11 Wearable Tech Items That Are Fashionable

Technology moves incredibly fast, and this phenomenon is best observed by looking at the wearable fashion space.

Today, we’re looking at the handful of innovative tech items that not only have practical functions but also serve as fashionable accessories.

If you own one of these pieces of technology, consider yourself officially ahead of the curve!

1. Apple Watch

Image Credit: Apple, Inc.

Apple is in rare air in the consumer technology industry, as seemingly every product they bring to market becomes an instant status symbol. For millions worldwide, the Apple Watch (and the latest iPhone) is the preferred way to show off your (perceived) wealth in 2024. Don’t get me wrong, the Apple Watch is packed with countless features that transform the device into the ultimate watch/phone/fitness tracker hybrid. Ultimately, however, all people seem to care about is how cool they look wearing it. I don’t blame them!

2. Oura Ring

Oura Ring
Image Credit: Ōura Health Oy.

If smartwatches are too flashy for your tastes, smart rings exist to fill the void. The third-generation Oura Ring is an inexpensive fitness tracker that blends seamlessly with whatever you wear. Similar in appearance to basic rubber wedding bands, the Oura Ring represents a new generation of fitness-focused men and women who want all the functionality of fitness trackers without being held back by their (relatively) cumbersome nature. Expect the popularity of these smart rings to explode in 2024!

3. Levi’s Trucker Jacket With Jacquard By Google

Levi's Trucker Jacket With Jacquard By Google
Image Credit: Levi Strauss & co.

We’re officially living in the future. What would our denim-clad parents and grandparents think about this? Levi’s connected jacket (complete with a mouthful of an official name) levels up the traditional jean jacket, giving the wearer plenty of opportunity to interact with their smartphone and other devices. In essence, the jacket lets you use crucial smartphone functions while keeping your device out of your hands. If that’s not cool, I don’t know what is!

4. Sensoria Fitness Socks

Image Credit: Sensoria.

Fitness socks are yet another innovative advancement that blends function and fashion. Sensoria Fitness Socks bring wearable tech to the next level; the tiny sensors woven into the socks’ material are barely noticeable, and the data it can track is impressive. Predictably, Sensoria Fitness Sock socks track running cadence, gait, and how efficiently you run, making them a no-brainer purchase for any serious runner. As a bonus, they look great, too.

5. Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses

Image Credit: Luxottica Group.

Ray-Ban and Meta are the ideal partners for bringing smart glasses to the mainstream, don’t you think? Combining the timeless fashion of a pair of Ray-Ban wayfarers with the forward-thinking technology Meta has built their company on is a smart move by both parties, and consumers are excited about this product. While the apt-named Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses look like a standard pair of shades, they are equipped with cameras that help introduce users to the world of augmented reality at an appealing price of only $299.

6. Neviano Swimsuits

Image Credit: Neviano.

Just a few years ago, beachgoers were left out of every wearable technology innovation. Thankfully, the tides have changed. Neviano Swimsuits aren’t for swimmers, however; they’re marketed toward everyday people who love being out in the sun! Their “secret sauce” is surprisingly straightforward: Hidden UV-detecting sensors alert the wearer when exposed to the sun for too long. Say goodbye to sunburns, everybody!

7. Bose QuietComfort Ultra Wireless Earbuds

Bose QuietComfort Ultra Wireless Earbuds
Image Credit: Bose.

Audiophiles know that Bose makes an exceedingly excellent product. Buying a Bose product, from home speakers to headphones, tells the world you care about music. The QuietComfort Ultra Wireless Earbuds are no different; they’re the ultimate true wireless earbuds for anyone who wants the highest-quality sound possible in an attractive, stylish package. They’re my dream pair of workout earbuds!

8. Fitbit Charge

Fitbit Charge 5
Image Credit: Fitbit.

Originally released in 2009, the ubiquitous fitness tracker is still at the top of its class in 2024 with the latest iteration, the Charge 3. The Charge is the perfect workout companion, giving the wearer an undeniable fashionable flair and all the necessary data points. While it’s far from the most advanced fitness tracker on the market, its staying power is apparent, and its understated design is an effortless way to look even better at the gym.

9. NADI X Yoga Pants

Image Credit: Wearable X.

As any yogi knows, yoga pants are minimalistic by design; you can barely fit a coin into one of their pockets! Wearable X ran a successful Kickstarter in 2018 to bring their NADI X Yoga Pants to market, and reviews are in: It’s a great product! These yoga pants have built-in, discreet sensors (similar to those found in smartwatches) that allow wearers to track heart rate, blood pressure, and other valuable data points as they embark on their fitness journeys.

10. Samsung Galaxy Watch

Image Credit: Samsung.

The Android-fueled cousin of the Apple Watch has one distinct advantage over Cupertino’s smartwatch: Its elegant shape. Whereas the Apple Watch is rectangular (which screams, “This is a smartwatch!”), the Samsung Galaxy Watch features a circular face, making it indistinguishable from high-end, fashionable watches. For some tech devices, the less “techy” it looks, the more it passes the eye test of a truly upscale and stylish accessory.

11. Apple Vision Pro

Image Credit: Apple, Inc.

Set for worldwide release on February 2, 2024, Apple’s foray into the burgeoning augmented reality sector is destined to make headlines, especially in the tech-obsessed United States. The cumbersome headset will remind many people of virtual-reality devices from decades ago. Still, Apple promises that the Vision Pro will transform the way we interact with the world around us. Given the propensity of Apple products to become status symbols almost overnight, we’re betting that sporting the Vision Pro in public will be the most fashionable thing a person can do in 2024.

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