Bigfoot Air Freshener Doesn’t Actually Smell Like Sasquatch

If you’ve ever encountered a sasquatch, you know how rancid and rank all that damp fur can get. What you need to do next time you see one is hang one of these Bigfoot air fresheners around his neck to try and cover up his odiferous ways. Now you have a bigfoot that smells like wet dog, old cheese stuck in his beard, AND pine! Problem solved!

What’s that you say? You haven’t been able to find bigfoot? Then buy one of these and hang it on your rearview mirror. Your car could use a freshening now that the new car scent has worn off and you’ve dropped a supersize quantity of french fries into the edge of your seat over the years. Grab one today from Archie McPhee for just $3.50 and stop stinking up the place!