Arkhippo Case Entombs Your iPhone 4

You might recall a while back I mentioned the crazy fat Arkhippo for the iPhone 3G/3GS. The case makes the iPhone fat so it can sit on surfaces without having to hold it. The thick case is made from the same sort of material durable, flexible material as Crocs shoes and is definitely one of the less sexy cases I have seen.


If you like the idea of making your thin and cool iPhone 4 fat and ugly like a phone from the 90’s the Arkhippo is now available for you too. The iPhone 4 version of the case is offered in seven different colors. The iPhone just squeezes into the case and every port and button on the thing is covered.

Each of the cases sells for $24 (USD) and don’t even think about putting one of these in your pocket, since the case measures almost 2 inches thick. The good news is that it should offer up lots of padding if you drop your phone.