Best Bacon Cheese Sandwich is Fully Atkins-Compliant

Who doesn’t love bacon and cheese together? Yeah, it’s not exactly the healthiest of food combinations, but it sure is tasty. So if you’re interested in cutting right to the chase, and don’t want to be bothered with that pesky bread, lettuce or tomato, then here’s an idea for you…


What you’re looking at is the epic Bacon Weave grilled cheese sandwich. The guys over at DudeFoods created this low-carb, but artery-clogging wonder by carefully weaving a grid of crispy bacon together in place of toast. In the middle – a layer of melty american cheese. Et voilà! Perfection. The trick to the sandwich is pre-cooking the bacon and getting it crispy before nuking the layer of cheese in the middle.

Sure, holding bacon in your hands like this will probably leave your fingers pretty greasy, but that’s more for you (or more likely your dog) to lick off later.

[via Foodbeast]