Baby Jabba the Hutt Sculptures Ready to Take on Baby Yoda

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Move over baby Yoda, there’s a new precious Star Wars baby in the galaxy. Sculpted and cast by artist Nicholas J. Brown (aka LoreCraft), these baby Jabba silicone sculptures are based on a 3D character design created by fellow artist Leonardo Viti. Is this really what a baby Hutt would look like? No clue, and I’m not sure I care to find out.

The limited-edition baby Jabbas are made of the same silicone as the baby Yoda master puppet used in The Mandalorian, have custom glass eyes, a detachable tongue (for displaying with or without), and can be painted in any color combination you wish. Unfortunately for anybody interested in one that doesn’t have intergalactic crime lord money, they cost £460 (about $618 USD). That’s a lot of Beskar! Though Nicholas says Technabob readers can get 5% off with the code “Technabob” on his website.

I want one, but at the same time, I’ve sort of grown fond of my kidneys over the years. Granted I have no clue what they do and I’ve heard rumors you only need one, but, just like the tire in the backseat of my car, I don’t mind having a spare, you know?

[via GeeksAreSexy]