AI Powered Binoculars Can Identify Over 9,000 Species Of Birds

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Created by Swarovski Optik, the AX Visio are a pair of 10 x 32 binoculars that can identify over 9,000 different species of bird with the help of artificial intelligence. But can they tell all the different penguins apart? They’d better, if for no other reason than the $4,800 price tag. Those are some expensive binocs!

Billed as the world’s first smart binoculars, the AX Visio comes equipped with Swarovski Optik’s proprietary Merlin AI system. This system can identify and tell you the name of the bird or other animal you’re viewing and even mark the location where you spotted it. That way, after passing the binoculars to someone else, it will guide them to its location using red arrow markings on the display (seen below). Birding just got so much easier.

The binoculars also have a built-in digital compass for orienting yourself while using them, and they can take photos of what you see as well, so you have proof that you saw that elusive dwarf cassowary. Or Bigfoot!

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