Awesome Spinning Siemens Superstar Will Likely Cause Crashes

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This amazing spinning Christmas star was completed just in time to awe any passing drivers in Münich, Germany.

Amazing long exposure shots of the SuperStar

9,000 LEDs were superglued to a wind turbine in just under two weeks. Thanks to smart energy systems like smart grids and power highways, it only consumes as much energy as a hair dryer! The 9,000 LEDs put out as much light as 20,000 Christmas candles.

I can't believe how awesome it looks!

The Siemens SuperStar was created by multimedia artist Michael Pendry for the company and will be on display until January 6th in Münich. It was created to showcase and promote sustainable energy and green innovation. I think that passing motorists might find it a wee bit distracting.

More awesomeness

Although it looks amazing in these long exposure photography shots, it’s actually disappointing to see it in the video below. The turbine doesn’t spin very fast, so the lights don’t blend together. You clearly see the blades slowly rotating. The photos of it look amazing though.

[via Gizmodo]