15 Unique Hobbies People Think You Should Be Doing Too

How would you answer the question, “So what are your hobbies?” You probably like to read, bake, or garden. Those hobbies are great and all but imagine telling someone you make leather crafts or are an amateur mycologist. Impress your friends and family by taking up a new, unique hobby that’s sure to make you a stand out in any conversation.

1. Bladesmithing

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Bladesmithing is an age-old trade. Bladesmiths traditionally work in a forge with a hammer, anvil, and heated metal to create knives, swords, and other bladed weapons. Watch a few episodes of Forged in Fire for inspiration.

2. Archery

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Archery is a versatile sport and can be enjoyed for fun or in competition. Hobbyist archers mention it’s great for improving your breath control, being aware of small movements, and vision changes.

3. Lockpicking

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At its core, lockpicking is all about solving a puzzle. Once you understand how locks work, you can quickly pick up this new skill. Lockpicking is also a great way to work on your hand-eye coordination. Plus, it might come in handy one day when you’re locked out of your home with no spare key in sight.

4. Bird Watching

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Bird watching can be enjoyed solo or in a group, and it allows you to explore nature at the same time. You don’t even have to spend any money to get started, just head out to a local park and start spotting.

5. Miniature Model Building

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Miniatures go beyond dollhouses and real estate development models. You can create entire cities and worlds from the ground up and bring your imagination to life.

6. Beekeeping

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The bee population has declined in recent years, so a way to help stave off any further decline could be through beekeeping. Not only will you help support the ecosystem, but you’ll also get some delicious honey out of it too. There are even kits to help you get started that you can get!

7. Sand Mandalas

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Sand mandalas are part of an ancient tradition of Tibetan Buddhist culture. This meditative hobby creates beautiful images designed with colored sand, typically on the ground or flat surfaces. It represents life, our transient nature, harmony, and balance.

8. Cardistry

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If you’ve ever been to a Las Vegas casino, you’ve probably witnessed some skilled card shuffling. Not to be mistaken with card magic, cardistry is all about learning creative ways to handle and manipulate cards in your hands.

9. Historical Reenactment

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Participating in historical reenactments is a fun and social way to get involved in your community and honor history. Don’t be surprised if costumes and period-appropriate ways of speaking are involved, too.

10. Bobbin Lace

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Lace is a delicate and beautiful material. Bobbin lace is a technique that uses threads held on bobbins to create patterns and designs.

11. Junk Journaling

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Similar to scrapbooking, a junk journal is a book made of paper and other recycled materials—ribbon, stickers, postcards, buttons, and photos. Let your inspiration guide you, and create a junk journal however you want to.

12. Geocaching

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Great for families and friends, geocaching is a fun outdoor activity. You’ll need the Geocaching app and a GPS device to help you navigate and find hidden containers. And yes, you’ll feel like a modern-day treasure hunter.

13. Flintknapping

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The task of making stone tools is actually an art form. Traced back to the Stone Age, flintknapping is a traditional craft that involves chipping or flaking away layers of stone as part of the process.

14. Kintsugi

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In Japan, the process of kintsugi turns broken pottery into beautiful artwork. Lacquer mixed with gold or silver is used to mend the broken pieces together. This highlights and honors the damage as part of that object’s history.

15. Lei Making

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Traditionally, lei were worn by royalty to symbolize rank and status. Now lei are presented to loved ones on special occasions. Even if you don’t have the endemic flowers of Hawai`i at hand, you can still create lei out of ribbon, yarn, raffia, and other materials.


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