$9 Million iPhone 4s Smartphone: For Those Who Aren’t Very Smart with Their Money

If you ever feel the need to blow millions of dollars on a device that will become obsolete in a few years (okay, not really obsolete, but with the way companies are releasing new, upgraded versions of phones all the time, well, you never know), then listen up.

Most Expensive iPhone

Stuart Hughes, a site that sells extreme luxury items from mobile phones to furniture to homes and liquor, is now peddling the world’s most expensive smartphone at £6,000,000 (or about $9.4 million.) The easiest way to raise the value of a seemingly ordinary object is to dip it in 24-karat gold, stick more than 500 flawless diamonds on it, then store it inside of a solid platinum chest encrusted with rare gems and tiny chunks of bones from T-Rex (I’m serious, that’s what the product page says) and sell it.


And that’s not the only insanely expensive Apple device that Stuart Hughes has in store. He also has a £5,000,000 ($7.8 million) iPad 2 up for sale on the site that has a frame made from “the oldest rock the world has to offer,” Ammolite.

Fantastic sales talk, but I wonder if anyone’s ever going to fork over that much money for a device that retails for less than a thousand dollars? Hopefully, it’s at least the 3G model.

[via C|Net via Oh Gizmo!]