Abxy Controller Coasters: for Coffee Table Combo Moves

These drink coasters are the ultimate accessory for video gamers – especially if you have an Xbox 360.


Created by CbSew, each set of four coasters comes with a yellow “Y”, blue “X”, red “B” and green “A” button to keep your coffee table from getting ruined by all those cans of Mountain Dew, Red Bull and Bawls.  The Xbox Guide button is nowhere to be found, though. I guess a set of five coasters would be kinda weird anyway.


Each coaster is made using full color matte images transferred onto a micro-weave polyester surface, backed by durable black non-skid rubber. You can grab a set for just $10 (USD) over at CbSew’s Etsy shop. PlayStation fans, there’s no word on when you’ll be able to get a version with a square, circle, triangle and X.