Beer Tracker Bottle Opener Counts Opened Bottles to Keep You Sober

If you drink on a regular basis, then chances are you already how many bottles spells “just right” or “trouble” for you. Something to help you along when the lines start to get blurry is this awesome Beer Tracker Bottle Opener.

Beer Tracker Bottle OpenerIt basically works like every bottle opener in the store, except that it keeps track of the number of bottles that have been opened using it throughout the night. If you made anyone any promises to stay sober or if you’re driving the gang home tonight, then you need this bottle opener.

Beer Tracker Bottle Opener

When you’re ready to do it all over again, just hit reset and start popping the caps off of the bottles for another round.

The Beer Tracker Bottle Opener is available online for $10 over at FredFlare.

[via Nerd Approved]