Atari Duct Tape Wallet: Because No One’S Going to Buy an Atari Leather Wallet

When was the last time you had money? 1983? Then this wallet is just the thing for you!


Aside from placing a buck or two inside this wallet, you might also want to add your expired driver’s license or a picture of your ex. So if you ever get mugged you can easily part with this wallet, knowing that everything in it – even the design – is so retro. Yesterday’s news. Gone. Your heart will go on.


You do have to shell out $20 for this wallet though, so I guess if you really have no money then you wouldn’t be able to buy this over at jDUCT’s etsy page. Such a shame, because these duct tape wallets are made with the utmost craftsmanship. According to jDUCT, “each seam is reinforced to eliminate sticky stuff associated with other duct tape wallets.” See? This one doesn’t have all that sticky stuff. Can’t get more professional than that.