15 Genius Ways AI Can Save You Time and Money

As we ride the wave of the ongoing AI boom, completing tasks on a digital to-do list in less time and with a lower budget has never been easier.

Whether you aim to cut the cost of personalized services or optimize large-scale solutions, knowing which tools work and how best to deploy them can hand your business the edge it needs to scale big.

1. Handle Customer Queries

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Employing a customer representative eats into your budget, and personally responding to queries consumes your time.

AI chatbots like Tidio (for SMEs) and Freshchat (if engaging customers through multiple channels) can attend to customers’ queries around the clock at a lower cost. Faster, 24/7 response to customer queries could mean higher customer satisfaction and increased revenue for your business.

2. Bring Data to Life

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Finding traction in a sea of haphazard data can be daunting, costly, and time-consuming. AI language models like ChatGPT, Bard, and Gemini can sort through complex data to find trends, gather insights, and create correlations in seconds with little supervision.

3. Schedule Appointments

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Use AI to book appointments whether you’re in or out of the office.

AI appointment schedulers like Meera and Scheduler AI’s multichannel integrations feature allows prospective customers to reach you by phone and on all social media anytime. AI can answer phone calls, reply to chats, and hold human-like conversations about bookings.

4. Marketing Campaigns

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With AI tools like UserEvaluation, you can wave goodbye to trial-by-error marketing campaigns.

Through its artificial intelligence capabilities, such as data sorting, trends analysis, and consumer behavioral analysis, you can create personalized ads that will target your intended audience, stimulate brand engagement, and catalyze conversion like never before, regardless of your business niche.

5. Create Social Media Content

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Before ChatGPT, you needed days to create a page of written content for your social campaign. Waiting on a graphics designer for quality fliers and poster designs could take a week or two and might get behind schedule.

Imagecreator.AI will design your fliers and posters in minutes. Combined with text from other AIs like GPT and Bard, you could have both text and media video content ready in an hour without paying a dime to anyone.

6. Secure Your Online Presence

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As hackers continue to seek new ways to exploit businesses, artificial intelligence can be your gatekeeper. AI, like hackers, can probe for and resolve security weaknesses before they’re exploited.

Splunk and Darktrace Detect are examples of AI that can help you counter cyber security threats in real-time.

7. Automate Stock Trading

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The emotional toll that trading requires can amplify the potential for error and profit loss. You can optimize your trading experience by leaving AI to do the heavy lifting while you sit back.

Artificial intelligence is getting smarter at reading charts, finding patterns, predicting trends, and executing microsecond trading decisions in your favor.

8. Create Courses For Sale

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Course creation requires tremendous physical and mental input. You can simplify the process with Bard AI and Invideo text-to-video AI prompt.

Artificial intelligence can help you fine-tune your courses to perfection in record time, and you can list them for sale on Udemy, Coursera, and other paid learning and teaching sites.

9. Property Price Prediction

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Price instability in the real estate industry is common, and making a profit may require accurate price prediction.

Akkio and Obviously AI can build models to predict housing prices in your locality of interest, saving you time and reducing the propensity for error that may culminate in financial loss.

10. Plan and Manage Events

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Artificial intelligence adds the human touch to event planning. Clickup, Soundraw, Murf, and ChatGPT are brilliant event planning tools capable of predicting futuristic contingencies and providing applicable solutions to ensure a hiccup-free event.

11. Shopping Assistant

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Shopping can be stressful, especially when you need to buy many items. Artificial intelligence tools can scan your past shopping behavior to give you shopping suggestions.

If you sell through a website or an online product catalog, you can increase sales by installing shopping bots to help site visitors find what they need at record speed and precision.

12. Financial and Tax Planner

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Financial and tax planners are costly, but they are necessary to keep your finances healthy and stay on the right side of the law.

AI doesn’t have emotions and is capable of complex calculations, which are essential to delivering pinpoint tax estimates, loopholes and benefits, and a personalized financial pathway to better your money business.

13. Recipe Generator

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Don’t know what to eat for breakfast? Rather than waste time brooding, an AI recipe generator can look through your list of available ingredients to create tailored recipes.

Letsfoodie and DishGen are AI-powered websites that consider your dietary preference before suggesting what’s best for breakfast.

14. Automate Grading and Feedback

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AI is fast reshaping how teachers grade. By providing rubrics and grading insights to AI-assisted models like Graide, you can automate students’ grading efficiently, eliminating the slower-than-a-Sunday drive process of manual grading.

You can tap into the AI innovation to save countless hours of laboriously scoring assessments.

15. Transcribe Audio Recordings

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Converting interviews and meetings into text requires hours of listening and audio playback, and the possibility of human error is also high.

Otter, Sonix, and Fireflies are AI-powered transcription tools that can convert audio to text in minutes. If you were courting the service of a transcriptor, this would save you tens of hours of hard listening and some cash.

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