Atari Paddle Earrings and Cufflinks Help You Breakout of Your Fashion Rut

I always wonder what became of paddle controllers. You know, like the ones that you used to play the Atari 2600 with back in the day. There are certain types of games – especially paddle ball and driving games – that lend themselves well to the single-axis analog control these primitive input devices provided. Well even if you can’t play your PS3 or Xbox 360 with a paddle, you can still have paddle controllers in your life, albeit as jewelry, not to play games with.


These nifty little Atari 2600 paddle stud earrings were created by Catrina’s Toybox as a follow-up to her equally nifty Atari 2600 joystick earrings. These tiny paddles measure about 1cm in length, and are handmade from polymer clay and resin – along with a tiny Atari paddle sticker for added detail.


They’re also available as somewhat larger (1″ long) cufflinks, so guys and girls can both get in on the retro paddle action. I always wanted to play Super Breakout in formalwear, didn’t you?


Perhaps the niftiest thing about these mini paddle controllers is that they actually turn from side-to-side. You have to be careful with them and not spin them all the way around, as they are delicate. Not that I didn’t break one or two actual Atari 2600 paddle controllers in my time.


Both the paddle controller earrings and the cufflinks go for $25(USD) a pair – which, coincidentally is about what you’ll pay for a pair of real paddle controllers. Be sure to check out Catrina’s Etsy shop for many more great geeky jewelry items to add to your collection – including some great Hostess Twinkie earrings, sure to last about as long as the actual snack cakes.