Atree Um10 Portable: Please Define “Dictionary”

Why is it that Korea seems to be getting all the coolest gadgets these days? They’re calling the Atree UM10 a pocket dictionary, but I see a whole lot more.

Atree UM10 Dictionary PMP

Beside looking great, the UM10 is a very capable media player, which can deftly chew through MP4, WMV, MP3, WMA and OGG files with nary a complaint. There’s also a DMB television tuner, FM radio, E-book reader and voice recorder. Not to mention the full-on personal organizer application suite which can sync with Microsoft Outlook. Plus, it’s also got Flash Lite support, so you can take advantage of those slick interfaces and games that Adobe’s flagship web app can crank out.

Atree UM10 Dictionary PMP

Oh yeah, it is a robust electronic dictionary too, loaded with dozens of books worth of definitions, synonyms, and other reference information in a variety of languages.

It all comes packaged in a slick black case, with a sliding QWERTY keyboard and beautiful 480 x 272 widescreen TFT display. The keyboard isn’t tactile though, so you’re best off using the stylus to control it. The base models comes with 2GB of RAM, but that’s expandable through a Micro SD memory card slot.

The Atree UM10 retails for 358,000 KRW (about $381 USD), and as is often the case with these types of wondrous gadget, is only available in Korea for now.

[via The Earlyadopter’s World]