15 States Where Your Chances of Seeing Bigfoot Are High

Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, is a large, hairy cryptid with human-like attributes. It supposedly stands erect and emits a foul odor. It’s been a part of Native American legends for thousands of years, and a British trapper spread the legend far and wide when he found some giant footprints in 1811. Whether you believe in Bigfoot or not, according to the Bigfoot Researchers Organization (BFRO), these states have had the most reported sightings.

1. Washington

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Washington houses many mythical and paranormal entities, and Bigfoot is one of them. Bigfoot is often associated with Washington, and with at least 716 sightings, it’s easy to understand why. Pierce County has had 84 sightings, so you know where to see the giant hairy creature.

2. California

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In 1958, Bigfoot mania erupted in California’s Willow Creek when a series of encounters were reported throughout the town. Nine years later, two explorers captured well-known footage of a sizeable primate-like creature walking along Bluff Creek on its two back legs. California comes second only to Washington, with its 461 Bigfoot sightings.

3. Florida

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Florida takes third place with 343 reported Bigfoot sightings. Collier and Marion counties have the most sightings in the state, and events like the “Great Florida Bigfoot Conference” are held where people share their theories and Bigfoot experiences.

4. Ohio

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With 323 reported sightings, Ohio is among the top four states with the most Bigfoot sightings. Ohioans have been reporting Bigfoot sightings back to 1974, and the most popular places to see it are in Eastern Ohio’s Appalachian foothills, the north-central region, and Salt Fork State Park.

5. Illinois

Image Credit: Daniel Schwen, Own Work – CC BY-SA 4.0/Wiki Commons.

On November 27, 2021, Illinois had its 303rd reported sighting of Bigfoot. A witness was driving down Route 78 in Cass County when a very large creature jumped nearly 40 yards in front of his car. The witness said its arms were swinging, the legs were long, and it jumped across the road in two leaps.

6. Oregon

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Oregon has 258 documented Bigfoot sightings. Siskiyou National Forest is the only place in the world with a Sasquatch trap, and the Bigfoot Trail runs through southwest Oregon. Oregon should go on your map if you’re a Bigfoot fan.

7. Texas

Navidad River
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One of the first reported Bigfoot sightings in Texas was published in 1924 by the Texas Folklore Society. They named the sighting “The Wild Woman of the Navidad,” and the details entailed a creature with brown hair who was exceptionally fast. This sighting is one of the 255 documented Bigfoot sightings in Texas.

8. Michigan

The Manistee National Forest
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A young Michigan resident recently snapped a picture of what he believes was Bigfoot. While exploring a Manistee National Forest trail and taking photos along the way, he captured one of what he thinks is Bigfoot before it ran into the woods. This resident is one of 225 people who have reported Bigfoot sightings in Michigan.

9. Missouri

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With 167 sightings in Missouri, many residents believe in Bigfoot. The Ozark Mountain Bigfoot Conference educates people who want to know more about Bigfoot and to discuss whether one or several live in Southwest Missouri.

10. Georgia

Bigfoot Research and Tech Vehicle
Image Credit: Georgia Department of Economic Development.

Georgia ranks tenth for most Bigfoot sightings in the U.S., with 140 reported sightings. The state even has a museum in Blue Ridge, with an extensive display of Bigfoot artifacts, sketches, photos, life-size exhibits, and sighting maps. The museum also has the only Bigfoot Research and Tech Vehicle in the world.

11. Pennsylvania

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A Bigfoot was reported on Cambria County’s Ghost Town Trail in 2022. A couple biking along the trail saw it walking towards them. Before they could get a good look at it, it ran off into the woods. Along with this report, Pennsylvania has had 127 other documented Bigfoot sightings.

12. Colorado

Image Credit: The Sasquatch Outpost.

With 130 Bigfoot sightings, Colorado is another state to visit if you want to see Bigfoot. If you miss out on a sighting, you can still visit Colorado’s Sasquatch Outpost Museum in Bailey and the Sasquatch Encounter Discovery Museum. The museum also hosts regular meetings where attendees can share their Bigfoot stories and sightings.

13. New York

Chautauqua Lake (Jamestown, NY)
Image Credit: Dr. Blazer, Own Work – CC BY-SA 4.0/Wiki Commons.

Chautauqua County in upstate New York has deep gorges and dense forests, perfect for a hairy human-like creature to call home. Of the 120 reports in New York, Chautauqua has 45 documented eyewitness accounts. There’s even an annual Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo that’s held for Bigfoot fans and believers.

14. Kentucky

Image Credit: Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization.

The Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization treks through forests to find the mythical Bigfoot. With 115 sightings, organization members genuinely believe one is out there. Some have even reported close calls and personal experiences while searching in the woods for it.

15. Arkansas

Monster Mart in Fouke, Arkansas
Image Credit: Reag Scoop – CC BY-SA 4.0/Wiki Commons.

Arkansas has 111 Bigfoot reports, and sightings date back almost a century in the state. Further, the town of Fouke was declared the “Bigfoot Capital of Arkansas.” Even if you don’t get a chance to spot the hairy creature, you can visit the quirky Monster Mart. Purchase some Bigfoot memorabilia while you’re there, and see the small museum to learn more about Bigfoot.

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