Atari Cartridge Wallet Pays Homage to the Classics

Etsy seller Nilesz urges us to recycle and to reminisce about the great 80s with his Atari cartridge wallets. They’re made from real games, and Nilesz says that “the only piece of the original game not used in the wallet design is the screw.” So yes, this is quite an improvement over the Atari-themed duct tape wallet.


Nilesz even made a video to promote his wallets:

Strangely enough, there are no Pac-Man wallets in Nilesz’ current lineup. I guess they’re sold out?


The wallets sell for $40 – $80 USD; I guess the price is determined by the rarity/popularity of a game. Check them out at Nilesz’ Etsy shop.

[via Boing Boing]