Start Your Campfire with Dynamite!

Sure, you can start your campfire with some newspaper or kindling, but why would you do that when you can use dynamite? These cool fire starters look like dynamite, straight out of of an old western movie.


Made by the Black Rock Powder Company, these firestarters look like sticks of TNT. They’re great for blowing up railroad tracks so you can rob the train of its gold, or for breaking your buddy out of a frontier jail. Each firestarter stick measures 8 x 1.25 inches and is made from paraffin and recycled sawdust. A single stick can burn for 30 straight minutes.


A crate of these things is priced at $29.95(USD), with 20-pack refills costing $12. I wonder how they ship these without raising having them confiscated by The ATF.

[via Cool Things]