Amphibious Media Player Floats, Docks on Dry Land

Here’s a unique digital media player from Japan’s Victor/JVC. It’s a completely self-contained waterproof audio system that can float in your tub.

Victor XA-AW33-W floating media player

When Victor’s XA-AQ33-W media player isn’t swimming around the bathtub with you, it can head to dry dock in a stand that sits on your bedside table. The player does its job to play up to 256MB of MP3 and WMA music through a built-in amplified speaker. It’s also got LED illumination underneath, producing a cool glow of blue light. There’s even a handful of pre-installed “relaxation tunes” to help you chill out.

The player runs on batteries, so you can even take it out to the pool if you’d like (not that I’d ever use something that plugs into an outlet in the tub). You should get about 15 hours of play on a single set of batteries.

The whole thing looks a bit spacecraft-like to me, making it perfect for that outer-space themed room I know you’re just dying to decorate.

[via Idea Digital Code]