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Best DVD Player Gets Little Brother…


Written by Paul Strauss | June 12, 2006

OPPO Digital, makers of the amazingly well priced ($199 USD MSRP), well reviewed upscaling DV971H DVD player has just announced the release of it’s baby brother, the DV-970HD. This new model actually includes a built in HDMI interface (rather than the DVI in it’s predecessor), universal audio format support (for DVD Audio, SACD, HDCD) and costs $50 less. The only downside (and it could be a big one) is that it appears to be missing the Faroudja DCDi deinterlacer that is one of the best parts of the 971H. We’ll have to wait and see the reviews, but given the outstanding performance of the 971H, I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with.