8-Bit Hair Bows: No More Bad Hair Days

I sported a boy-cut until just before I became a teenager. That’s over a decade of bad hair cuts and hair that was so short that sometimes, strangers mistook me for a boy. I had always wanted to grow out my hair but my mom would insist that I keep it short because I was the messy kind of kid who never made any effort when it came to grooming. Thankfully, those days are over (and I’ve finally gotten my mother off my case when it comes to my hair. My hair.)

And I know I may not be a kid anymore, but all I know is, I probably would’ve wanted a couple of these 8-Bit Hair Bows to keep my mane in place.

8-Bit Hair Bow

They’re delightfully geeky and will appeal to a lot of girls (and maybe even some guys?). They’re not just for gamers, either, because the red and black pixelated look actually makes for a pretty stylish design.

8-Bit Hair Bow

The 8-Bit Hair Bows are available for purchase from ThinkGeek for $6.99(USD) a piece.