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Let the Format Wars Begin….

 |  |  July 3, 2006

Now it’s way too early to know how this Hi-Def DVD format war will play out, but the early reviews are playing out in HD-DVD’s favor. Now clearly, quality and performance don’t mean a win by any means (remember VHS vs. Beta?), but early word isn’t so hot for Blu-ray. Higher priced, ongoing release delays and words picture quality doesn’t bode well.

The folks at CentreDaily collected some choice quotes from posts over at home theater site AVSForum:

There’s no getting around the fact that, at this time, BD is not as good as HD-DVD”

“I watched one and a half movies when I realized that they look horrible. … needs to go to the scrap heap”

“This has to count as one of the greatest AV disappointments I can remember!”

“I took it back after 2 days… just couldn’t justify keeping the Samsung when I considered what I’m getting from the Toshiba at half the price”

“Too much money, too little performance. It went back!

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