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Guy Used Cell Phone Jammer for 2 Years During Commute

by Conner Flynn

A Florida man was recently arrested after the FCC discovered that he was using a cell phone jammer on his morning and evening commutes to prevent other motorists from using their phones while driving. Now this guy faces up to $48,000 in fines.

jammerzoom in

$48,000 in fines? This is a prime example of the craziness that is our world today. What freedoms do we have left? This guy was probably just trying to make sure that all of you idiots who use your phone while driving DID NOT KILL HIM while on his way to and from work. Because, you know, he values his life more than you guys value your own.

Metro PCS alerted the Feds of an issue in April of 2013. The company noticed that its cell phone tower sites had been experiencing interference during the morning and evening commutes.

Agents from the FCC used direction finding techniques to find that strong wideband emissions were coming out of a blue Toyota Highlander SUV driven by Humphreys.

The FCC says that Hunphreys admitted to using the jammer to keep people from talking on their phones while driving.

Federal law prohibits the operation of jamming devices in the United States.

The FCC says that jamming devices cannot be authorized because they can compromise the integrity of the nation’s communications infrastructure, including 911 and police calls during an emergency.

When some idiot teenager is texting OMG LOL I KNOW RIGHT and rams your car at 70MPH, sending your soul shooting out of your body, you will wish you had a cell phone jammer. Rant over.

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Comments (15):

  1. aruvqan says:

    Right up until your mom dies because the bystander seeing her car run into a telephone pole in the middle of her commute can not manage to get EMS to respond and she bleeds out by the side of the road because someone is blocking the signal. Right up until some poor guy dies because the surgeon who is headed home can’t receive the call to turn around and return to perform lifesaving surgery on her. Right up until you are stuck in traffic and don’t get the word to go to the hospital because your wife was in a horrible accident and has a very short time left to live so you miss saying your last I Love You and goodbye.

    • sELVOL says:

      Right up until, I think it was sometime in the 90’s.
      We did just fine w/o cell phones.

      95.8% of Cell phone call are not important.
      & 99.9% could be deemed as a waste of time.

    • BobCov says:

      A lot of comments seems to be tending to the extreme on one side or the other. I think this guy’s actual threat to 911 services would be more impacting if he is stationary, for example in a traffic jam or slow traffic. Typically, if I need to call 911 while driving and my phone is not working, I will pull over and figure it out and he will drive by. Now, having said that, there could be the rare situation where he is pacing traffic and somebody in the trunk of a vehicle is trying to abort their kidnapping carried out by kidnappers who were stupid enough to leave the cellphone on their victim and hands untied. The fine is high for a reason: deterrence. Proportionate to the crime? No, not at all. What he should have been doing was turning it on only when he saw people talking and then turn it off again. And vary his route to work.

  2. Max says:

    While I agree with the general idea of what was said above please allow me to push forward a couple devils advocate point. (The Hunphrys in my story is fictional and used just as a plot point)
    Hunphrys was sitting in traffic one day traffic wasn’t moving 15 mins went by without so much as a waddle forward. Frustrated at the traffic and alone in the frustration (everyone else was trying to figure out why their phones weren’t working). Finally, wanting to stretch his legs he got out and walked to the front of the line. Part way there he heard an ambulance, it passed by in the empty lane not in use by the oncoming traffic.
    ‘Humph’. Hunphrys grunted “Damn people on their cell phones I bet. Serves them right.” He thought about it for a second and regretted saying the last part, even if it was just to himself.
    Hunphrys arrived at the front of the line to see what he had guessed, a five car pile up. The ambulance responders had just placed someone on the stretcher and were walking away. It was covered with a white sheet and they were in no hurry. A man was crying and exclaiming to a police officer that just arrived that he had just looked down for a second because his phone stopped working. The cop was asking why no none called 911 and the onlookers replied the phones weren’t working. If the ambulance had gotten there 5 minutes earlier the mother might have survived. The crowd mumbled and cursed their phones, another officer approached the first with a beaten up phone in his hand. On it, it seems that the mother in the totaled car was on an important call. On the display it said ‘Dad – call disconnected’.
    Apparently what had happened was that the mom had looked at her phone while accelerating because the call just disconnected. While the car in front had just let off the gas because he just disconnected from an important business call. Stemming from two disconnected calls set off a chain reaction that ended a life, and destroyed 5 vehicles. And Hunphrys knew what the cause was if indirectly.

    Tldr; sudden disappearance of something you have while driving can be just as dangerous as having the distraction of a cellphone.

  3. Conner Flynn says:

    Yeah, obviously there is the other side of the coin guys. I’m just saying I can understand this guy’s frustration and why he might have done it. And the fine? Craziness. I’m good with the guy getting a fine, but that is ridiculous.

    • Saradia says:

      Cellphone jammers are illegal, bro. Maybe that’s why he got such a “ridiculous” fine.

      • FrankenPC says:

        Fines are proportional to the actual damage when you are a vast corporation. But insanely out of proportion when you are a civilian. How is that fair again?

  4. Fedallah says:

    Not an unreasonable punishment. Consider someone who prank calls 911 twice a day, five days a week, for two years. That someone is doing the exact same thing; interfering with emergency communication.

    Beyond that, fuck the guy who says that no passenger is allowed to use their phone, that people can’t use their GPSes (I am assuming that this tech would be affected, though I’m not certain), that anyone he passes by gets their service disrupted, and that, again, emergency calls can’t get through.

    Yes, people on their phones while driving kill people, but this is like digging a two foot trench through your street to keep your kids safe from cars.

  5. Saradia says:

    Cellphone jammers are illegal. Did you think of that before posting this idiocy?

    • Taylor says:

      Yo bro, Marijuana is illegal in most states too but people still smoke it!
      Who cares if cell phone jammers are illegal, I wish more people used them. Society seemed to get along just fine before cell phones existed. No NEEDS to be on their damn phone while they’re driving. Shut up and drive!
      Many Church’s and schools are now using jammers legally. So guess what? They’re not completely illegal.

    • FrankenPC says:

      In order to thoroughly understand the justice system in the US, it’s a good idea to realize that laws aren’t written in a universal bible. They are fabricated out of thin air. And typically geared towards mega-corporations, not individuals. That being said, I’m all for FAIR fines that are proportional to the actual damage incurred. For instance, BP should have been fined a trillion dollars. Oh! They weren’t.

      • Saradia says:

        Still less than a settlement for a wrongful death suit, which his jammer could’ve caused.

        Additionally, it was done for over two years, which means $65 per day, roughly. THAT is in fact a FAIR FINE. Fuckass.

  6. On a crusade against idiocy says:

    yea, fuck the system! free this guy… hey, wait… Let’s ALL buy cell phone jammers in protest…. they can’t catch us all right! Hey guys… Join tm FB page, 1000000Jammers and let the MAN know what the CITIzens think about this dumb law! (Oh man, this is SO gonna work…)

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