14 Countries Travelers Claim Are “The Best” Places They’ve Visited

Is there one country you’ve visited that stands out from the rest? Is it the food, culture, scenery, or people? What makes a country better than others you’ve traveled to? These countries top the list of great places to be.

1. New Zealand

Fox Glacier, New Zealand
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Many travelers agree that New Zealand is a country where they could live. The locals are friendly, and the islands have a unique geography and fantastic attractions.

2. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Bosnia and Herzegovina boast delicious, flavorful food, welcoming people, incredible history, and tons of adventures. Travelers love this area and say it’s one of the best places they’ve ever visited.

3. Mongolia

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Mongolia offers exquisite landscapes and scenery that people can’t get enough of. The flights are long and may be expensive, but travelers say it’s worth the price. For a unique experience steeped in history and beauty, plan a trip to Mongolia.

4. Norway

Alesund, Norway
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With its fjords and awe-inspiring natural beauty, Norway tops the list for many travelers. They agree it’s one of the best countries to visit due to its scenery, kind locals, and safety.

5. Japan

Tokyo, Japan
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Japan tops many lists as the best destination to visit. It offers beaches, a tantalizing variety of food, mountain landscapes, world-class skiing, historical temples, and excellent public transport. It’s also a safe country even for solo travelers in big cities. It’s definitely one of the best places to visit.

6. Iceland

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Iceland is a destination where going for a long drive is an attraction all by itself. The beauty unfolds in front of you as you explore more of this stunning country. It will capture your heart, as it has for many travelers.

7. Slovenia

Lake Bled, Slovenia
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Forget about the modern world and step back into a time of old stone bridges and ancient castles. Slovenia blends nature and history. Travelers say they feel they’ve been transported to another world in Slovenia, which has maintained its Old World charm.

8. Taiwan

Keelung, Taiwan
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Rent a car and head out on a road trip between Kaohsiung and Taipei, stopping at Taroko National Park, and you’ll understand why people say Taiwan is the best. Those who have visited Taiwan say the country is underrated, which is surprising since it offers delicious food, welcoming locals, and gorgeous scenery.

9. Scotland

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Travelers have moved to Scotland after falling in love with the friendly people, magical beauty, old pubs, and rolling hills. Many agree that this is one of the best destinations to visit over and over again.

10. Portugal

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Portugal’s delectable cuisine, and especially its seafood dishes, has caused many travelers to return a second or third time. The pasteis de nata will appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth. The country isn’t as crammed with tourists as other places in Europe, so it’s a more pleasant experience for those who don’t like crowds.

11. Italy

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Those who do like crowds may appreciate how chaotic Italy can be. Most of the large cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice are bustling places and may be expensive. Rural areas offer a slower pace for those who prefer the countryside.

12. Croatia

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If you love summer, Croatia will be your favorite travel destination. It offers stunning beaches and unique islands to explore. Travelers highly rate this country because of its summer fun and fantastic scenery.

13. Colombia

Bogota, Colombia
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Colombia is a less popular destination, but travelers who’ve been there believe this should change. They say they can’t get enough of the hardworking, welcoming people, the amazing landmarks, and the scenery, and they make repeat visits.

14. Ireland

Galway, Ireland
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Travelers visit Ireland and report they’ve visited more than once, and still dream of going again. From the Rock of Cashel and Glendalough Valley to the Dingle Peninsula and the Muckross Abbey, Ireland has beautiful scenery. The people are friendly, and the food is delicious. It all makes travelers want to go back to the Emerald Isle.


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