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Best Starcraft Ghost Costume Ever

by Paul Strauss

Worn by a serious StarCraft Ghost fan at this year’s BlizzCon, this incredible costume would look great, even if there weren’t a smokin’ hot girl wearing it – but that certainly doesn’t hurt.


The costume features illuminated armor made from football pads, along with an accompanying bad-ass prop gun, crafted from what looks like a highly-modified NERF weapon.


And while it doesn’t look exactly like the costume from the never-released game, I think I know who’s going to win their office costume contest anyhow.


[via Unreality via TechEBlog]

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Comments (61):

  1. HoopdaLoop says:

    Actually if you look at this picture, its pretty damn similar to the games costume, just all white instead of black.

  2. Crystal says:

    It’s a bit see through isn’t it? I like the costume but would rather not see her uh…

    • mark says:

      ummmmm, are you on crack?

      • Jeremy says:

        Uhh did neither of you geniuses catch that the OP’s name is Crystal. So SHE probably just isn’t a lesbian; same as we don’t want to see some dude’s sack in a costume.

      • Guineglain says:

        Uh I think thats the problem…she is fackin hot as !@#@!#$#%!

    • Sammy says:

      I love how I didn’t even think to look down there until you and half the people in the comments section talked about it -.-….I don’t think it’s really seethrough, though, any more than white normally is. It’s just tight.

      And her face would look a lot more attractive if she took out those horrible contact lenses.

    • David says:

      have you ever seen a vagina? realize the color white is going to reflect the colors around her depending on the distance and amount of light. you nerds need relax.

    • Teri says:

      Made see through so she can get attention from guys. Sad really.

    • Sarah says:

      yes are you crazy that chic is fucking goregous get a fucken clue dude

  3. rom says:

    I love her

  4. Grape says:

    Is it just me or are her eyes odd looking?

    • Liz says:

      She has contacts in – I don’t think it’s possible for a full-breed asian to have blue eyes.

      Also next time she should shave..

  5. Noah says:

    It’s because Ghosts are psychic Grape. While I don’t think most of them have light blue semi-glowing eyes, it is a cool way of indicating psychic power, considering how it works in the game’s universe.

  6. reagskibop says:

    No one is psychic, Noah. She’s wearing contacts. And Crystal, I disagree with you entirely.

    • Noah says:

      Reagskibop I meant that the CHARACTER is a psychic genius. Why would I think the girl in the costume was psychic? Use your head.

    • Noah says:

      Seriously, I even pointed out that ‘it’s an interesting way to depict how psychic power works in the GAMES universe’. I made it very clear that I was pointing out that was an interesting way of depicting psychic power. Why would you think I thought she was actually psychic?

  7. vedette says:

    these are the eyes of a true ghost sniper.

  8. Coben67 says:

    Wow… Reags, you really thought that he meant she was really psychic. Dude…here’s your sign!

    Crystal, WHY were you looking at her “lady parts” Something you want to share with everyone? :::closet door starts to open::: It’s yours to step through!

    I for one, wouldn’t mind one bit that it’s see through… but it’ not :-(

    • Coben says:

      Er, meant Noah.

      Why is everyone focusing on her shaving habits, her puss and the “camel toe” She’s hot and not one of you geeks would pass up a romp in the sack with her! That goes for you chicks too!

      I’d do her and make her call me Daddy ;-D

  9. marissa says:

    the girl in the blue shirt is cute lol

  10. tj says:

    haha nice camel toe.

  11. Darby |:D says:

    Oy! Shut up! Your text is too loud! I’m trying to look at a picture up there!…Dammit!

  12. Janice says:

    i dont understand why people have to criticize her so bad on the smallest things. Overall, its a great costume. That’s what it is about and she did a damn good job. Appreciate it instead of hating so hard on her.

  13. TerraFirma says:

    CAMEL TOE!!!

  14. Loa says:

    Giving Ghosts psychic powers is the bigest cop out ever, Snake didn’t need them in Metal Gear Solid. They’re supost to be stealthy snipers capable of calling in nuclear strikes, how much more power do you need? It would be better to explain those eye’s as cybernetic implants allowing her to see further and in lowlight conditions.

    But perhaps that’s why the Ghost game has been shelved, because they realised they where actually wrecking what was otherwise and excerlent concept. Why would an operative trained to kill at long range need powers best suited for hand to hand combat.

  15. jimjon says:

    more cooter!

  16. krod says:

    Has any of you seen a real girl before? dan she’s female get over it.

  17. wiz0floyd says:

    The gun’s actually just a lightly modified and painted Nerf Longshot.
    Only changes besides color are the placement of the scope, a new barrel extension (looks vaguely like a silencer), and the bipod has been removed.

  18. Rick says:

    This version is much better than the video game. Well to be honest I haven’t ever seen the game at all. But her vag is much better than in the game.

  19. tony says:

    lmao, she has a golf glove on

  20. Shwing says:

    I love this girl!! wow she is hot

  21. pandas says:

    wow too bad shes wearing underwear you idiots

  22. The White One says:

    what an attractive asian

  23. skyler says:

    who gives a shit if it’s see through, or that you can nearly see the outline of her pussy, or that she has blue eyes, contacts or not. admire the fucking work put into that costume and the hot as hell asian! you all need to get some action because you’re all dumb to be looking at minor details. no wonder nerds hardly get any pussy.

  24. Bladestorm says:

    This mite be a bit off topic but i was wondering if anyone knows where i can get a zerg costume from? I am not particularly looking for a specific zerg costume, just a zerg one :). If i found a good once i would pay anything to get it! lol Thx.

  25. zach says:

    all i gotta say is she is amazing in this costume.. and i would marry this girl if she isnt already taken.. shes beautiful.. and who gives a fuck if its see through or not… shes got it going on and if she wants to dress like that, who cares, its hot!!!!

  26. situs judi says:

    i only thinki of the nicest words to say about this article

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