11 High-Tech Kitchen Tools for the Modern Home Chef

So many kitchen gadgets aim to make our lives easier. Not all are worth investing in, and sorting the trash from the triumphs can be difficult.

However, some of the modern, high-tech gadgets save time and produce better culinary results.

1. Air Fryer

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Opinions are divided over whether an air fryer is worth the outlay, but many consumers are huge fans. It’s not all about saving time and money, although these appliances will do both. They’re quicker and more energy efficient than a regular oven. I found that an air fryer has also improved my cooking skills. I can’t cook a steak to my preferences in the pan, but I now enjoy perfect results by following the air fryer’s timing instructions.

2. Digital Food Thermometer

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Food safety is a priority in all kitchens, and this is an essential gadget for professionals. You can look at the old method of putting a skewer through the meat and seeing if the juices run dry, but it’s not an exact science. A digital thermometer removes the guesswork.

3. Smart Toaster

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Paying $300 for this appliance may seem extravagant, but this isn’t any old toaster. It’s a smart toaster with touchscreen technology, which means you can heat your bread more evenly and to your exact requirements. These appliances are highly versatile and can toast waffles, bagels, and more.

4. Rice Cooker

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Is it worth buying a new gadget to cook rice? Rice cookers are versatile pieces of equipment and adding other ingredients can make a whole meal. I know students who relied heavily on these devices during their college years. If used correctly, they guarantee perfect rice every time.

5. Dehydration Equipment

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Food dehydrators are mostly used in the food processing industry but are becoming increasingly popular among home chefs. The best machines cost a few hundred dollars, so they aren’t a priority, but dehydrated food has health benefits, and it’s claimed that it can provide a better energy boost than sugary snacks.

6. Sous Vide

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If you’ve ever watched any mainstream cooking programs, you’ve probably seen a sous vide. It’s a cooking method involving a water bath, with the ingredients encased inside a plastic bag. Food is cooked for long periods at low temperatures to provide even results and to retain moisture. The sous vide is another luxury piece of equipment that’s becoming more popular in domestic kitchens.

7. Indoor Smokers

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Before indoor appliances were created, you had to dig a pit, convert your garden shed, or buy a large outdoor smoker to smoke food. Some devices now free up all of that outdoor space. Some prefer the traditional methods, but there’s no doubt that the best indoor smokers produce excellent results.

8. The Tap That Does It All

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It was impressive enough for a kitchen tap to dispense hot, cold, and boiling water instantly, but the latest models have taken things further. These ingenious devices can now dispense sparkling water at the touch of a button. I find the concept confusing, but I still want one.

9. Draft Beer Dispenser

Edgestar Kegerator Draft Beer Dispenser
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Another clever, high-tech kitchen gadget can pour fresh beer like the drinks you enjoy at your favorite bar. With special kits in place, these devices replicate draft beer, and I can confirm that it tastes authentic.

10. Automatic Pan Stirrer

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Some dishes require constant stirring, and that dissuades me from making them. It’s also a complete pain in the arm. I’ll only prepare a risotto or a dhal if I know I won’t be distracted, so an automatic pan stirrer could be a valuable gadget. Set it and let it do its thing.

11. Remote Smart Coffee Maker

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By controlling this device from your phone, you can order your coffee to go without leaving the warmth of your bed. This smart beverage maker can be programmed to produce perfect coffee, including iced drinks, made exactly how you like them. The downside is a retail price that can reach up to $1,700. For that kind of money, I expect this machine to make and deliver my drinks and deliver them to me.

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