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Stay Puft Caffeinated Marshmallow Giveaway

by Paul Strauss

I’ve personally had to go cold-turkey on caffeine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get amped up with some of these Stay Puft Marshmallows, loaded with caffeine. And thanks to the guys over at 80stees, you have a chance to win a box for yourself.


All you need to do is post a comment below, and tell us the most ridiculous thing you ever did as a result of too much (or too little) caffeine, and you’ll be entered to win.

Two winners will be randomly selected from all entries, and each winner will receive one box each of Stay Puft caffeinated marshmallows. Each box contains 24 of the potent marshmallows, inspired by the Stay Puft marshmallow man of Ghostbusters fame.

(Contest runs from 4/4/2011 through 4/13/2011 at 11:59pm Central time. Winner must provide a valid e-mail address. Contest open to U.S. delivery addresses only. Prizes provided by 80stees.)

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Comments (23):

  1. skp says:

    I got a degree in architecture… Late nights with sharp X-Acto blades plus twitchy hands (due to cheep coffee and red bull) and a distracted brain turned my attention away from the project to make sharp, dangerous ninja stars.

  2. I once didn’t have my morning cup of coffee and as a result when I went to walk the dog, I put the leash on the baby instead.

  3. I am personally diagnosed with a “mental illness”. I managed to get a masters degree in psychology. Now I tell other crazy people how to not be so crazy. All thanks to enough caffeine to not sleep for nearly 6 years. :D
    Want some therapy?

  4. JerkBoxJoJo says:

    I once drank so much Mountain Dew that I went out and bought more Mountain Dew.

  5. Once, i ordered a case of BAWLS energy drink with my college suite-mates. We wrecked it, stayed up for a grand total of 3 + days and ended up on top of a pile of rubble/construction gear (our school was building a new dining hall) having a sword fight with two-by-fours

  6. Will says:

    I once drank a venti from Starbucks on the ride home and an entire pot of Maxwell House once I got home to study for a neuroscience exam. I was very hyper and couldn’t focus on my notes, so instead of studying, I watched a six hour VHS tape of the Littl’ Bits and The Adventures of the Little Koala from Nick Jr. that I recorded when I was a kid and ate every potato chip in the house. By the mid point of the tape, I was challenging myself to do as many situps as I could in an episode. I ended up tiring myself out and falling asleep after about five hours. I barely woke up in time for the exam, so I didn’t shave or shower and I looked and smelled like a homeless bum who just rolled out of the Pringles factory dumpster. I ended up getting an 83% on the exam, which is pretty good since all I could think of was the damn lyrics to the theme songs of the cartoons. Slept in my car after the test and missed my night class completely.

  7. Imp says:

    Decided jolt gum, red bull and candy was the best idea to keep me going one long night… i got 5 hours of work done in 75 mins…. then crashed for 16 hours in a sugar coma

  8. technabob says:

    Keep up the great stories. I know I’m not eligible, but I’ll share mine anyhow…
    Back when I was living in Orlando, but commuting to New Orleans every few weeks, I used to leave late at night and drive through the night for the 10+ hour trip. One time, I drank a full thermos of coffee, and ate an entire pack of NoDoz to make it through the night.

    When I arrived in New Orleans, I was paranoid and freaking out. Then, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a giant hot dog driving behind me and it followed me for several blocks. At the time I didn’t realize that the Oscar Meyer WienerMobile was a real thing, and I thought I had truly lost my mind. Then again, maybe it wasn’t the WienerMobile.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Back in grade school, I stayed up very late reading a physics book (this becomes important later), lost track of time, and decided instead of going to sleep I’d just power thru to the next night using caffeine to stay awake. It was around dinner time when my mom was making cheeseburgers that the exhaustion caught up with me and I shouted, “Don’t put ketchup on that cheeseburger! You’ll mix the down quarks with the cheeseburger quarks and the entire universe will explode!”

  10. Anonymous says:

    Back in grade school, I stayed up very late reading a physics book (this becomes important later), lost track of time, and decided instead of going to sleep I’d just power thru to the next night using caffeine to stay awake. It was around dinner time when my mom was making cheeseburgers that the exhaustion caught up with me and I shouted, “Don’t put ketchup on that cheeseburger! You’ll mix the down quarks with the cheeseburger quarks and the entire universe will explode!”

  11. Saturday, and nothing to do. My batteries were low, and I wanted to have some fun. One Jolt cola (that was a few years ago), one double-size can of a Red Bull knock-off, and a cup of coffee later and I was getting whipped at an S&M party… and I enjoyed it!

  12. Jason H says:

    Caffeine actually seems to put me to sleep. It certainly doesn’t keep me up or get me wired like other people. I had a large Jolt float at a Steak ‘n’ Shake and fell asleep on the car ride home at 10 o’clock.

  13. Mearnold115 says:

    Once after cramming all night for a test, my friend and I put on ridiculous costumes -she was wearing a furry bison hat and an old prom dress, and I was wearing a bowler hat and carried a cane- and we had a two person parade down to the convenience store for more red bulls.

  14. Last week I was hungover and in dire need of coffee. I ended up making a drink out of sesame powder and salt instead of instant coffee and sugar. That woke me up for sure.

  15. Liza says:

    About a month ago I was up for an insane amount of hours (around 28 if I recall), so my brother made me some coffee per request. Well, I think it was past the point of no return, because after drinking 3 tumbler-like proportions of straight coffee (with 3 generous tablespoons of sugar each to boot), I tried to cook some eggs to even out the coffee in my system as it was making me jittery.

    Big mistake.

    Our stove is pretty old, having come with the house over 25 years ago, and as such, doesn’t work like a normal gas stove should. One of the rings doesn’t work so I have to manually use a match to light it. It wasn’t lighting and I couldn’t figure out if I had switched it on so I frantically started switching back and forth the dials while murmuring obscenities over how it was the stove from hell or something or other. Just as I was about to give up I stuck up some luck with one of my final matches it lit up.

    When it did so did the back ring and a giant flame came protruding out of the front to the back, lighting both in a single moment and making one of the dish rags catch on fire. I didn’t realize that while switching them on and off continuously it was releasing gas into the air. It was like watching one of those “house burning” scenes where the flame follows the from a movie in real-time. Except nothing felt real because the caffeine in my system was distorting my perception, and in fact, laughed. Thankfully my brother was behind me and threw the dishrag into the sink and watered the sucker.

    I’ve learned my lesson – never again operate cooking machinery when lacking serious sleep, caffeine in my system or not.

  16. jeff jakubowski says:

    thinghe craziest thing I ever did on a buncha caffiene was to go outside, talk to a lot of Sexy ladies, and I made sex with all of them.. a wild time.

  17. JesseTV says:

    I once had an energy drink binge contest with some friends. I won at, if I recall correctly, 5, but I think it was more than that. I started getting really sharp pains in my stomach, like I was getting stabbed, but I think that was from the carbonation, or something. The caffiene hit in a matter of minutes, and everything felt distorted. It felt like I was watching reality, not actually within it.

    For the next few hours, we played a crapload of games, usually for only a few minutes because they’d bore us really fast. I remember that an insanely slow part of Final Fantasy 9 somehow enthralled us. One of my friends got all choked up after (SPOILER!)Garnet’s mother died(END OF SPOILER), spouting stuff about hidden feelings and true intentions. Thankfully that bawling episode didn’t last long, because we got bored (yet again), and tried Guitar Hero. Strangely, I did much better than I usually do. My maximum difficulty is Hard on GH3, after playing a song or two on Medium to warm up. Somehow I managed to play on Expert fairly well.

    After our gaming marathon, we decided to get some sleep. A combination of the caffeine, everyone tossing and turning (we all crashed in the living room), and everyone getting up to pee every few minutes, none of us slept for about an hour. So, we decided to go out. I remember leaving the house, the driveway, and making it a few blocks down the street. Next thing I know, I’m in the hospital with a broken leg.

    Apparently we bought even more energy drinks, and I had wandered into traffic in a caffinated daze.

    Let’s just say I don’t talk to those ‘friends’ anymore, and I have an energy drink once, maybe twice every few months.

  18. Josh Jurk says:

    once had a redbull and a five hour energy at a friends halloween party, got naked put on a bath robe and thought i was hugh hefner. true story.

  19. Seanmartinharvey says:

    I was up late one night and too much caffeine I ended up peeing myself.

  20. Dan EF says:

    I remember staying up all night to learn most of a semester in college and my hands were shaking too much to write anything. Big panic, was going to call my folks at 6am and tell them I was going to fail…

  21. Fihab says:

    The first time I ever tried espresso I was 17… also the first time I’ve ever been in a coffee shop (it was a small town) I got a large sweet something or other and promptly sucked it down like no tomorrow. I decided that I suddenly had enough energy for a 20 mile walk and took off in the direction of Reno! I got about 3 miles into it and was stopped by the nevada highway patrol and taken home in the back of a squad car.

  22. Vungvary says:

    Caffeine sometimes has a delayed release for me, it seems. I had a big cup of coffee one night to try and stay up to power through studying for a test. It didn’t seem to do anything and around midnight, I felt like I hadn’t had anything and could barely stay awake. I decided to go to sleep anyway and give up on the studying.

    Three hours later I wake up and am now wide awake. No amount of tossing and turning was going to get me back to sleep. Didn’t have any trouble staying up for the rest of my studying after that. Of course, it doesn’t help when by the time I get to the test I can barely keep my eyes open.

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