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Crovel: If You Only Get One Tool to Fend Off a Zombie Invasion

by Shane McGlaun

The Crovel is an awesome looking survival tool and I really want one even though I have no need for a short spade to dig with. This thing may well be the tool best suited for a life on the run from zombie hoards ever invented. It can dig so you can bury those smelly zombies after you club them to death with one of three implements of zombie killing.

The Crovel has a handle with a pic axe on one end. The space end of the shovel has a serrated saw on one side and a knife-edge on the other. This thing will slice and dice zombies all week long. The other side of that crow bar/pickaxe is a hammer.

The handle is wrapped in 15-feet of 550 paracord so you can climb to safety if need be. This very interesting tool has 13 tools for all sorts of tasks. It looks like that notch under the serrated edge might be for opening the last beer on earth. The Crovel sells for about $99 (USD).

[via Uncrate]

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Comments (32):

  1. Doug Glass says:

    No, Glock 17, 10 17 round mags filled and 5,000 rounds loose … for starters. And yes, some of us ARE prepared regardless of what the children think and do.

    Do you have the stamina to swing any kind of instrument “all day long”? Why not try that now and see how quickly you tire?

    • eric says:

      as opposed to carrying 5000 rounds of ammo, a gun, and 10 17 round clips…. yea, ill go with a crovel.

      • Jake says:

        This Comment ^. Doug is a retard. We’ll use the crovels and once he dies, maybe take his stuff for spares.

      • ray wood says:

        then you are a fucktard and you deserve to be eaten by zombies

      • jesus shuttlesworth says:

        5000 rounds of ammo would be pretty heavy

        • John says:

          Not to mention the lack of versatility of a glock.
          Buy yourself a Saiga 132 or 332 with loads of 7.62X39 (yugo M67 is best.) A few hundred for a carrying, and cache the rest.
          Crovel would still come in handy regardless of level of preparedness.

    • Andrew says:

      So you’re gonna carry around 80 pounds of ammo everywhere? Yea, you’re gonna die. If you’re in a situation where you need more than 2 magazines you are going to die anyway, especially if you’re carrying around an 80 pound anchor. You might as well take the thing that weighs probably ~5 pounds, can be used indefinitely, and can saw, cut,dig, hammer, and pry.

      • Galactus says:

        Dude….if you’re in a situation where 3 magazines of ammo aren’t going to help you, i’m PREEEETTY sure a SHOVBEL isn’t going to be worth a damn.

      • D says:

        Because he couldn’t just leave most of his ammo in a stash/safehouse and go back ot it as he needs. Not like the 99 dollar trench shovel will last more than a few weeks, not to mention the pick on the poorly placed pick on the bottom of the handle that is just waiting to stab the user during any sort of struggle.

        Fine Austrian engineering > Gimmick trench shovel designed to cater to kids with zombie fantasies and unrealistic expections

  2. mike says:

    Paladin bubble

  3. Raven says:

    No doubt in my mind, everyone should be properly prepared for that Zombie attack, Don’t you think?

  4. Duder says:

    Deff need guns and ammo. This looks nice. But odds are you will run into more than 2 zombies. Where this is useless. After digging some of the teeth and the blade would get worn. That pic axe thing is a last resort kinda tool.

  5. Nate says:

    People don’t seem to understand how risky melee combat with zombies is. With traditional zombies any sort of contact or fluid exchange, no matter how microscopic, means you’re dead, you’re fucking dead. If they scratch you, you’re dead. If you decapitate them and get the smallest amount of blood in your eyes or mouth, you’re dead. Those who survive the zombie apocalypse are the ones who never see a single one. There would be a lot of dead bobies with this tool lying next to ’em because they thought a shovel could save them

  6. ray wood says:

    a good tool, but not for zombies

  7. Jeff says:

    Because I’d dig a hole to hide from zombies…NOT. Everyone knows down is the WORST place to go when the zombies show up. Look it up. Boom roasted.

  8. Chris says:

    Good tool for any sort of apocalypse but not so much as a weapon. If I am guna get an up close kinda weapon it’s guna be a short version of a Samari sword so it can b used inside. Def need guns too tho. Best idea to survive, go steal a yacht and anchor it in middle of bay or lake. Use small boat to go back and forth. Can fish and get water. Now survive…

  9. DYWM says:

    I bet that the same bunch of juvenile hipster minds that actually f@cking talk like a ‘zombie apocalypse’ is real are the people who make fun of those who believe in something based on the oldest nation in history, the most influential person in history, and the all-time most-read, best-selling book in history.

  10. Jeff says:

    i love all these comments, i want this as a novelty item and maybe for camping. for zombies i want my 12 gauge side arm and ar15 thats all you need sillys

  11. Sean says:

    My first thought upon seeing this was “oh my god, they actually made a ‘lobo'”

  12. Olaf Bumqvest says:

    I find it curious that so many people actually believe in zombies.. I like the idea of planning for a “whatif”, but we are more likely to cop a tsunami, earthquake, famine, drought, locust plague, war, pestilence, even alien attack, than a zombie invasion… They are fun to watch in movies, but THEY ARE MOVIES PEOPLE !!!

  13. H20bxny says:

    everyone is talking like they know from experiences. when was the last time you have encounter a zombie attack. don’t fear the dead, fear the living.

  14. Alan says:

    Seriously, the above comments have had me laughing all night. Just the right amount of “fanboy” and Jon Stewart trash-talk. Thanks guys!

  15. Skywalker says:

    Our man JC became a Zombie.

  16. Tim says:

    I recently bought a couple of heavy polymer plastic shanks from smkw.com, and they are my go-to hand to hand combat zed tools. They’re also great for self defense, they create a triangular wound that is impossible to stitch closed and they’re strong enough to punch through a car trunk.

  17. Cate says:

    While there may not be zombies, this looks useful for hundreds of other purposes. I may just get one :)

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