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New Xbox 360 Slim Price, Release Date and Specs Revealed

by Paul Strauss

At today’s E3 press conference, Microsoft lifted the covers on their greatly-anticipated update to the Xbox 360’s hardware. It’s not called the Xbox 360 Slim as anticipated, rather simple “The New Xbox 360”.


The New Xbox 360 features a smaller case then previous models (it was actually hiding inside an original Xbox 360 case before its reveal today). The new model has a sleek black case, with angular lines more reminiscent of the original Xbox than the 360.


Under the hood, the cooling system has been improved, providing “whisper-quiet” operation. In addition, the hard drive has been amped up to 250GB, and there’s built in 802.11n Wi-Fi (thank god!).


Best of all, the new console will sell for $299 (USD), the same price as the old Elite. Microsoft plans on shipping the New Xbox 360 to retailers starting today (6/14/2010) in North America, so you should be able to pick one up to enjoy this weekend.

Engadget also got their hands on this quick stats sheet in case you’re into those sort of things:


UPDATE: Pre-orders are now open on Amazon (under the old $299 “Elite” SKU).

[via The Awesomer]

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Comments (75):

  1. john says:

    whats the europe release date

  2. Charles says:

    Damn Touch sensitive buttons, i hate thoes damn things even sony replaced them on the slim with real buttons also sony changed to a matt black case because the shiny surface picked up too many marks, so microsoft is taking a backwards step from sony.

    • lambert v. says:

      It does have 802.11n Wi-Fi though, that’s gotta count for something. I just feel bad for anyone who bought Microsoft’s proprietary Xbox 360 hard drive, since they won’t be able to use it with this model.

      • DJ NY says:

        Yo you can still use the old harddrives just fine wit a usb transfer cable and the touch sensitive buttons are a new design compared to the old ps3’s were talkin like 2 years ago, and sony changed to matt black to copy xbox and blue ray is over rated but ps3 still has better graphics overall but shitty frame rate this xbox is goin to top all systems trust me

  3. Jess says:

    oh wow…everything I can find out from the MS site for the new box…EXCEPT whether it has a Hi-Def DVD or Blue-Ray player!!!

    • joe says:

      I went to gamestop and they get a shimpent in july 9th or earlier and i just pre orderd one

    • BooBear says:

      Wow! I can play my 360 games on it!?!?!? Wait a minute… I can do that now on my original 360 . . .:S Well… Can I play bluray on it like the playstation 3!?!?!? Now I don’t have to buy a playstation 3 and have the best of both worlds!!! :D… wait.. what? It doesn”t? Well… thats confusing considering that blu-ray compatable is a huge deal in new gaming systems… Well… Will it wash my hair for me while im in the shower!?!?!? :O What the hell… you telling me I have to go and buy the same console, because it looks diferrent…, Ooo, it has a camera I can move around in front of… ill take one for $30!!!!! thats right, not a typo, thirty dollars is what I will spend to have my exact same performance, non blu-ray playing x-box look a little different… really outdone your yourselves this time microsoft, you put a blu-ray player in it and we will talk about me buying one, as long as it doesn’t break down like my last one followed by microsoft telling me that my RROD Is not under warranty anymore… even though being a factory defect… im not paying for your mistakes, you make more money than me, you pay ME to own one of your genious systems again.

      • J.Harris says:

        Why are you asking yourself these retarded questions who gives a fuck if it dont play Blu-Ray buy it on DVD and watch on a Hi-Def TV u dipshit… dont buy it noone is asking u too… if u have a 250GB HARD DRIVE fair enuff but stfu with ur questioning… can u wash ur hair with it… uv bn questioning stuff the original cud do with the Slim i never knew u cud wash it with the original DUMBFUCK

        • BooBear says:

          A round of applause for the big man J. Harris everybody! He just (in his own mind) won his first internet battle, good job! It’s one thing to bitch about a milti-billion co-orperatin like microsoft, but to try and be-little a simple user on the internet… your the dipshit my friend

          • Flyazeva says:

            You have to get this xbox n order to get kinnect the hands free tech that their droppn round christmas bro….If I were you Id juss get it now…Because ur gonna want wen it comes out and their really gonna be sold out…Thatz why it sayz ready for kinnect on the commercial.

          • Phil says:

            um no microsoft says any xbox 360 will work for kinect “kinect ready” doesn’t mean anything

        • keto says:

          Dear J. Harris,
          I found Boobears review helpful, just as you say if he doesn’t like it he doesn’t have to buy it, however in the same instance if you don’t like his comment you do not have to ‘buy into it’ so as to speak. He, like you is entitled to his own opinion, but I’d advise you to be wary of your comments in the future, as a legal administrations clerk there are consequences for internet defamation.

      • judge joe brown says:

        i am with j. harris on this one boobear you can go shove it some where the sun dont shine like ummm…. uranius but it comes with wirless touch and other features so it is way better that bluray one other thing do you need to be tought what to wash your hair with SHAMPOO!!! just a little hint

      • xXxKnowledgexXx says:

        It also prevents the Xbox 360 from getting the red ring of death… and has like 200x the memory as the original one.

    • Luke says:

      WHY do we need Blu-Ray when you can get (blu-ray rips) and play them on a DVD-DL as standard without modding the xbox 360 in anyway.
      If you dont know already xbox 360 will play WMV-HD as standard (meaning = get blu-rays rips @ 6gb with no loss)


      • Luke says:

        ..An for those that say blu-ray discs are up to 50gb the movies on them are Not!
        only around 4gb to 8gb

    • Jawad khan says:

      hi what is the price of new xbox 360 .have it come in markets?

  4. Pollen says:


  5. Adam says:

    Is there a set date when i can get one of these in a store? Or, is it just whenever the store gets them?
    Please answer…

    • Toby says:

      I say give it a few days after they shipped,so ill say some time this weekend or this Monday Adam.
      Better yet just call around town and see when their shipments are expected to come in.such as best buy game stop etc.

    • ryan says:

      the release date for this the new 250G hard drive is 14th july 2010 must be good tho, selling my elite for this baby :)

  6. loyd eastburn says:

    anyone able to see if the CPU/GPU have been upgraded, and if the onboard RAM has been changed. I see that they went with 45nm technology, wondering if they also upgraded the CPU (x3 3.6ghz) GPU, and available system RAM?

    • J.Harris says:

      stop just putting random letters together and asking do they work on the new system… 75% of the people buying it wouldnt no or car if there is a CAM/CPU/RAM lol

  7. loyd eastburn says:

    oh yes, have the upgrade too the player to Blu Ray, since you can’t give HD DVD’s away…I tried, craiglist won’t even let you post them anymore….LOL!!!!

  8. Lino says:

    Listen gamestop is giving $100 to trade in your old 360. $50 for your hard drive 25 for wifi adapter 25 per wireless remote that’s 200 towards your new toy!

    • BrandonG says:

      what about yor elite 360 how much will they give yuhh for that

    • BBQ Pope says:

      that trade-in deal is the best thing ever done for a new system release. i’ve come to expect the shaft when a new gaming system is released. cuz it’s all about stretching that cash-cow as thin as possible and microsoft is one of the best at doing that.

      personally, i don’t think the slim’s added features are worth the price. wait a year and save $100. but when you figure in the return you get with the trade-in deal, it’s actually too fair of a deal. it makes me wonder what they’re up to.

      well, it’s pretty obvious now. Microsoft wasn’t out to rape us 360 users again. nope, they’re out to settle the score with those original xbox gamers who’ve been gaming online for years without any major purchases. that’s a big no-no. so what do they do? castrate it. no, worse; killed it. cut it’s life line by ending online play. now those punks will have to buy a 360! well, might as well give them a new version to buy. that way they’re less likely to just buy a marked down $200 system that i paid $300 for when it was released.

      and THATS why they gave the (extremely uncharacteristic) very fair deal for 360 trade-ins. They still come up of course, but we weren’t the main target this time.

  9. alec says:

    microsoft sucks ! playstation 3 is so much better and microsoft is copying off of the playstation 3

    • Bowie says:

      As stated earlier…
      *cough* Fanboy *cough cough*

      Because Sony totally didn’t steal the “guide button” and Achievements from the 360.. and motion control from the Wii, twice.

    • digge says:

      what ever thats not true xbox is the bomb even the new 1 is better than ps3 ps3 is crap microsoft and the ps3 controler is shiz

      • digge says:

        what ever thats not true xbox is the bomb even the new 1 is better than ps3 ps3 is crap microsoft is the best. and the ps3 controler is shiz the xbox360 controler is nice and fat.

      • Sean says:

        dude i totally agree 100%

    • Sean says:

      F**k you man F**k you

  10. Jordan says:

    dude did the price go up $370?????????

    • BooBear says:

      The price is apparently $299 which will estimate around $334.88 with the total of 12% taxes I have in my province, if you have an existing 360 and still want to get one I would recommend waiting to see what recalls will be on the system and wait for the factory problems to be resolved.

    • James says:

      its gonna be bout 320 where im at

  11. James says:

    so i cant take my gamer tags from my xbox 360, and put them on this new xbox???

  12. steggy says:

    wens relise date for Australia?? or is it already out?

  13. asneyd says:

    whens it out in ireland and it says the price is the same as the elite but the elite is only 199 here so will it be that

  14. Amir says:

    Does the new xbox 360 cones with new update dashboard? Please answer me

  15. Dwight Neilson says:

    Ah as for the trade in is there a catch. Does the new 360 play the old Xbox games. Wat if we want to play some of our old favorites like Fable and Halo and Halo 2? Will they be compatible or should i just sell them?

  16. elr says:

    Glad to see MS are finally catching up with Sony. Unfortunately still no mention of Blu-ray. And you XBox fanboys may scuff and say Blu-ray is retarded and so on…but fact is MS claim this is an entertainment system not just another games console. Don’t get me wrong if you just buy the XBox for games then well done to you and all the best but for people like me who don’t want to have 50boxes under the tv doing 50 different things, Blu-ray is very very important. Yes you can download ripped movies and play them from the XBox, you can do this on the PS3 as well. However, with a blu-ray drive I can buy or borrow movies on disks and just pop them into the drive and it plays don’t have to download and copy to the box.

    Lets face it most computers these days come with blu-ray drives since blu-ray won that war. Even the majority of video stores have stoped carrying HD-Dvds and only stock blu-ray. Most reasonable people would expect the new Xbox to come with none too. Again I am not a PS3 fan especially after what Sony did to the owners of the PS3 phats earlier this year by forcing a firmware update that removed the other OS install feature that was advertised as part of those ps3s at launch. Both Sony and MS should be thankful Steve Jobs and Apple have not gone into the games console market yet!

  17. adventurous1 says:

    Doesn’t anyone realize Blu_Ray is a Sony product. You will not see Microsoft going to Sony for their hardware.

    • R3drum says:

      Hum did you know if microsoft wanted to they could distory all forms of data stored on disk in anyway there is a compression program that is floating around develpoed by microsoft that enables you to store windows 7 pro on a floppy disk. 4.6gbs onto an itty bitty 1.44Mb floppy. just because sony made a huge cd actually created by philps and pioneer. doesn’t mean microsoft could just pop up and say here you go all digital no more disk required now you just buy a box in store enter a code and done it downloads in seconds and on the HD remember hard drives are bigger then any blu-ray :D

  18. kimmy says:

    can anybody tell me if you buy xbox 360 games in new york will they play on irish consoles thanks

  19. Emmad says:

    hi,did the new xbox 360 came in pakistan.if so whats its price.

  20. Shadow says:

    Sorry, what is the name of this xbox? Is it seriously just named the ‘new xbox 360’? Is it worth paying extra for this xbox rather than just a pre-owned elite? This coming from a person that does not have a very large amount of money!

    • technabob says:

      It’s just called the “Xbox 360” now. There really aren’t major advantages over a used Elite, other than the fact that the new design is supposed to be less susceptible to overheating, has reduced fan noise, and it’s also got the Kinect power connector built in, so if you buy a Kinect, there’s one less power cable. If none of those are important to you, then go with the used Elite.

    • sean says:

      no its called the xbox slim

  21. ThatOneGuy says:

    Why are PS3 Fanboys commenting on an Xbox update. Do i sense Jealousy?

  22. Pophergemzon096 says:

    dang it. i wish they placed a blu ray on it.

  23. david says:

    my old xbox got the red ring of death and we cant seem to fix it so were thinking of buying the slim since we already have xbox games theres no point in getting a ps3. the -problem is that i payed for live and i want to transfer all of the data on the old xbox (other non live profiles netflix zune ect) on to the new xbox but since its broken so i cant copy it on to a USb or not that i know of i cant any suggestions my email is capjs1@gmail.com

  24. MindOverMadness says:

    What is the big deal with the whole Blu-ray thing? seriously, people underestimate MS. The only (and i say ONLY) advantage for the blu-ray disc is the extra space, and even that is a little redundant in its insisted point. a blu-ray player is a piece of hardware, much like that of a HD-DVD player. But they share a disadvantage. they are limited, quite obviously, by the screens and speakers they are respectively connected to. which means the ONLY ways the video or audio quality can be well improved by sony’s blu-ray player is one of two. either the space accounts for a more specific or refined storage of data, or the blu-ray magically enhances the speakers and monitor. the last one is impossible. and the first is flawed on many counts. firstly the only way the space would be an advantage for sony is if MS were completely unable to make a larger disc, which they aren’t. infact MS only has to do the opposite and compact the software down to a point where HD-DVD’s can hold equal or more data than a blu-ray. and being compacted rather than larger, it would create a revolution in the storage, streaming, transfer and activation of software. and MS have even started on this compacting software down to less than a quarter of its size. MS’s download and processing times against sony’s would be shorter than ever. And if the need arises for more space, then MS just have to make a larger disc, by putting more grooves into one. not a very complicated idea if you ask me. And then the only difference remaining between the capability of HD-DVD’s and blu-rays would be the software and coding. and we all know who would win there. The point is, blu-ray (if actually thought about) is nothing more than a proud novelty with a catchy name.

  25. Bob says:

    (Place rant about one huge corporations product being better then another huge corporations identical product here!)

  26. Bdowg says:

    Well this looks good but if you want to cheak out more features go on xbox live and look in the gaming section and you should find a reveiw on this or you can look around that menu and search for it should be easy to find tool me under a minute to find it!

  27. ali haider says:

    very best xbox 360,i love xbox 360

  28. connor says:

    how much

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