15 Budget-Friendly Upgrades that Add Value to Your Home

Sprucing up your home on a budget can be overwhelming. However, making little changes around the house can make a big impact.

Reinventing the look and feel of your house doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are many budget-friendly ways to upgrade your home and increase its value.

From upgrading the lighting fixtures to replacing window treatments, these improvements are easy to make yourself and inexpensive, but they can transform your home.

1. A Fresh Coat of Paint

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A fresh coat of paint can transform your home’s appearance. Choose neutral colors like beige, gray, and off-white to brighten your home and make it look more open.

Remember to paint the trims, doors, and baseboards to match the walls. You can also opt for textured paint or a bold color on one wall to upgrade the look of your home.

2. Revitalize the Floors

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Adding new flooring can be expensive, but there are some budget-friendly ways to update your floors. If you want the hardwood floor look but don’t have the budget for the real thing, then vinyl plank flooring is a good alternative.

If your hardwood floors look worn out, refinishing them brings back their shine. You can also spruce up the look of your home by deep cleaning or replacing the carpets.

3. Update the Entrance

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First impressions are important. Make sure your house makes the right one by updating the front entrance. Repaint the front door and add new hardware to give it a fresh look. Accent doors can give the home a charming look.

Add some greenery around the entrance by placing planters around the door. You can also repaint the fence and match the finishings to the curb’s color scheme. Update outdoor lighting to increase your curb appeal.

4. Add a Backsplash in the Kitchen

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Kitchen upgrades are the most expensive home improvement projects. If you’re on a budget, consider adding an affordable backsplash. Decorative tile backsplashes and beaded board panels are easy to install and don’t cost a fortune.

Match your new backsplash by repainting the kitchen cabinets and upgrading the hardware. Install some new shelves for added storage, and there you go — an upgraded kitchen look that didn’t break the bank.

5. Improve Air Quality with Houseplants

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Indoor plants are a great way to freshen up your home. They also improve air quality and add natural beauty to your space. Houseplants like snake plants, pothos, and spider plants are low-maintenance but create the right atmosphere.

Place indoor plants around the house, especially in the living room, to make your home look more relaxing and inviting. Just make sure if you have pets or children, all your plants are non-toxic if ingested.

6. Install Crown Molding

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Crown molding and trim work are great for upgrading walls, windows, and doors. Whether you are updating an old trim or adding a new one, you can transform the look of your space over a weekend.

Trims and moldings come in all shapes and sizes; you can even get them custom-made. However, you can easily find moldings from the local home improvement center that can do the trick without breaking the bank.

7. Upgrade Lighting Fixtures

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Old lighting fixtures can give your home a dated look and feel. Upgrading the lighting in your house is an effective yet affordable way to upgrade your house. Use task, accent, and ambient lighting strategically to create layers of illumination.

A new scone, pendant, or chandelier can make your space look more sophisticated. Doing something as simple as replacing the bulbs in your home with LED lighting can give your home an updated look and decrease your carbon footprint.

8. Replace the Old Hardware in the Bathroom

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You can completely change the look of your bathroom by replacing the old hardware. Swapping from chrome to gold is a great way to polish the room.

Switch the showerhead to a handheld or sliding bar model that is easy to adjust for heights and water-efficient. You can also install cabinets to add storage space and match the new aesthetic of the bathroom.

9. Focus on Landscaping

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Taking care of minor landscaping projects is a great way to increase your curb appeal. Mulching flowerbeds, mowing the lawn, and trimming the bushes regularly will keep your entrance looking well-kept and welcoming.

Creating a simple path that leads through your yard or garden creates a welcoming atmosphere and looks charming. For a casual look, you can use irregular-shaped flagstones or go for painted stones, bricks, or old garden edging for a more sophisticated feel.

10. Take Care of Minor Home Repairs

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We all have minor repair projects around the house that we’ve been putting off. Now is the time to fix that broken closet door and the broken basement window and clean the gutters.

A well-maintained house is very appealing. Taking care of minor issues as they arise can prevent more significant problems that cost a lot of money to remedy.

11. Tweak the Cabinets

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Replacing the cabinets around the house can be really expensive. But you can get the same effect by upgrading your old cabinets by adding a new coat of paint and replacing the hardware.

If you’re handy with a screwdriver, you can replace the cabinet doors with newer ones. Choose a neutral hue that gives the cabinets a timeless look or a bolder color to accent the space.

12. Add Custom Storage Areas

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You can never have enough storage areas around the house. Use existing unused spaces inside your home to create additional storage. The space under the stairs can be turned into a storage room, and modular furniture can double as a place to store smaller items.

You can also create additional storage space by installing shelves or building a modular shelving unit on unused walls.

13. Update Window Treatments

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Window updates instantly lift up your home’s appearance. While installing new windows can cost a lot of money, updating window treatments is relatively cheaper. Add modern blinds and shades to upgrade the look of your windows.

You can also experiment with different fabrics for the curtains; from sheer to blackout curtains, there is a huge variety to choose from. Roman shades look amazing, and you can easily install them yourself.

14. Go Smart

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Technology can make your life easier and be the ultimate upgrade for your home. If used correctly, programmable thermostats can help you save money in the long run, and smart locks can make your home more secure and upgraded.

Wi-Fi-enabled appliances are convenient and save you time when managing your daily chores. Smart blinds and lighting are another value-added feature that looks expensive but isn’t.

15. Deep Clean the House

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Sometimes, a house only needs a deep cleaning to look its best. Get your carpets professionally cleaned, wash the windows and cabinets, scrub grout, and dust everything. Move furniture and appliances to clean all the hard-to-reach areas of the house.

Powerwash the garage to clean away any stains. Don’t forget to wash the sidings and walkways as well.

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