you won t need a weapon like this either.”

    That would be convenient…except for the fact that bears and sharks consider you food.

  11. lea says:

    Weapons are bad! Bears are good! I swim with the sharks all day. Now we don’t want to encourage others with flimsy excuses for their unmanaged anger to go around freezing the innards of those they paranoically blame for their own shortcomings!

    That said… where can I buy one? It is a bear market. Oh, no wait, I’m not that smart. But I could def usa nif!

  12. leamael says:

    Is it ok to carry it in the Bull Market?

  13. bobdyslexic says:

    For Bears? A handy tool for that pesky cub who is in an exuberant mood. But then, the sow takes exception, and while you are searching for the reload cartridge, well you’re toast and she’s just the butter for you.

  14. paul says:

    how do i get one england?

  15. goobegudde says:

    finally, weapon of mass (watermelon) distruction. Ha ha. Looks scary..

  16. GrasshopperQ says:

    A sure cure for heart burn!

    And Saif270…maybe the UK should ban knives, too. That should reduce knife crime! Course, then there would invariably be the gas-injecting, organ freezing bludgeoning weapons….

    Honestly, the thing doesn’t seem very practical, considering the amount of work that has to go into releasing the gas. Anything that gets stabbed isn’t going to wait for the button to get muscled down.

  17. Slayre says:

    Gives a whole new meaning to the term “cold steel.”

  18. Joe says:

    Was this weapon funded by Gallagher, I knew it would get to the point where he just plain got tired of using sledge hammers.

    Sledg-o-matic 2.0

  19. me me says:

    dumb! killing is so 20th century….

  20. Skans says:

    I’ve got one of those Wasp Kinves on order. I am thinking that I should have ordered two or three, with the way you Brits seem to hate the thing. Of course, being a Yank from the Land of Dixie, I already have plenty of guns, ammo, and what y’all call “assault weapons”. Most of these things are just novelties. Same goes with this CO2-injecting Knife. Very cool concept, I just had to have one for my collection.

    Hey, Brits, you do know that it’s fairly easy to make something similar – just use a spiked shank and drill a tiny hole lengthwise. Attach it to a handle with a CO2 canister and a punch button. I bet I could make something crude but similar in less than 3 hours.

    You also know that old rail-road spikes can be be ground down into very tough and sharp daggers. I’ve got one of those too – bought it for $30 at a motorcycle rally. Stun gun plans are all over the internet – y’all could make your own stun guns too. I’m surprised more of you haven’t taken these measures to protect yourselves against all of those wacked-out criminals that are preying on your un-armed citizens right now.

  21. Ben says:

    Being unarmed they don’t count as citizens. A more accurate term would be subjects.

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