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Xbox One vs. PS4 Comparison Chart Made by Heroic Gamer

by Lambert Varias

His name is Nicolas “Olive Branch” Ha. No, he’s not a member of some underground fight club. But if you’re a gamer, you can thank Nicholas because he has saved you from having to do a bit of research. If you’re a parent, thank Nicholas for saving you from wasting your hard earned money on the wrong gift. Because he made a chart that will help you answer this Holiday’s most important question: which new console should I buy?


Nicholas promises to update his chart as more information about and related to the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 is revealed. Keep an eye on his deviantART page and be sure to take a long and hard look at the chart before you place an order.

Here’s a bonus tip from me that’s not presented in the chart: in terms of how you’ll handle and maintain your gaming library, the Xbox One presents you with short-term convenience but with a very possible long-term loss. The PlayStation 4 on the other hand takes a more traditional approach.

Unlike the PS4, Microsoft’s console will let you install games on its hard drive. Upon doing so, you’ll be able to play without a disc, access your game library on other consoles and share that library with a few people. In other words, the Xbox One experience is a lot like Steam and iTunes, except for one significant requirement: the console has to connect to the Internet every 24 hours.

Looking forward, even if you always have access to the Internet this requirement could still mean that some time in the future you will lose access to your games. How? If Microsoft decides to stop supporting the console itself and shuts down the servers that it connects to. It will be like what happens with obsolete sports games and multiplayer games like Halo and MMORPGs. Except if that happens, you don’t lose one or two games. Your entire library of games goes down with it.

On the other hand, we don’t know if that future will come to pass, and the Xbox One does have some great exclusive titles. At the end of the day, it’s your choice. But yeah, I know what you’re thinking: isn’t console gaming supposed to be simple and easy?

[via Reddit]

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Comments (9):

  1. Kenny says:

    Not really a contest is it. One is bigger, weaker and more expensive, the other is a Playstation.

  2. Doofus says:

    Omg. Let the usual, pointless, childish and boring fanboys rattle off their respective preferences.

    Each console should have an exclusive FPS where the enemies are the other console.

  3. Mike says:

    Any argument about games being wiped out applies to every online device we have now. Xbox Live Arcade or the Sony Online games. If your hard drive crashed and the online service is gone then you lost everything.
    The same thing applies for Apple’s online service and Steam. So, this is not a valid argument.

    As far as the always online or 24 hr online – I don’t care. My wifi phone is online all the time. All of our wifi devices are online all the time. So, this is not a valid argument either.

    As far as DRM. It’s nice to buy a used cheap game for $10 and that may go away, but this is the only problem with the whole XBOX ONE bashing. Can you buy a used game of Angry Birds? How about a used version of a Beetles Song? What EVERYONE is NOT talking about is that if the DRM policies are kept in place, it’s not just going to be the XBOX ONE who will ONLY enforce this, it will also be Sony and others too eventually. DRM isn’t created to screw us and if used like Microsoft plans to use, it then will force games to be designed better and it will allow the cost of games to go DOWN!

    So, people can bitch and have conniption fits about this ONE ISSUE of the DRM policy, but in the end it will mean higher rewards for the consumer. You may not want to buy a game with low replay-ability if it costs $50, so the game company won’t sell many of them and they will lose money on a half-ass game they made. Isn’t that what great for consumers. Companies will not get away with crappy games so they actually have to make a game people will buy.

    As for people who don’t have internet, they will not want the XBOX ONE or the PS4 either. Why not the PS4? Both consoles the PS3 and the Xbox 360 have monthly or quarterly online updates that provide fixes and enhancements, so if someone has a PS3 or a XBox 360 without an internet connection, then there console is already old and obsolete. The games that sell the most for these consoles are the games that provide ONLINE play. So the percentage of people that would be lost are most likely very small. You also have to ask yourself that when online gaming for consoles came into existence, didn’t you want to get an ONLINE internet connection to play games online.

    So, in the end there is no argument here. People can complain about DRM all they want but just as the music industry finally closed the gap on illegal music sharing, this is the time for game companies to close the gap on low priced used games. I’ve taken advantage of the system, I won’t deny that. I waited about 6 months for a game after it came out and bought a used version of it for a ridiculous low price. Does that mean it was right. It was right for me, because it costed me very little. On the other hand, the game company lost out, because I would have bought that game at a higher price if I know it would never sell for a lower price.

    Everyone needs to look at their collection of games now and tell me that there are only a few games that were actually worth the price they paid. If the DRM policy is in place, it forces the games industry to make better games, because we would buy a game if it wasn’t that great.

    • Saradia says:

      The music industry actually -hasn’t- closed the gap on illegal music sharing.

      Nice try, though.

    • Slidin78 says:

      good work mike..
      Im with ya!

    • First of all, let me just clarify that I’m not against a digital library of games. I’m an iOS and Steam user, so I already see the advantages of a digital game ecosystem. What I’m against is how Microsoft chose to go about achieving that ecosystem.

      As I mentioned in the article, neither Apple nor Valve requires you to maintain an Internet connection on their devices or computers in order for you to keep playing what you bought from them. In other words, neither company treats you like you’re a criminal who will pirate their games the moment they take away their eyes off of you.

      As I also mentioned in the article, even if there were no Internet connection problems on our end, with the Xbox One you’re still giving up control to Microsoft and its servers.

      Let’s say your Internet connection works all the time. But what if Microsoft’s (or a publisher’s) servers go down and your Xbox One can’t connect to them? Will the console still let you play a game? Because right now MMORPGs and games like SimCity and Diablo 3 won’t let you play if their servers are down or under maintenance.

      And what if in the future, Microsoft drops support for the Xbox One to force gamers to buy their next console? Will they still allocate servers so that your then obsolete Xbox One will still work? At least now, even if Microsoft denies that the Xbox 360 exists, even if 30 years pass, as long as you have a working Xbox 360 and your games, you can still play on it. But with the Internet connectivity requirement, the Xbox One needs Microsoft’s support to function. When it has nothing to connect to, it won’t matter if your Internet connection is the most stable and fastest one in the world.

      I also don’t see why developers will be motivated by the Xbox One’s restrictions to make their games better. The iTunes App Store – one of Microsoft’s models for the Xbox One – has a ton of crappy games.

      The scenario you descibed where a gamer refuses to buy a game at full price because it has low replayability already applies today, even without the Xbox One.

      Finally, I don’t think you did anything wrong when you bought a used game. You did not steal from anyone. If you feel bad that you bought a used game, does that mean you also feel bad every time you lend something to someone else? Do you feel bad when you borrow a book or buy it discounted instead of buying it full price? Do you feel bad when you borrow an old computer or buy it discounted instead of buying it full price?

      Buying a used game is not the same as stealing or pirating a game. And Nintendo of America’s president said it best: If developers and publishers are still worried about used games, then the best solution is to make their games better.

      Nintendo’s first-party games are not bought as used or traded-in as much as other games. Why? Because the people who first bought those games don’t want to let go of them. They don’t want to sell them. They want to keep them so they can play them again and again because the games are that good. Now that’s a win-win solution, instead of making customers feel like criminals when they buy or sell used games.

  4. wist says:

    And the ultimate comparison, the people’s choice !
    look at this : http://www.xboxonevspsfour.com

  5. Adam says:

    There’s only one thing that can save Microsoft this holiday season: A crippling shortage of PS 4’s.

    As long as a $400 PS 4 and a $500 XBone are side by side on a shelf, casual users are going PS 4. The hardcore users who were watching E3 have already stated they are going PS 4.

    The profile of the person who would choose the XBone over the PS 4:

    1.) Doesn’t mind spending more money.

    2.) Isn’t concerned about privacy issues.

    3.) Loves obtuse and restrictive DRM.

    I’m sure those 3 people will be happy with their purchase.

    If you want more Info on the ‘Clash Of The Titans’ then Check Out My Website:


  6. Dominic says:

    The specs are actually pretty similar but PS4 is slightly better (and cheaper), so you’d be a bit crazy to go with the xbox one!!

    I’ve done a post on the topic too. I’d appreciate if you could check it out.


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