Alter Ego 3d Facial Animations Are Really, Really, Real

This amazing combination of technology and graphical artistry makes for some of the most realistic and precise 3D animated facial expressions I’ve ever seen come out of a computer.

pendulum alter ego 3d marc antony

Pendulum Studios’, AlterEgo division combines facial expression software, precision motion capture, and good old-fashioned artistry to reproduce the most minute facial movements you’ve ever seen on a digital actor. Every wrinkle, crinkle and twitch is reproduced with startling accuracy.

Alter Ego 3d Faces

The guys over at AlterEgo have developed proprietary “facial performance software”, which combined with special mo-cap hardware, can produce unbelievably real digital faces in record time. Their work has been featured in motion pictures, commercials, animation and video games including Dark Sector and the forthcoming Silent Hill 5.

After you’ve watched the lo-res video above, be sure to check out AlterEgo’s Hi-Res demo videos to see just how amazing this stuff truly is.

[via TechEBlog]