15 Groundbreaking Medical Discoveries That Are About to Change Medicine Forever

Medicine is an ever-evolving field. In the coming years, emerging genetic technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancements will spark developments promising treatments for debilitating conditions such as cancer and sickle cell disease.

1. Gene Editing for Blood Disorders

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According to Scripps News, CRISPR’s gene editing technology is advancing treatments for blood conditions. The first U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved treatment for sickle cell patients using this technology was introduced in late 2023.

Treatment for the genetic blood disorder beta-thalassemia is also expected to be approved in 2024.

2. Gene Therapy for Hemophilia B

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Gene-based treatments don’t have to be limited to CRISPR but can also benefit from virus-based methods. According to Time, patients with hemophilia B suffer from bleeding episodes, which can be treated with gene therapy.

Thanks to these advancements, Pfizer has reported a lower risk of bleeding among a sample of men with this condition. The FDA will decide on approval for further treatments in 2024.

3. New Surgical Techniques

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The days of painful, lengthy surgeries will be soon behind us. Scripps News reports growth in fields such as structural cardiology, which can result in efficient, minimally invasive surgeries with fewer complications.

Instead of creating an opening through the chest, surgeons will operate via a catheter placed in the groin or wrist.

4. Drug Treatment for Schizophrenia

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According to Time, Karuna Therapeutics is working to improve current antipsychotics by focusing on dopamine and the muscarinic receptors in the brain.

If this attempt succeeds, many persons with a diagnosis of schizophrenia could see relief from their symptoms.

5. Tumor-Specific Therapeutic Approaches

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According to Bench Press, Dr. Andrea McClatchey foresees the use of imaging and -omics technologies to further the understanding of neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2), a rare inherited tumor syndrome.

This could lead to the development of tumor-specific therapies.

6. Diabetes Drugs Turned Cardio-Renal Solutions

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Dr. James Januzzi, as reported by Bench Press, expects a more significant application of SGLT2 inhibitors and GLP-1 receptor agonists.

These “diabetes drugs” can do more than just treat diabetes. Applications can extend to managing obesity, heart failure, and other conditions affecting the kidneys and cardiovascular system.

7. Virome Research

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If Covid-19 has taught us one thing, it’s to focus on virome research. Dr. Shawn Demehri, as cited by Bench Press, is anticipating more significant research on interactions between viruses and hosts.

Understanding such interactions can help medical professionals gain increased knowledge about their implications for health and disease.

8. Drug Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease

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According to Time, the FDA will decide to approve a new drug for treating Alzheimer’s disease in 2024.

Eli Lilly will manufacture this drug, which can slow the rate of cognitive decline by focusing on a protein that builds up in the patient’s brain. Studies so far have shown promising results.

9. Digital Twins

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According to Bench Press, Dr. Shannon Stott is an engineer who is researching applications for the digital twins concept.

These models can serve as simulations to enhance the study of disease and diagnosis, making promising contributions to healthcare.

10. AI-Based Diagnosis

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AI has many medical applications. According to Bench Press, Dr. Manisha Bahl is looking forward to integrating AI into radiology.

She expects this will increase the accuracy and efficiency of diagnosis and treatment.

11. Personal Wellness

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Many have already jumped on the personal care bandwagon, and this trend will only go upward.

According to Scripps News, trends like skin care, data-driven wearables (fitness trackers, smartwatches, etc.), and the mocktail movement have already gained popularity and will continue to do so.

12. Adoptive T Cell Therapy for Cancer Patients

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According to Bench Press, Dr. Genevieve Boland hopes to see a new approach to cancer immunotherapy.

If the FDA approves adoptive T cell therapy, a patient’s own T cells will serve as a “living drug” to treat the cancer.

13. Psilocybin Therapy for Mental Illness

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The role of various psychedelic substances in treating different mental health conditions is already being studied.

Scripps News suggests that expanding psilocybin therapy can be helpful for many patients, as indicated by present students concerning veterans with PTSD.

14. New Vaccination for HIV Patients

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Effective treatment for HIV has been a lengthy battle for the medical community.

Fortunately, Scripps News highlights that researchers are working on a new vaccination that will be among the first to focus on T-cells in HIV patients.

15. Cell Therapy

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According to Bench Press, Dr. Allan Goldstein foresees remarkable development in cell therapy since current interventions are inhibited by safety and reliability considerations.

He believes universal donor-induced pluripotent stem cells may be a groundbreaking, accessible solution.

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