Beeping Easter Eggs for Blind Children: The Rachel Project

In 2005, bomb technician David Hyche was looking for a way for his blind but fiercely independent 2-year-old daughter Rachel to participate in their church’s Easter Egg hunt. David read about the Blind Children’s Center’s beeping Easter eggs online, so he contacted the person who made them and made some for his daughter. His initiative eventually grew into what is now known as The Rachel Project, with bomb disposal experts using their skills in their spare time to make the gadgets for blind children throughout the US.


The beeping Easter egg’s main components are a piezo beeper and a 9v battery. The electronics are placed inside a plastic Easter egg that’s been drilled with holes to make the sound more audible. It costs about $12 (USD) to make one beeping egg.

As David tells Fox News in the video below, the best part about the eggs is that they can be used not just for recreational purposes but to enhance blind people’s location skills as well.

Here’s WPTV News’ report on a satellite beeping Easter egg hunt in Fort Pierce in South Florida:

Head to the International Association of Bomb Technicians & Investigators (IABTI) website to find out how you can make beeping eggs and hold an egg hunt for visually impaired kids.

[via Reddit]