15 Best Phone Apps for Improving Health in 2024

If you’re anything like me, you resolved to make 2024 a year of good health and mental well-being. However, staying committed to these goals can be difficult for many people.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of apps and programs that can help us avoid burnout and stay on track to achieving our health goals.

1. Apple Fitness+

Apple Fitness +
Image Credit: Apple, Inc.

Apple Watch and iPhone owners will love the addition of Apple Fitness+ to their app lineup. The program gives users access to over 3,000 on-demand workouts, ranging from five to 45 minutes, and is geared for all fitness levels.

The app only costs $9.99 monthly or $79.99 for a year-long subscription.

2. BetterHelp Online Counseling

BetterHelp Online Counseling
Image Credit: BetterHelp.

With people taking their mental health more seriously in 2024, it can be overwhelming to find a therapist who is best for you. After you complete a detailed questionnaire, the BetterHelp app will match you with a list of qualified licensed therapists.

For an average price of $75 per week, you get weekly sessions via phone or video and 24-hour text support with therapists nationwide.

3. Alo Moves

Alo Moves
Image Credit: Alo Moves.

Alo Moves keeps you motivated and focused on your health and fitness goals. The app is primarily used for yoga classes, but its library of workout classes includes pilates, dance, and strength-training programs. The app lets you pick workouts that cater to your fitness level or special needs.

The service offers a free 14-day trial. Subscriptions are only $20 a month, making it an affordable resource for your fitness journey.

4. Calm

Calm app
Image Credit: Calm.

Have you ever wanted to be lulled to sleep by Matthew McConaughey reading you a bedtime story? That’s what the makers of the Calm app decided to offer their customers. This award-winning app provides hundreds of guided meditations and nature sounds to clear and relax your mind.

For $15 a month, users can take part in quick stretching videos designed to reduce stress and anxiety and increase sleep quality.

5. Nutritionix

Image Credit: Syndigo LLC.

For those focusing on diet and health in 2024, the Nutritionix app is perfect for tracking daily calories. The app has a database of over 900,000 different pre-packaged products and meals from restaurants nationwide. You can scan a barcode on a box of crackers or look up a combo meal from a fast-food place, and you’ll get an accurate nutritional count.

For only $6, you can log your daily calorie intake and keep your diet on track.

6. Map My Walk

Map My Walk
Image Credit: Under Armour, Inc.

Map My Walk is an excellent app to log your walking distance, pace, elevation gain, and burned calories. You can keep track of your old walks to show your progress or look up new routes to keep your workouts fresh and unique.

The app is free, which is great, but for a $6 premium subscription, you can add audio coaching and safety features that allow you to share your location with friends and family.

7. Headspace

Image Credit: Headspace Inc.

Headspace aims to help users reduce stress and anxiety while improving concentration and mindfulness. Users can do short three-minute sessions as they build up to longer meditation practices.

For only $13 a month, you can access soothing, self-guided meditation courses accompanied by John Legend’s relaxing music to help you decompress.

8. Fooducate

Image Credit: Maple Media LLC.

Fooducate attempts to eliminate the guesswork about whether a food is healthy. The app lets you scan a barcode, bringing up nutritional pros and cons and healthier options. It’s a great resource for those looking to lower their sugar or sodium intake for dietary reasons. The app is free, but for $9.99 a month, you can access a community support group to swap and share healthy recipes.

9. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle
Image Credit: Sleep Cycle.

Many Americans overlook the importance of getting a night of quality sleep. Studies show that a lack of sleep can result in health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure. The Sleep Cycle app analyzes your sleep patterns right from your bedside table.

The app stores your sleep statistics, which you can share with your doctor and tackle any health problems before they get too serious. For $30 a month, it’s a great deal for those looking to improve their sleep.

10. Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers
Image Credit: WW International, Inc.

Weight Watchers has been helping people lose weight for decades, and its new app will make the process even easier to follow. For $15 a month, the program assigns points to different foods. The goal is to stay under the daily points goal.

With the subscription, you can also access live coaching, a social community, and a nutritional food tracking guide.

11. HealthTap

Image Credit: HealthTap, Inc.

If you’re a hypochondriac, the HealthTap app is either the perfect app or an absolute nightmare. The app provides its users access to healthcare professionals 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also schedule online appointments with doctors, dentists, and therapists for as little as $15 per month.

12. Noom

Noom Weight Loss App
Image Credit: Noom, Inc.

Noom has quickly become a popular resource for those looking to shed weight. After you fill out a quick form, the program matches you with a coach to help guide you on your fitness journey. For $42 a month, these coaches will give you daily motivation.

The program has been applauded for its simple, discreet approach to weight loss and its track record of users keeping the weight off.

13. Waterllama

Image Credit: Llama Luna Apps Inc.

Do you forget to drink water throughout the day? If so, you’re like many other individuals struggling with proper hydration. This free app gently reminds you to take a sip out of your water bottle throughout the day. You can also use the program to track your caffeine and alcohol intake to help you practice healthier decisions.

14. Aaptiv

Image Credit: Aaptiv.

Whether you are just starting to work out or a former athlete, the Aaptiv app provides thousands of workouts for all fitness levels. Users can personalize their workout programs and share results in a supportive social community

. From stretching to indoor cycling, you won’t get bored with the various workouts available. Sign up now for the low price of $14.99 and start breaking a sweat.

15. Talkspace

Image Credit: Talkspace.

Talkspace makes talking to a therapist and improving your mental health as convenient as possible. The app pairs you with a therapist who best fits your situation. From there, you can meet via their virtual room or text.

Programs start at $69 a week and might be covered by your insurance plan.


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