15 of the Stupidest Things Americans Have Seen Tourists Do

Tourists are easy to spot and can be entertaining in how they dress, speak, and act compared to locals. However, sometimes they do some really stupid things. Some are fairly benign, while others can

Americans share the 15 stupidest things they’ve seen tourists do when visiting their country.

1. Harassed a Bison

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Bison are native to North America. These large bovines will attack humans if provoked. They may look slow, but they can run as fast as 45 miles per hour. Humans are advised to give bison plenty of space and remain a safe distance from them.

2. Added Mustard and Relish to Pizza

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People do strange things to pizza. An employee in a New Jersey pizzeria watched as a family poured mustard and relish all over a large pepperoni pizza and ate it.

3. Ate Ketchup By the Spoonful

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One restaurant worker observed a lady among a group of tourists enjoying spoonfuls of the ketchup on the table. While that may seem odd, she apparently enjoyed it.

4. Cow Tipping

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Locals have seen tourists hop over fences to get a photo with cattle. Tourists have also been caught attempting the practice of cow tipping, which is extremely dangerous, especially for those unfamiliar with cattle.

5. Hiking Late in the Season

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Locals have observed tourists doing stupid things in the wilderness in areas like New Hampshire and Maine, where hiking is popular. One local said they’ve seen tourists hiking in the mountains later in the season when it is more dangerous or leaving the trail, which could result in them getting lost.

6. Snowmobile Accidents

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According to locals in New England, tourists cause the most snowmobile accidents in the area. They often drive at high speeds on the rough trails without realizing how dangerous it is.

7. Stopping for Pics in the Middle of the Road

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One local said they’ve observed tourists taking pictures in the middle of a busy road. Not only do they hold up traffic, but they also risk being hit by a car, just for a photo opportunity.

8. Flip Flops on a Hiking Trail

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Some tourists have been known to attempt hiking while wearing their flip-flops. Locals warned them it was dangerous since it could lead to slips and falls.

9. Standing on a Frozen Lake

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One American local was horrified to see a group of tourists attempt to stand on a frozen lake. An accident could have been fatal.

10. Visiting Death Valley in August

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Americans report that visiting Death Valley in the summer months is a foolish thing that tourists often do. With temperatures soaring above 126 degrees Fahrenheit, visitors can suffer heat stroke or severe sunburn.

11. Only Eating Junk Food

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Locals have mentioned tourists arrive, but only want to eat at fast food chains. They find it disappointing since the U.S. has many local restaurants serving delicious, hearty meals.

12. Visiting Tech Companies

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Tourists visit the Bay Area and take a day of their vacation to visit tech offices. Although Apple has a visitor’s center, most tech companies are in office parks and won’t allow tourists to enter their offices and take photos of the lobbies.

13. Misunderstanding America’s Size

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One couple asked a local how to reach Shoshone National Forest, which was 1,200 miles northwest of their location. They struggled to understand how far away places were from each other in America in comparison to their home country.

14. Taking Photos of the Kwik Trip

Kwik Star Store
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A passenger van full of tourists stopped to take a photo of in Kwik Trip in central Wisconsin. One local heard the photographer exclaim that it was the most incredible gas station he’d been to.

15. Attempting to Pet Squirrels

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American locals have observed tourists try to pet the wild animals, such as the squirrels. The tourists are shocked when they are hurt by the wild animals or are chastised for trying to pet them.


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