Are 12 USB Ports Enough for You?

We all have plenty of USB gadgets that we use on a daily basis and it seems that we always need more ports. My kingdom for a port! Without enough ports we are always plugging and unplugging things from our computers. It gets old doesn’t it?

We also don’t want to have things sucking up energy for hours at a time when we aren’t using them. That leads to high energy bills and is a waste. So this 12-Port USB Hub from Satechi seems like the perfect way to get extra ports and use them efficiently.

This hub has two control switches that can turn on and off groups of six USB 2.0 ports at a time. You know which set is being used thanks to an intuitive blue LED indicator. Of course, you can also use all 12 ports at once if you need that many too. It also includes an external AC adapter to ensure that all of the ports have sufficient power.


This is a super handy device, priced at just $29.99(USD) from Satechi.

[via redferret]