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Thingamagoop: Super Cool Portable Analog Synth

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Written by Paul Strauss | August 13, 2006

Thinamagoop Portable Analog Synthesizers from Bleep LabsWhile researching the topic of innovative musical devices, I came across the guys at Bleep Labs and their totally wacky Thingamagoop custom synthesizer series.

These portable sythesizers generate electronica using a unique control interface: as you move a colorful LED over a photosensor, the sound’s waveform changes. Combined with a handful of more traditional dial and switch controls, the device generates some totally out of this world electronic sounds, and the best part is that it looks cool doing it. Each Thingamagoop is handmade and custom painted to colors of your choice.

Priced at just $100, if you’re an electronic musician, you need one of these.