10 Eco-Friendly Tech Products for a Greener Lifestyle

Renewable energy and a greener lifestyle are becoming increasingly popular. Our generation wants to combat global warming and leave the planet in a better state. Many advancements have been made to help individuals do their part. These are some gadgets you can use to help save energy and take better care of our planet.

1. Low-Flow Bathroom Devices

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Saving water is one of the most important aspects of a greener lifestyle. Humans can waste a lot of water, but new low-flow bathroom devices aim to change that. New shower heads and faucets use gravitational flow to improve energy. Additionally, a low-flow toilet can use as little as two gallons per flush, as the older alternatives can use up to six gallons per flush.

2. Smart Water Detectors

Smart Water Detector
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In addition to saving money in the bathroom, these smart water detectors can be installed on your water pump and alert you to any water leakage or waste. This can help prevent costly flood damage and wasted water. Anyone who has previously dealt with flood damage knows these detectors are a must-have.

3. Smart Thermostats

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Smart thermostats are designed to save your family as much energy as possible. They can be easily programmed to adapt to optimal pre-set temperatures based on preferences, outside temperature, or energy savings modes. They can be set to turn off when you are away, during the night, or for random periods of time. All of this is linked to your smartphone, so you can control the temperature from wherever you are.

4. Smart Power Strips

Smart Power Strips
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Multiple devices and electronics plugged in 24 hours a day can pull energy and money from your home. Known as “vampire energy,” this wasted power can cost money. Some smart outlets and power strips allow power to reach the device when in use but turn off when charging or sitting idle.

5. Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Indoor Air Quality Monitors
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Air quality can be a significant factor in spreading viruses and diseases. If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that air particles can move rapidly and spread infection. These air quality monitors can track pollution such as carbon monoxide, mold, radon, oxygen, pet dander, and dust. All the stuff we would prefer to keep out of our lungs will be detected. Early detection can keep us healthier and stronger if and when a new virus emerges.

6. Automatic Kitchen Food Composter

Compost with food waste
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This might be the perfect addition to your kitchen if you’re interested in gardening. Composting might seem difficult and messy, but not with this toy. You simply put your food waste into the machine and let it do all the work. What’s even better is that it doesn’t smell and is practically hassle-free. Now you have nutrient-rich soil for your garden.

7. LED Smart Light Bulbs

LED Smart Light Bulb
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These LED smart light bulbs are much more efficient than the older incandescent bulbs of the past. In fact, they are said to be 90% more cost and energy-efficient while lasting even longer. No more digging in the back of the closet every few months looking for a replacement bulb. Put these in your lighting fixture and forget about them because they’ll last a long time.

8. Eco-Friendly Printers

Printer and Paper
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New printer technology is changing the way they use ink. Older models used a petroleum-based ink that was harmful to the environment. These new eco-friendly printers use a soy and veggie-based component that is much kinder to Mother Earth.

9. Evaporation Cooler

Evaporation cooler
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Evaporation coolers might be the new wave of air-conditioning. Traditional air conditioners use refrigerants, a chemical known to damage the ozone layer. Vaporation coolers use water as the refrigerant. The device takes hot air from both sides while pushing cold air out. The machine can cool down rooms as much as 15 degrees.

10. Solar Panels

Solar Panels
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Using solar panels is one of the best ways to live a greener lifestyle. By harvesting power from the sun, we no longer release emissions that can cause global warming. It’s the most responsible and resourceful way of making renewable energy. We need to focus on solar energy to ensure this planet is here for many generations after us.

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