15 Incredible Workation Destinations for Digital Nomads

The life of a digital nomad is exciting and inspiring, but many men and women believe your experience reflects the destination you work from! Today, we’re examining a handful of world destinations ideal for working remotely and making the experience even more memorable. As an avid digital nomad and traveler, I’ve personally visited many of these places and can attest to their greatness! Let’s dive in.

1. Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia
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One of my favorite cities worldwide is this historic seaside town in Croatia. Split has old-world charm, modern amenities, and friendly locals, making even the most cynical American digital nomad feel at home. I’ve spent a month in Split before (with two more months upcoming), and it’s the quintessential digital nomad paradise. Split boasts plenty of high-speed internet, great local food, and affordable prices for everything from groceries to some well-deserved adult beverages!

2. Palermo, Italy

Palermo, Italy
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Fellow nomads, listen up: it doesn’t get any better than working from a street cafe in downtown Palermo while sipping a $2 Aperol Spritz. Something about Palermo inspires you to embrace the digital nomad life; there’s an unmatched energy to the historic city. Plus, you can’t beat hearing Italian spoken absolutely everywhere! The rock-bottom cost of living and awe-inspiring architecture make Palermo a no-brainer destination for any remote worker who wants to live adventurously for a few months. 

3. Athens, Greece

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A quick glance at photos taken in Athens, Greece, tells you everything you need to know about potentially taking a remote work trip there: the city is breathtakingly beautiful! While it’s not as affordable as other destinations I’ve mentioned already, Athens is first in class in amenities, safety, and things to do. The thought of visiting the Acropolis and the Parthenon in between work sessions brings a smile to my face. Digital nomad life doesn’t get any better than that!

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Due to its beautiful architecture, amazing social scene, and incredible history, Amsterdam tops many travelers’ lists of “must-visit” world destinations. However, as a digital nomad who enjoyed an extended “workcation” there in 2022, I’m here to tell you that it’s a fantastic workplace. Unlike many European cities, Amsterdam has kept pace with many modern amenities American workers rely on (and arguably take for granted). Like Palermo, a magical energy flows through the city and its residents at all times, making any stay there instantly memorable. 

5. Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp, Belgium
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Located approximately one hour south of Amsterdam by train, Antwerp is a phenomenal remote work destination for anyone who wants to experience all Belgium offers without committing to a larger city like Brussels. This small town features everything a visitor would want: castles, modern breweries, quaint town squares, and incredible restaurants. I have a trip planned here in the spring of 2024; I can’t wait to work while sipping on a well-deserved pint of De Koninck beer, the local favorite brew.

6. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand
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Sometimes, the best nomad destinations can be identified by one prevailing factor: cost. Bangkok, Thailand, is famously known for being incredibly inexpensive for travelers and workers alike, so if you want to work in one of Earth’s most culturally significant cities while still maintaining a responsible budget, look no further than Bangkok! The thought of making money and constantly dining on delicious Thai street food seems too good to be true. 

7. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary
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There may not be a better value in nomad travel than Budapest, Hungary. According to recent studies, the cost of living in Budapest is nearly 50% off comparable living in Western countries; that’s a value proposition that is too enticing to pass up! Budapest is an incredibly walkable city that boasts many modern amenities that remote workers crave. Public Wi-Fi is fast, food is affordable, and the city is fun; all qualities of an ideal nomad destination. 

8. Cefalu, Italy

Cefalu, Italy
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Imagine the most beautiful people in Italy’s most picture-esque beach town; that’s Cefalu! While the city gained notoriety after being featured in the hit HBO series The White Lotus, it has much to offer the typical digital nomad. It’s similar to Palermo in history and warmth, but with one notable exception: it’s located on the shores of Sicily! It doesn’t get any better than that; I promise the seafood alone will make your work days go by effortlessly. It’s impossible to walk around Cefalu with a smile that’s three miles wide. 

9. Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico
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One of the most unheralded places in the world is Mexico City. Unfortunately, Mexico has an unfavorable reputation among inexperienced travelers who aren’t interested in the party scenes in Cabo and Cancun. However, most savvy travelers (and digital nomads) will tell you that Mexico City is the gem of Mexico and is well worth staying for weeks on end! From its culture, inviting atmosphere, and nightlife, Mexico City is an incredible destination that won’t break the bank. It’s exceedingly affordable to stay for months at a time in 2024, especially for budget-conscious American workers. 

10. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan
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Sometimes, digital nomads want to be blown away by their surroundings. If none of these destinations intrigue you, I strongly recommend working from Tokyo, Japan. If experiencing genuine culture shock is something you’ve always wanted, look no further than this ultra-modern, tech-centric, and downright quirky city! Arriving in Tokyo feels like you’ve been transported into a neon-fused utopian future in all the best ways. Although living in Tokyo for work is considerably more expensive than many destinations, it arguably gives the typical remote worker a more unique overall experience. 

11. Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain
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I fell in love with Madrid during a two-week stay where I worked during the day and enjoyed Spanish tapas and red wine at night. Madrid boasts an incredible work-life balance enticing to many digital nomads; there is a clear delineation between work and play, with many restaurants and bars not opening until later in the evening! The city itself is exceedingly walkable despite being one of the larger historic cities in Spain, which I appreciate. 

12. Prague, Czechia

Prague, Czechia
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Attention, active men and women! If the idea of riding bikes around a historic, safe, and worker-friendly city appeals to you as a digital nomad, Prague can’t be beaten. Prague has enjoyed an upswell of popularity in the past decade, as travelers from all over the world take advantage of its fantastic way of life. Above all else, Prague is fun. When you close your laptop for the day, you’ll never run out of things to do. 

13. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal
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For American workers looking to experience working from Europe on a budget, Lisbon may be the best bang-for-your-buck option. Assuming you’d depart from the United States East Coast, the closest major airline hub is located in Lisbon, making cheap trans-Atlantic flights possible. Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a temperate year-round climate, friendly residents, and plenty of time to experience everything Portugal offers. 

14. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa
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Like Mexico, Cape Town gets a bad rap due to some unfavorable media coverage from years ago that no longer applies. Contrary to popular belief, Cape Town is an exceedingly safe city for all people, especially digital nomads looking to live in one of the most iconic locations in the world. Boasting one of the most awe-inspiring locales and landscapes you’ll ever see, Cape Town is a thriving city offering plenty of culture and nightlife. Let me put it this way: you’ll never be bored while you’re there!

15. Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Although undoubtedly more industrial than other locations I’ve listed, Berlin, Germany, is an enticing place to live as a digital nomad for various reasons. The city’s history (especially regarding its role in World War II) interests millions of men and women, while its eclectic food scene can make even the most discerning palates salivate. Personally, I love Berlin because most of my favorite bands routinely make stops there when they’re on European tours, an underrated aspect of any city in my eyes!

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