10 Free Phone Apps Designed to Skyrocket Productivity

With mass media frying our brains, it’s easy to get distracted by phones. A mindless text, a notification from a friend, or a brand new TikTok trend — all these and many more make it difficult to sit down and complete a task in a timely manner. A task that might take minutes becomes hours when we constantly check our phones. However, not all apps are time-suckers. Some even help us become more productive and better versions of ourselves.

1. Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do
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Microsoft To Do offers users several tabs, allowing them to plan their daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. It’s also a great place to write down notes and use them as a place to dump ideas. What’s great about this app is its simplicity and how it syncs across different devices. People can effortlessly jot down rough notes using this app on their phones and continue the process later on their laptops.

2. Clockify

Clockify app
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Clockify is an entirely free time-tracking app built for teams or freelancers. The app allows users to monitor their time directly from the app. Additional services include extensive reports of the work done or the team’s total progress in a given time. The app also has a built-in calendar and the option to request time off from a manager.

3. Focus Habit

Focus Habit
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Transform your daily routine using positive habits, made easy using Focus Habit. This app trains willpower and ambitions, motivating users to test new routines. The clean and focused interface maintains focus. If users prefer a pop of color, habits can be color-coded to stay organized. The simple nature of this app is also its greatest strength, as it doesn’t overwhelm users.

4. Google Tasks

Google tasks
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Google Tasks is a seamlessly integrated productivity app available across all iOS and Android devices. It’s handy for directly dragging and dropping emails into a task list by linking directly with users’ Google accounts. Google Tasks saves time by offering the option to make tasks recurring. Use the sub-tasks feature to break down the process for chores requiring multiple steps.

5. Google Calendar

Google calendar
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This app is simple but gets the job done. Google Calendar is the most efficient tool for daily planning. The best way to use it is by adding your schedule to the app and seeing where you have free time. For example, you can add weekly lectures or business meetings. Google Calendar is also synched across all devices, making it easy to access on the go.

6. Milanote

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Milanote maximizes creative productivity by creating a mood board packed with ideas. It efficiently organizes messy ideas by letting users insert media and create mindmaps. Milanote improves the work process for students of design or project managers. Scribble digitally or blurt out ideas, and the app organizes the idea for you.

7. Sounce

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Sounce provides users with visual and auditory relaxation to increase productivity. This app is a hidden gem in the App Store. Choose from dozens of sounds in a catered library and play harmonious tunes in the background of a work environment. The user interface lets you create presets of favorite sounds with customized durations.

8. Loop Habits

Loop Habits
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Available on Google Play, this app guarantees a change in work ethic for the better. Loop Habit’s visually appealing user interface makes it easy to break down tasks. Users can tick off completed habits or assign numerical values to their completion. Habits can even be added as widgets, where they can be directly checked off. The app implements detailed graphs and provides statistics to monitor progress.

9. Obsidian

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Obsidian organizes thoughts in a clear-cut manner for learning and personal notes. Your productivity will increase due to the app’s tabbed pages and quick-access features. Daily note-taking, lists, and mind mapping streamline the workflow. Whether you’re a visual or reading and writing learner, Obisidian empowers all users. The Canvas tool is a go-to for visually representing ideas.

10. Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator
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An addition to the Google suite, Google Authenticator saves two-factor authentication codes. Two-factor authentication secures account logins, but is tricky, especially when the prompt requires authentication from another device. This app makes linking accounts as easy as clicking a button. The authenticator saves login codes whenever you need them. The codes change every day, ensuring privacy and security.

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