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Robosapien Rs Media Details

 |  |  August 20, 2006

WowWee Robosapien RS Media RobotThe upcomping RS Media robot from WowWee is the latest in their Robosapien line of programmable hobby robots, and this new model features a host of new capabilities for you to play with. The RS will feature the ability to program the ‘bot from your PC via an integrated USB port, and provided software. You’ll be able to switch between different “personalities,” each of which has its own unique set of animations.

In addition, the robot will feature onboard audio and video storage. You can upload MP3 audio or MP4 video to RS, then be synchronize these with movements so you can create totally custom choreography. The built in sound system incorporates a high quality subwoofer in the back of the robot, and tweeters in the hands and should be more than sufficient for “kicking out the jams.”

The RS also has a built-in camera, microphone and (small) LCD screen, so you can program it to snap images and display them on the integrated screen or to record and playback audio.

A “free-roam” mode allows the robot to explore its environment automatically using infrared, pressure and audio sensors and can even be programmed to react to certain sounds. The RS Media’s vision systems automatically detect and avoid obstacles and can also differentiate between some colors.

All this complexity comes at a price however: The system will require 6 D and 7 AAA batteries to operate, and will cost approximately $610 USD when it hits stores this holiday season.

Video of RS Media in Action [via] (mirror)

[via GizMag]